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Threat intelligence, security training, incident response and assessment from the world leader. How can you keep fully updated on all the latest, constantly emerging threats currently targeting enterprises like yours? What if your SIEM system doesn’t have adequate cyber threat detection capabilities? How can you ensure you’re notified about the most dangerous Advanced Persistent Threats in time to take evasive action? Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services offers a portfolio of Threat Intelligence services designed to mitigate these risks. Enhance your existing security controls and improve your forensic capabilities using Cyberthreat Data from Kaspersky. Gain exclusive, proactive access to descriptions of high-profile cyber-espionage campaigns, including indicators of compromise.

A snapshot of current cyberthreats to your specific organization, business area or region. A web portal delivering all the knowledge we continuously acquire about threat indicators and their relationships. Real-time notifications about ongoing phishing attacks targeting your brands. Real-time notifications about ongoing botnet attacks to your web resources. Request a trial to clearly understand your benefits from the detailed insights into cyber threats delivered to you in the most convenient way. The detection of unknown and advanced threats relies on the painstaking, hands-on efforts of security analysts, rather than automated rules or signature-based detection mechanisms. Threat hunting requires highly qualified and experienced professionals to trawl through huge volumes of data, identifying artifacts that the most sophisticated automated measures fail to detect.

Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services — Security Assessment

How can you ensure your IT infrastructure or specific applications are fully secured against potential cyber attacks? No two environments are exactly the same, and the most powerful cyberthreats are tailor-made to exploit the specific vulnerabilities of the individual organization. Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services security assessments provides an understanding of your security posture and ensures compliance with industry regulations. Identifying the weakest points in your infrastructure to avoid the financial, operational and reputational damage caused by a cyber attack, ensuring compliance with government, industry and corporate standards (e.g. PCI DSS). Uncovering vulnerabilities in applications of any kind, from large cloud-based solutions to embedded and mobile applications on different platforms. A comprehensive analysis of your ATM/POS devices to identify vulnerabilities that can be used for unauthorized cash withdrawal, performing unauthorized transactions, obtaining your clients’ payment card data, or initiating denial of service attacks.

The Risk

Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services is always available to share its up-to-the-minute intelligence via different channels. Even if your organization does not use Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services products, you can still benefit from Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services. Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services broad services portfolio helps organizations to remain fully equipped for efficient remediation of the risks associated with unknown attack vectors. As well as lack of the experienced personnel, and limited security budgets due to lack of risk appreciation.  It helps with inefficient incident response procedures, inadequate internal funding because of poor risk visibility, absence of appropriate corporate standards and security guidance, lack of clarity regarding your security posture, and remediation cost. A single breach costs an average of $891,000.
Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services

Data Center Security

Centralized security management helps administrators. For most environments, you won’t even have to reboot systems when you install our virtualization security application. Furthermore, you can manage all of our data center security technologies from one centralized management console. To help you apply consistent security policies across your data center and reduce day-to-day operating costs. Integrated and stable security. With Kaspersky data center security, you benefit from a single, integrated solution that gives you a choice of light agent or agent less security for virtual machines, plus security for the most common enterprise level storage systems.

All of the applications within our data center security solution are easy to deploy and simple to integrate into any data center design. So you save time and also benefit from a stable security platform. Whatever the configuration of your data center, Kaspersky Lab security solutions protect key data center technologies without impacting performance. You benefit from a single, integrated solution that gives you a choice of light agent or agentless security for virtual machines, plus security for the most common enterprise level storage systems.


A true endpoint protection platform controls discovery, deployment, policy configuration and updating of endpoints throughout the corporate infrastructure. Kaspersky Endpoint Security’s single agent per platform means administrators can set one active policy for a managed group, covering all required components but without the need for multiple policy review or correlation. The “network agent” connects the endpoint with the administration server, performing systems management tasks (such as software and hardware inventory, vulnerability scanning and patch management) allowing for true flexibility and synergy between functions.

Easier control over policy and task implementation. Single dashboard and reporting on deployment and execution, provides a comprehensive, at a glance view of policy status and compliance over the entire network. Simplified policy and task management — thanks to a single set of shared parameters and prerequisites. Managed groups, delivery settings, notifications, policy implementation is optimized, eliminating redundant processes and tasks for the IT administrator.

Mobile Security

Kaspersky solutions help to keep Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows and Apple Phone devices secure and managed. Multi-layer protection — including cloud-assisted technology and Kaspersky Security Network. Defend smartphones and tablets against the latest cyber threats, e.g. Trojans, phishing attacks and much more. Kaspersky Mobile Security solution also helps you apply security policies & settings across almost all devices, e.g. Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and Apple Phone devices. Furthermore, if a mobile device is lost or stolen, anti-theft functions help you prevent access to corporate data.

Remotely operated features let you block access to data and apps on the device, wipe data and find the device’s location. Mobile application management — control tools — together with ‘app wrapping’ containerization. Help to secure corporate data and systems and provide efficient BYOD security policy. Mobile device management — by enabling access to different platforms’ MDM functions. Via a single interface — the Kaspersky solution saves time and makes it easier to roll out unified mobile security policies.

Virtualization Security

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization provides a single solution to secure both virtual servers and VDI. Because it supports all the most commonly used platforms — including VMware vSphere with NSX, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM — Kaspersky Security for Virtualization is ideal for hybrid software-defined data centers. Based on award-winning anti-malware engine, the solution exploits the technological advantages that virtualization offers, delivering powerful security with optimum speed and efficiency, and without taking up valuable space on virtual machines.

Kaspersky Security for Kaspersky Virtualization Light Agent is ideal for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI), delivering the most advanced security capabilities to the individual machine. With the lightweight security agent integrated into the VDI template, you can enable resource-efficient multi-layered protection from the most advanced threats (e.g. ransomware) on every single VM, with no adverse effect on end-user experience. No need to keep rebuilding — security operations are off-loaded onto one or more dedicated security appliances.