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Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure delivers complete hyperconvergence. It combines the Software-Defined networking and computing power of Cisco UCS with the Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform. And it is designed for simplicity. Cisco HyperFlex brings increased operational efficiency and adaptability to more workloads in your data center. Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure HyperFlex Systems, powered by Intel Xeon processors, combine computing, storage, and networking into a simplified, easy-to-use platform. These systems bring the pay-as-you-grow economics of the cloud to on-premises virtual infrastructure so you can gain new levels of agility, efficiency, and adaptability. With an integrated network fabric, powerful data optimization, and unified management, Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure HyperFlex Systems bring the full potential of Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure to your virtual desktop infrastructure deployments.

End users can expect one second or less response times with the cluster at full 1000 user load. Cisco includes performance data on their website for the recently released Intel Broadwell processors and faster memory and for Microsoft Windows 10 and Office workload. It is clear that Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure HyperFlex delivers industry leading end-user experience for VMware Horizon virtual desktop users on the latest desktop operating system and office suite on the customer’s provisioning platform of choice. Cisco HyperFlex Systems deliver complete hyper convergence, combining Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and computing with a Next Generation Cisco HX Data Platform. Engineered on Cisco UCS, HyperFlex brings new levels of operational efficiency and adaptability to your data center, so you can unlock the full potential of hyper converged infrastructure. Get the most value from your data — unify compute, storage, and networking.

Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure HyperFlex unifies our fabric network and compute technology with a next-generation data platform. Increase capacity use without compromising performance with Cisco HyperFlex inline data deduplication and compression. Support today’s enterprise applications and new, cloud-native workloads with Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform Software. Flexible scaling — scale nodes, compute, or capacity independently in HyperFlex clusters to adapt to business needs. Bring the full potential of hyperconvergence to your virtual desktop environments. Continuous data optimization — always-on inline data deduplication and inline compression provide highly efficient resource utilization, reducing the IT footprint. Dynamic data distribution — incoming data is more securely distributed and optimized across servers and storage tiers in the cluster to eliminate performance bottlenecks and achieve high IO performance.

Rapidly Deploy VMware View

Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure HyperFlex Systems addresses this need while also including the desirable features of flexibility and consistent management. Cutting the deployment time of the required compute, storage and network infrastructure for desktop virtualization to two hours or less is an order of magnitude faster than typical two-week deployment times for some converged systems. Optimize your data — continuous data optimization — always-on inline data deduplication and inline compression provide highly efficient resource utilization, reducing the IT footprint. When using VMware Horizon as the broker for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for pooled, non-persistent Microsoft Windows virtual desktops and new with VMware Horizon 7, for hosted Apps and desktops via integration with Microsoft RDS (Remote Desktop services) on Microsoft Windows Server, allows the near immediate use of new capacity as it is brought online and provides seamless desktop image maintenance.

Cisco Hyperflex Systems

The Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure HyperFlex solution focuses on simplicity of deployment and operation. It delivers a hyperconverged platform that has the advantage of allowing you to start small and grow in small increments without the need for expensive storage devices connected to computing resources by either SAN or Network-Attached Storage (NAS) methods. Expand the boundaries of hyperconverged infrastructure with Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure HyperFlex HX Data Platform storage technology. A basic cluster requires three hyperconverged nodes managed by Cisco UCS Manager. Beyond this, a Cisco HyperFlex cluster can increase computing and storage resources for flexible scaling according to workload needs. Flexibility is introduced by creating a cluster with a mix of Cisco UCS B200 M4 Blade Servers as computing — only nodes connected to a set of Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure HyperFlex HX240c M4 Nodes operating as hyperconverged nodes. In this scenario, the hyperconverged node provides storage for the Cisco UCS B200 M4 computing — only nodes.


Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure HyperFlex is built on the Cisco UCS platform. It is part of a data center architecture that supports traditional, converged, and hyperconverged systems with common policies and infrastructure management. Bridge to Next Generation IT, Cisco HyperFlex is built on an API-driven architecture for the interoperability required by DevOps style IT. It integrates into orchestration toolsets and cloud services. Ready for emerging applications. The HX Data Platform is designed to support multiple hypervisors, containers, and bare metal to power existing and new cloud-native workloads. Continuous innovation, Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure HyperFlex will continue to expand the boundaries of hyperconverged infrastructure, drawing from innovation in Cisco UCS and ACI. Cisco HyperConverged infrastructure — stay on top of the fast pace of change in the data center. Tune in to our Data Center blog for news, trends, commentary, and unique perspectives. It’s all there.
Cisco Hyperconverged Infrastructure


The digital landscape is changing at an incredible pace. Demands on IT to manage the complexity, keep costs down, and meet business needs are high. Cisco Managed Services helps you optimize and manage your traditional IT environment to quickly adopt new technologies and transition to the cloud. See how we can effectively manage your new dynamic digital world to achieve extraordinary business results. Cisco Managed Services for Data Center enable you to focus on the business applications deployed on your infrastructure.

