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Organizations today face an unprecedented number of security threats. The sheer quantity of risks only promises to grow as employees, customers and partners embrace new trends and innovations. And regulators worldwide attempt to keep pace by safeguarding privacy and sensitive data. Data center network security solutions help organizations gain greater visibility and control over assets and sensitive information across the enterprise. Our specialized services can help your organization stay ahead of threats and interact securely with customers, employees and partners. Organizations large or small can fall victim to a cyber security threat. We offer turnkey and custom data center network security solutions that feature field tested products and services from proven vendors. Our consultative, vendor agnostic approach provides multiple options for on premise, virtual, and cloud based deployment. Security professional services consist of many individual security services separated into four key groupings.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is an integrated solution that combines both endpoint and network based controls to protect customer defined sensitive data. The security offerings can be applied as a system or as individual services; advisory and assessment, compliance and regulatory, incident response, and profiling and privacy. As a complement to our security offerings, our managed services provides customers with ongoing support, IT ownership, 24/7 monitoring, alerting and reporting options. Four key solutions exist to compliment a customer’s security staff. And provide a proactive monitoring, ongoing management, incident response and remediation. It covers multiple security technologies such as next generation firewall, unified threat management, advanced persistent threat, network access control, security remote access (SSL), secure email, Intrusion Protection System and session border controllers. Gartner, Inc. estimates that for every $5.62 a business spends after a breach, they could spend $1 prior on protection to prevent intrusions and minimize damage.


Data Center Network Security Intrusion Detection And Prevention

Data center network security network intrusion detection and prevention supports organizations that require a comprehensive solution to detect, prevent and respond to attacks on their infrastructure. This solution can help you more quickly detect and respond to unwanted intruders. Data center network security solutions include, IDS/IPS platform management, IDS/IPS policy management, incident reporting, and monitoring and alerting. Advanced Threat Detection provides real-time intelligence, adaptive protection and rapid response capabilities to combat today’s advanced persistent threats and targeted network attacks. With this service, our risk management center analysts are immediately alerted to potentially dangerous events aimed at your infrastructure. And can help reduce your exposure to attacks and other targeted threats. Once we have a firm understanding of a customer’s current environment, we assist with an extensive list of proven products and services to address any gaps.

Next-Generation Threat Protection

Next-generation threat protection secures sensitive information that passes through your networks by reducing the complexity and simplifying the management of firewall services. This service enables you to centralize the management of security policies across your entire organization. And control threats to applications, data and users. Data center network security solution includes, advanced threat protection, application control, firewall platform management, firewall policy management, real-time monitoring and alerting (SIEM), threat management services, and URL/Web filtering. Firewall Ruleset Assurance (FRA), a comprehensive management tool, helps your organization continuously analyze, visualize and improve existing network security infrastructure. This service minimizes the possibility of a security breach through the active management and review of firewall rules and policies. Data center network security solution includes, FRA platform management, policy change monitoring, and rule set analysis and reporting.

Cyber Security Services

Data center network security layered architecture enables you to protect data against unintentional breaches. Regardless of whether that data is stored on the network or on a disconnected endpoint. Our solution includes, DLP platform management, DLP policy management, policy compliance reporting, and protection of data at rest and in motion. IAM Networks helps organizations understand what they need to meet their security and compliance goals. Data center network security products and services include always on, secure remote access solutions. With device management and work home application segregation. Anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-phishing for inbound email. Data loss prevention and identity based encryption for outbound email. High performance, low latency, behavior based DDoS mitigation solutions. In depth traffic analysis and a consolidated security view. Load-balancing, encryption, and content based routing to improve web application performance.
Data Center Network Security Solutions
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