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Cisco supports multiple media-compression standards and codecs as built-in features rather than as add-on modules. Cisco provides the industry’s only dual-protocol presence platform, incorporating both SIP/SIMPLE and XMPP. Cisco offers a full range of hosting options for partners as well as cloud-based options for customers. Cisco Unified Communications Manager is the heart of Cisco collaboration services, enabling session and call control for video, voice, messaging, mobility, instant messaging, and presence. What if you could collaborate more effectively with customers and partners on any network? With any device? From anywhere? Cost-effectively, reliably, and securely? With Cisco Unified Communications Manager you can. Today’s workplace challenges the collaboration environment in unprecedented ways. More mobile workers use more devices than ever before. Cisco is the industry leader in enterprise call and session management platforms, with more than 200,000 customers worldwide.

It delivers people-centric user and administrative experiences while supporting the full range of collaboration services, including video, voice, instant messaging and presence, messaging, and mobility on Cisco as well as third-party devices. Persistent chat high availability helps ensure that Cisco Jabber clients can seamlessly continue to use the persistent chat rooms in the event of IM and Presence Service node failure or Text Conferencing (TC) service failure. Multi-device messaging enables broadcasting of chat to all devices the user is currently logged in to and synchronizing the read progress among devices. Support for Microsoft SQL Server (2014, 2014 SP1, 2012 SP3) as an external database to store information from the persistent group chat, message archiver (IM compliance), and managed file transfer features. Wizard-based interdomain federation configuration for easier configuration. Ability to back up users’ contacts automatically and import or export nonpresence contacts through bulk administration (BAT). Addition of logging level controls to improve the troubleshooting experience.

Cisco Unified Communications Applications

Promote collaboration anywhere. Stay connected and productive with messaging, presence, enterprise social, and application development. Comprehensive and interactive collaboration — Cisco unified communications applications provide a comprehensive and contextual environment that puts people, not technology, at the center of collaboration. You can use this industry-leading platform and its productivity tools from any location on any device. Accelerate innovation and improve decision-making by helping users communicate more securely and effectively inside and outside your organization. Connecting email, instant messaging, conferencing, presence, voice services, and voicemail. Providing the same tools and integrated collaborative experience across devices. This device-independent approach can be deployed on a PC, Apple iPhone or iPad, Android smartphone, or other device. The Cisco Collaboration Architecture defines a set of core collaboration services that you can use for your specific IT roadmap.

Cisco Unified Communications Gateways

Use Cisco gateways for any-to-any collaboration. Cisco Unified Communications gateways help enable anytime, anywhere collaboration to anyone on any device and provide investment protection for existing technology deployments. Cisco gateways offer solutions for any size business or location. Cisco Expressway supports simple, more secure, rich media collaboration outside the enterprise firewall. Extends your reach with B2B, B2C, and remote and mobile worker collaboration. Designed for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Business Edition 6000 deployments. Cisco Unified Border Element provides session border control for voice and video SIP trunk deployments. Supports centralized, distributed, and hybrid SIP trunking deployments. Works with Cisco products, third-party PBXs, and service providers. Cisco TelePresence video communication server facilitates highly secure telepresence communications throughout an enterprise. Supports highly scalable deployments for up to 100,000 users.

Cisco Unified Communications Mid-Sized Solutions

Collaboration solutions at the right size and price. For growing businesses, having intimate customer relationships and being able to respond quickly and cost-effectively to changing needs are the hallmarks of success. To stay ahead of the competition, your teams and stakeholders need to communicate effectively and act decisively. Your collaboration tools need to be easy to use and deliver exceptional results. But with limited IT resources, keeping up with the latest innovations in communications and collaboration technology can seem a daunting task. Cisco can help you take collaboration to the next level with right-sized, right-priced solutions that are easy to use, manage, and deploy. Empower employees, customers, and partners to collaborate simply and intuitively anywhere, on any device — from the browser to the boardroom. Succeed at every stage of your collaboration journey with essential services that help you to plan, deploy, and support your investments.
Cisco Unified Communications


Do you work the same way you did 10 years ago? 5? Harvard Business Review surveyed business leaders worldwide about how collaboration is changing within their organizations. How do you create a more collaborative work environment? How do you empower employees to engage and innovate? The ideal solutions combine culture with technology. Learn how improving collaboration through technology can help you meet your business objectives. Create more interactive customer relationships by extending traditional contact-center technologies with video, social media, and on-demand access to experts.

