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In today’s complex and constantly changing threat environment, organizations need a high level of visibility into network and threat behavior to maintain an effective security posture. Juniper Networks Junos Space Security Director provides security policy management through an intuitive, centralized interface that offers enforcement across emerging and traditional risk vectors. Using intuitive dashboards and reporting features, administrators gain insight into threats, compromised devices, risky applications, and more. As an application running on the Juniper Networks Junos Space platform, Juniper Networks Junos Space Security Director gives administrators extensive security management and granular policy control across the network. It helps teams quickly manage all phases of the security policy life cycle for stateful firewall, security intelligence, Unified Threat Management (UTM), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), AppFW, VPN, and Network Address Translation (NAT). Juniper Networks Policy Enforcer, a key Juniper Networks Junos Space Security Director capability, enhances unified management.

Juniper Networks Policy Enforcer uses information gathered and reported by Sky ATP to learn about and rapidly respond to new threat conditions. With this information, Juniper Networks Policy Enforcer can automatically update policies and deploy new enforcement to firewalls and switches, quarantining and tracking infected hosts to stop the progress of threats. Juniper Networks Junos Space Security Director, an application that runs on the innovative, intuitive, and intelligent Junos Space Network Management Platform, provides detailed visibility into application performance, reducing risk while enabling users to move quickly from “knowing” something is wrong to “doing” something to fix the problem. Providing extensive scale, granular policy control, and policy breadth across the network, Juniper Networks Junos Space Security Director helps administrators manage all phases of the security policy life cycle for stateful firewall, Unified Threat Management (UTM), intrusion prevention, Application Firewall (AppFW), VPN, and Network Address Translation (NAT) through a centralized web-based interface.

Juniper Networks Junos Space Security Director

Juniper Networks Junos Space Security Director reduces management costs and errors by providing actionable intelligence, automation, efficient security policy, intuitive workflows, and a powerful application and platform architecture, allowing users to detect threats as they happen and apply remedial actions in real-time. Policy Enforcer simplifies and automates the process of deploying up-to-the-minute enforcement. An intuitive user interface gives administrators the flexibility to selectively control and modify network elements, enforcement groups, threat management services, and profile definitions. As the scale and sophistication of cyber crime continues to increase, enterprise businesses need to rethink their defense strategies. Next-generation security must be built around automated and actionable intelligence that can be shared to quickly recognize and mitigate threats. Juniper Networks Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) delivers these capabilities. You get end-to-end network visibility that secures the entire network, physical and virtual.

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention

Juniper Networks Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) uses real-time information from the cloud to arm your business with anti-malware protection. It defends against sophisticated cyber crime such as advanced persistent threats and ransomware. Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape is forcing security systems to adapt at the same pace. Hackers are highly skilled, with extensive resources at their disposal. They use a wide array of malware to evade an organization’s defenses. To thwart them, cybersecurity needs to be effective, intelligent, and fast. Juniper Networks Sky Advanced Threat Prevention uses state-of-the-art machine learning to constantly analyze web and email files, finding evasive malware before it can affect your business. It employs a pipeline of technologies in the cloud to identify varying levels of risk, providing a higher degree of accuracy in threat prevention. It integrates with Juniper Networks SRX Series Next-Gen Firewalls to deliver deep inspection, inline blocking, and actionable alerts.


Protect your data and people with a more innovative security platform. Your data resides in multiple places. Your people work everywhere — from headquarters to airports. Cyber crime today is more devious than ever and can strike at any time, any place. It’s time for end-to-end, automated, intelligent cybersecurity that is everywhere, too. The software-defined secure network (SDSN) transforms your network into a unified cybersecurity platform. Detect, defend, and defeat with agility. Transform your network into a dynamic platform that automatically responds to threats — anytime, anywhere. The global WannaCry outbreak was preventable. Learn what can be done to help stop future ransomware attacks. The Internet of Things opens businesses up to a whole new universe of vulnerabilities. Cyber threats have changed the world forever. The numbers don’t lie — Juniper works with some of the best companies all over the world.
Juniper Networks Junos Space Security Director

Actionable Intelligence

With most security management solutions, administrators have to run a report or open several tabs to find the applications or users they want to manage. Then they must manually create the required firewall rules, determine where to place those rules, and hope they don’t conflict with any existing rules, thereby creating a host of new problems. This is a tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone process. Security Director offers an Actionable Intelligence feature that eliminates the need to engage in this antiquated exercise.

Using Actionable Intelligence, administrators can select one or more applications or user/user groups from the Application Visibility or User Visibility charts, then simply select “Block.” Security Director automatically creates the requested rule or rules and deploys them in the optimal location within the rules base, avoiding any anomalies and taking the guesswork out of managing the application and user environment.


Centrally configure and manage application security. Lets you centrally configure and manage application security (such as AppSecure), firewalls; security intelligence (to protect against Web application attacks, command and control based threats, and botnet activity), and VPN, IPS, and NAT security policies — all through a single, scalable interface. Define and Enforce Policies

Defines and enforces policies for controlling use of specific applications such as Facebook, instant messaging, and embedded social networking widgets, through included AppFW management capabilities. Optimize the network infrastructure. Helps IT teams optimize the network infrastructure for further innovations in security management across the network through integration of the open, secure Junos Space Network Management Platform.


The unified Juniper Networks SDSN platform combines the following functions with a comprehensive product portfolio that centralizes and automates security. Policy — simplified, centrally managed policies that work with all devices on a heterogeneous network. Detection — threat intelligence aggregated into a common, cloud-based service with policies that adapt to changing threat conditions. Enforcement — dynamic distribution of updated policy across the network to stop rogue traffic and quarantine compromised endpoints. The SDSN transforms your network into a single, holistic defense domain where every element becomes an enforcement point.

This is the future of the secure network. Juniper Networks Sky Advanced Threat Prevention’s identification technology uses sophisticated techniques to quickly detect and prevent an impending cyber-attack including, powerful machine learning algorithms, dynamic analysis with techniques to trick malware into activating and self-identifying, rapid cache lookups to speed up previous malware identification, anti-virus signature-based engine to identify known files, and static analysis that analyzes software code to identify possible dangerous fragments.

Junos Space Network Management

Junos Space Network Management Platform works with our management applications to simplify and automate management of Juniper’s switching, routing, and security devices. As part of a complete solution, the platform provides broad fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security management (FCAPS) capability, same day support for new devices and Junos OS releases, a task-specific user interface, and northbound APIs for integration with existing network management systems (NMS) or operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS).

The platform helps network operators at enterprises and service providers scale operations, reduce complexity, and enable new applications and services to be brought to market quickly, through multilayered network abstractions, operator-centric automation schemes, and a simple point-and-click UI. Web 2.0 GUI increases user productivity, eliminates manual operations, and speeds up operation cycle times. Topology provides flexible network visualization options for simplifying network operations. Network discovery and inventory management supports FCAPS network management framework, and provides total management of network elements.