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Make a factory floor more automated or an emergency room smarter. Extreme Networks solutions briefs point the way to more mobile, more secure and more agile organizations and industries. From education and hospitality to healthcare and Manufacturing, Extreme Networks combines world-class products with global perspective to build nimble networks that deliver a tighter connection with customers and stronger bottom line results. Enterprise data center operators face a number of challenges as they try to build and maintain their business’s most important strategic asset. Orchestrating applications, traffic and virtual machines is becoming much more difficult. Managing an increasingly complicated network takes up time that could be better spent serving users and integrating new applications, and scaling to meet growing needs is expensive. Extreme Networks addresses these challenges with our software-defined data center architecture comprised of advanced hardware, software and partner ecosystem solutions.

Extreme Networks ExtremeSwitching stackables —  high performance stackable solutions for EoR, ToR or leaf/spine data centers with industry leading density and a range of interfaces from 1GbE and 10GbE to 40GbE. Use Extreme Networks ExtremeSwitching S-Series a versatile, flow based family of terabit class modular switches offering high density 1GbE, 10GbE as well as 40GbE. Extreme Networks ExtremeSwitching 8000 series — high density campus edge/core family of switches offering high density 1GbE as well as 10GbE and 40GbE. Extreme Networks ExtremeSwitching X8 series — an exceptionally high density, purpose-built data center core switch with low latency and a range of interfaces including 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE. Data Center Management, Analytics and SDN.  Extreme Networks ExtremeSwitching Management Center — single pane of glass network management delivering visibility and automated policy management.

Network Powered Application Analytics And Optimization

Bridge the gap between business intelligence, IT network management, and security. Purview leverages breakthrough technology to bridge the gap between business intelligence, IT network management, and security through a single integrated view. Use Purview as it helps organizations improve user experience, while meeting the growing needs of network users, and improving network performance. Purview is capable of collecting, analyzing, and reporting application data from the entire network. Including wired and wireless devices, core/data centers, and private or public cloud environments. Extreme Application Analytics is a Network Powered Application Analytics and Optimization solution that captures network data and aggregates, analyzes, correlates, and reports on it to enable better decision-making and improved business performance. It is the industry’s very first and only — patent pending — solution to transform the Network into a Strategic Business Asset.

Extreme Networks — Software-Defined Networking

The Extreme Networks SDN Platform is part of the Extreme Networks Software-Defined Architecture. Which includes networking infrastructure (wireless/campus LAN, data center and high-performance computing) and value. Add Extreme software solutions (NetSight, Purview, SDN). These products can be deployed as stand-alone or integrated products. Extreme Networks SDN platform is evolutionary software-defined networking (SDN) platform to promote community led innovation. We believe customers should be able to migrate their existing (brownfield) networks to SDN without expensive forklift upgrades. Seamless SDN migration requires both an open, standards based and comprehensive approach. With strong community mind share and partner ecosystem support. Extreme Networks’ SDN platform is based on a comprehensive, hardened OpenDaylight (ODL) controller that uniquely includes: network management, network access control, application analytics and wireless controller technology.
Extreme Networks


Intelligent application visibility — Purview application identification uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to provide a rich analytical framework and granular controls for private (SAP, SOA traffic, Exchange, SQL etc.) and public Cloud (Salesforce, Google, Email, YouTube, P2P, Facebook, Twitter, file sharing, etc.) applications essential to your business. This enables IT and other Lines of Business to determine which applications or websites are being accessed, the consumed bandwidth and other statistics on business critical applications versus non business critical applications. Proactive security and compliance — provides IT with the ability to monitor and restrict application usage and website access based on specific parameters.

For example, a known web browser version that poses security risks could be restricted. Purview is the very FIRST and ONLY — patent pending — solution that bridges Network/Security Management with comprehensive Business Analytics. With better network planning — understand the impact of deployed applications on the network. This provides the data necessary to plan network expansions before user complain.


Multi site management — ExtremeCloud provides centralized management of multiple virtual or physical sites, consolidating management information from across the entire network for a global and consistent experience. New services or policies are defined in just a few clicks and quickly deployed across one or more locations, or simply in a specific sub section of your network, making it simple for you to test and deploy globally new application driven services. Security is built into the entire fabric of ExtremeCloud and the devices that it manages.

During the manufacturing process of cloud-enabled network devices, a unique certificate is installed along with the cloud discovery services to prevent man in the middle attacks and preserve the authenticity and confidentiality of communications between your wired or wireless network device and ExtremeCloud. Web-based centralized management — ExtremeCloud provides network administrators with a centralized web-based interface designed to easily manage both infrastructure and services. This graphical interface allows network administrators to configure, enable, or disable each device or group of devices.


Open, standards-based ExtremeControl Connect SDN controller providing simple, fast, and smart automation and orchestration. The ExtremeControl Connect SDN solution accelerates application innovation and reduces risks for the entire network, including wireless, campus and data center. We do this through a modular, open and standards-based development environment that integrates with existing infrastructure and avoids architecture lock-in. One open and standards-based architecture that won’t require vendor lock-in or additional investment to realize the full potential of SDN.

A simple development platform for innovation that makes it easy for any organization to deploy SDN solutions regardless of size or skill level. Investment protection as our SDN solutions not only integrate with other Extreme Networks solutions but also support multi-vendor environments. Value-added network services like Purview, NAC, NetSight, OneFabric Connect, etc. that provide functionality beyond SDN. A comprehensive solution for the whole network including wireless, campus, core and data center. Unique core-flow technology that provides the industry’s most scalable flow-aware data plane.


Extreme Networks comprehensive approach preserves the integrity of the open API provided by ODL while extending data center orchestration, automation and provisioning to the entire network under a single pane of glass. Extreme Networks’ simple, fast and smart SDN platform tightly integrates with existing and multi-vendor hardware and software network environments, preserving customer investments and avoiding vendor lock in. Backward compatibility is maintained with multi-vendor network infrastructure that conforms to the OpenFlow standard and other open APIs.

Extreme Networks OpenDaylight based API, Software Development Kit (SDK) and developer community will enable customers to evolve the network to keep pace with emerging security, wireless, and converged SDN infrastructure. The result is a simpler development platform that avoids the feature and capability limitations of other open SDN models — many of which are really only truly applicable to new or ‘greenfield’ networking implementations.


It is a professional service delivered through a combination of middleware and integration services that interact with the Extreme Networks OneFabric Connect addresses the simultaneous needs for security, virtualization, manageability, mobility and agility in today ́s networks Center (leveraging the Netsight Management Suite) from Extreme Networks. It provides APIs to integrate OneFabric Connect addresses the simultaneous needs for security, virtualization, manageability, mobility and agility in today ́s networks Center (Netsight, Mobile IAM and NAC) with other IT solutions, management systems and databases (CMDB’s, etc.), MDM solutions, NG Firewalls, Web Filtering solutions etc.

It enhances the value of OneFabric Control Center with deeper visibility into device data — augmented with asset info, contact info, device details, phone number etc. It provides automation and control — device identification and location tracking, reporting back to other IT systems and automatically assign policies managed by IT systems inside or outside the network management domain.