These applications serve important business needs. Your infrastructure needs to serve employees consistently, reliably, and in more locations as they increasingly become more mobile. Additionally, the number of applications is growing. Energy requirements and costs are rising as the infrastructure gets more complex. Cisco Managed Services for Data Center help you increase the operational efficiency of your data center and create a more efficient infrastructure. It can help you to deliver a consistently high level of performance and support your growing information management needs.


The more collaboration technology you adopt, the more infrastructure you will have to support and manage. It can be very cost-effective and efficient to turn to a third-party partner for management and monitoring. At the same time, you may want control of and visibility into your network and your collaboration technologies. You probably also want to be able to adapt those technologies to your specific needs. The co-management model of Cisco Managed Service for Collaboration gives you the best of both worlds. We can help you adapt the technology to your needs, and you remain in control of your network.

Moreover, Cisco Managed Service for Collaboration is designed in modules, so you can choose — and pay for — only the capabilities you need. Collaboration brings phenomenal benefits to your organization. And it requires a network optimized to achieve them. We have many years of experience in building and managing networks, and we make our expertise available to you. We can help you make sure that when you add new equipment or applications, your network will support them smoothly, with no surprises. And leave you free to focus on strategic IT.


We deliver a complete and proactive 24/7 incident management and remediation service, staffed by expert engineers with training and experience in Cisco unified communications and collaboration technologies plus ITIL processes. When the platform detects, validates and diagnoses an incident within your network, it immediately notifies our support center — giving our team the detailed information they need to rapidly engage and remediate the issue.

We can tailor the incident management process to match your requirements and organizational policies, including engaging your on site support staff, coordinating vendor support, and sending automated notifications to your technical and business teams. You can also open incidents manually in the platform or by calling our support center. Our network problem management team helps keep incidents from recurring in your environment — making your Cisco unified communications systems, collaboration applications and supporting infrastructure more stable and dependable. This dedicated problem management team focuses on proactive problem prevention and the identification and resolution of underlying causes.

Network Security

A secure network is a powerful tool for achieving growth and stability. Safeguarding your business and customer data is critical for protecting your employees, customers, and reputation in an environment built on trust. Yet maintaining the integrity of your network is difficult to accomplish as you expand your capabilities. Furthermore, changing business models designed around mobility and cloud resources add new layers of intricacy to corporate networks. This creates a dynamic threat landscape that evolves quickly to find gaps in protection. An increasingly complex market for information security leads to fragmented security efforts.

To innovate and disrupt, your business needs a balanced security solution capable of providing both proactive protection and adaptable expansion. Cisco Active Threat Analytics (ATA) integrates deep expertise with cutting-edge technology, leading intelligence, and advanced analytics to detect and investigate threats with great speed,accuracy, and focus. Cisco expert investigators monitor customer networks 24/7 from our global network of state-of-the-art security operations centers, providing constant vigilance and in-depth analysis as a comprehensive security solution.

Unified Communications

Reduce total cost of IT ownership. Adapt more flexibly to change by simplifying technology. Simplify communications, accelerate decision-making, and unlock innovation. Accelerate generation of ideas to support new products, process improvement, and growth. Broad codec support. Cisco supports multiple media-compression standards and codecs as built-in features rather than as add-on modules. Dual-protocol support — Cisco provides the industry’s only dual-protocol presence platform, incorporating both SIP/SIMPLE and XMPP.

Hosted and cloud — Cisco offers a full range of hosting options for partners as well as cloud-based options for customers. Cost and efficiency improvements can achieve only so much. Eventually, you need to identify new sources of revenue and market share. Improve collaboration to accelerate the development of ideas to support innovation, new products, process improvements, and growth. Newer forms of interaction have the potential to foster greater levels of collaboration. Improve individual and collective performance, leading to innovation that creates competitive advantage.