Identify, locate, and connect with experts whenever and wherever you need them. Share expertise efficiently using high-quality audio and video. Use web conferencing to make it easier for employees and customers to meet anytime, from anywhere. Provide scalable and highly secure voice, video, and file sharing to help eliminate organizational and geographic boundaries. As we move into more collaborative environments, we need to simplify the ways people work together. Collaboration technology can bring people together more efficiently. This can lead to increased employee and team productivity, simplified business processes, and improved workflows.

Cost Control

Organizations are consistently challenged to control costs while addressing business needs. It’s important to build in sufficient flexibility to accommodate new developments as your needs evolve. You also want to control costs by extending the value of your existing IT investments, while promoting user adoption of new solutions. Improve collaboration while reducing the total cost of IT. Simplify technology — for both users and technology teams — and give employees more ways to collaborate. Bring voice, video, and data into a single network; simplify management, and support new devices, applications, and cloud-based services.

Use office space more effectively to reduce real estate costs. Create work areas that foster collaboration, employee engagement, and innovation. Improve flexibility and costs: Give employees the ability to use — and self-manage — mobile devices as a highly secure extension of your network. Improve communications, costs, and productivity by helping people meet face-to-face over distance. Make it easier for employees to work from multiple locations with highly secure access to resources. Reduce event, training, and travel costs by hosting online meetings with optimized video, audio, and participation options.


As the work environment becomes more mobile and dispersed, it can be challenging to keep employees fully engaged. Improve employee engagement, collaboration is fundamental to employee engagement. Workers need trusted connections with executives, managers, and peers. They also need access to the tools and resources necessary to do their jobs, collaborate with others, and develop their skills. To help ensure your employees are engaged, executives have to demonstrate consistency in words and action, communicate often, and align business practices and behaviors throughout the organization. Eliminate organization and geographic boundaries by bringing dispersed groups together in secure virtual rooms.

Make it easier for employees to work away from the main office, with highly secure access to the resources that match what’s available in corporate offices. Host and record online employee events, meetings, and training with optimized video, audio, and participation options. Improve communications, relationships, and productivity by helping people meet face-to-face over distance. Create more flexibility by giving employees the ability to use mobile devices as a highly secure extension of your enterprise network. Use office space more effectively and create work areas that foster employee inclusiveness, ]collaboration, and innovation.


Unified Communications Services for Cisco enables you to lower operating expenses Minimizing internal operational support, while maintaining control and visibility. Match IT spending with consumption to deliver the right capacity at the right time. Provide transparency into consumption and usage trends to enable the right sizing of your environment. Simplify the complexity and manage a hybrid UC environment with a mix of Cisco and Microsoft applications. With Cisco Conferencing solutions they give you more secure collaboration from mobile devices, desktops, or meeting rooms.

Bring employees, customers, and partners together to collaborate from anywhere with highly scalable voice, video, and content sharing. Leading Cisco provides scalable and affordable conferencing for organizations of all sizes. Simplify delivery and use of video and increase your return on investment. Flexible deployment models support your existing and new investments. Support more video users intelligently across your multiparty conferencing infrastructure to better align to the way that your organization works. Even in highly dynamic meeting environments, with optimized conferencing, you can cost-effectively facilitate face-to-face collaboration on devices from mobile clients to immersive systems.

Unified Communications

Reduce total cost of IT ownership. Adapt more flexibly to change by simplifying technology. Simplify communications, accelerate decision-making, and unlock innovation. Accelerate generation of ideas to support new products, process improvement, and growth. Broad codec support. With Cisco they support multiple media-compression standards and codecs as built-in features rather than as add-on modules. Industry leading Cisco provides the industry’s only dual-protocol presence platform, incorporating both SIP/SIMPLE and XMPP.

Cisco offers a full range of hosting options for partners as well as cloud-based options for customers. Cost and efficiency improvements can achieve only so much. Eventually, you need to identify new sources of revenue and market share. Improve collaboration to accelerate the development of ideas to support innovation, new products, process improvements, and growth. Newer forms of interaction have the potential to foster greater levels of collaboration. Improve individual and collective performance, leading to innovation that creates competitive advantage.