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Optimize your users’ application experience and simplify backup and recovery. Quest Rapid Recovery — the next-generation of Quest AppAssure software, lets you protect anything — systems, apps and data — anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual or in the cloud. Run without restore, with zero impact on your users, as if the outage never happened. Connect to cloud simply and easily, and protect growing virtual environments automatically. Manage and configure your data protection in just a few clicks using one friendly, comprehensive GUI. And now, implement easy DRaaS in the Azure cloud. With Quest Rapid Recovery — you get one advanced, admin-friendly solution — with all capabilities included. Archive your static data to Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Rackspace, or any OpenStack provider. Expand your recovery options by directly mounting archives for simple bare metal restore and file-level restore.

Use incremental — forever snapshots to capture an entire application and its relevant state, up to every 5 minutes, for complete application and system recovery with near-zero RTOs and aggressive RPOs. Achieve easy, scalable protection for your growing virtual environment by protecting VMware and Hyper V VMs without disrupting applications and users. Effectively protect your systems, applications, and data by backing up on premises and replicating the backups to the public cloud using with Quest Rapid Recovery and the Microsoft Azure public cloud. Should you store backup data on premises or in the cloud? You no longer have to choose! See how you can replicate backup snapshots to on-premises data centers, and the public cloud — giving you the best of both worlds. Proven cloud connectivity, fast deployment, and ease of use set Rapid Recovery apart from Veritas NetBackup.

Quest Rapid Recovery Live Recovery

with Quest Rapid Recovery Live Recovery features lets you run during restore. Recover from outages in 15 minutes or less.  In today’s connected business environment, Microsoft Exchange and other critical applications need to be available 24/7. When servers fail, they should be restored in minutes to minimize the impact to your business. Unfortunately, legacy recovery techniques often require building a new server from scratch with a process that can take hours. Its Live Recovery feature offers a higher standard for system and data protection that allows users to access target servers during the recovery process, delivers near-zero RTOs, ensures a seamless recovery in just a few simple steps — even for larger recoveries, and provides immediate, measurable results for your organization.
Quest Rapid Recovery

Backup And Recovery

Quest solutions deliver the fast backup and recovery you need to keep pace with your business. Just ask our customers. The majority reported significant time-savings compared to their previous solutions with 20% seeing as much as a 10X performance increase with us. Our backup and recovery solutions are designed for fast-growing organizations like yours as you modernize your data protection. We enable you to protect anything — systems, apps and data — whether it’s physical, virtual and or in the cloud. Recover your environment in about 15 minutes with zero impact on users. Deploy a single, turnkey backup appliance solution for rapid recovery in approximately 20 minutes. Scale data protection needs in physical, virtual and application environments. Speed VMware backup and replication while dramatically reducing storage requirements. Capture vital business data from endpoints in the event of lost data, system failures, user errors, or misplaced devices.

Protect anything everywhere with incredible ease, recover your environment in minutes without affecting users and scale backup and restore capabilities based on your growing needs. With ZeroIMPACT recovery, you can restore anything to anywhere and do it in approximately 15 minutes. Provide users with the data they request instantly, during restores, as if the outage never happened. Ensure system, application and data protection and availability everywhere: physical, virtual, and cloud. Replicate and restore data easily offsite and in the cloud for reduced CAPEX and OPEX. Safeguard and quickly recover your data and applications from unexpected failures with this affordable appliance-based solution. Deploy in about 20 minutes with turnkey, wizard-driven configuration. Get data back up in approximately 15 minutes after an event for near-zero downtime. Manage, restore, replicate and archive from one device.

Cloud Management

Modernize your infrastructure and get to the cloud quicker. More and more organizations are choosing to adopt cloud computing solutions to improve IT agility and reduce costs, but making sure your infrastructure is cloud-ready can be a challenge. Our performance monitoring solutions help IT professionals like you modernize your infrastructure and get to the cloud quicker. And with native support for multi-cloud platforms, our backup and recovery appliances help you maximize uptime and prevent data loss. Let us help you spend less time monitoring and more time optimizing your environment for future growth.

Get one step closer to the cloud with our cloud-ready solutions that enable you to quickly scale and modernize your infrastructure without impacting users or placing your data at risk. Reduce operational costs, speed deployments and minimize change-based impacts on your virtual performance. Gain end-to-everything visibility into your virtual infrastructure and private cloud performance while monitoring your infrastructure. Simplify the complexity of your data center and monitor your heterogeneous environment from the virtual machine to the LUN, including vCloud monitoring.


With Quest Foglight, you’re able to proactively monitor, manage and resolve performance issues across your infrastructure before they impact end-user productivity. Quest Foglight enables you to reclaim valuable time, so you can stop being reactive, and start being proactive. Used by thousands of customers worldwide to monitor critical infrastructure performance. Identifies and resolves performance issues across applications, databases and virtual environments. Heterogeneous support across multiple hypervisors, web, database and storage platforms. Extends your monitoring capabilities to Citrix VDI, OpenStack, and more, with optional cartridges. Optimize the configuration, performance and utilization of your hypervisors, VMs and storage while gaining end-to-everything visibility across your virtual infrastructure.

Monitor, manage and resolve performance issues across your infrastructure. Go beyond application performance monitoring with Quest Foglight to quickly identify and resolve performance issues across your applications, databases and virtual environments. Quest Foglight family of products easily integrates with your existing tools, so you can monitor and analyze data from almost any source across your infrastructure and view it through a single interface with our customizable, unified monitoring platform. And with our fully customizable dashboards, you’re able to zero in on what matters most to your organization and view data in ways that are relevant to your business, giving you the visibility you need without killing productivity. IT environments have become increasingly more complex as a result of greater heterogeneity, and the inevitable influx of end users can lead to performance issues.

Microsoft Platform Migration

Managing and securing Microsoft platforms — such as Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Office 365 — can be expensive and time-consuming. In fact, organizations typically spend 75 percent of their budget maintaining legacy infrastructure. It’s time to optimize your environment and secure your Microsoft infrastructure to prepare for what’s next. Quest award-winning solutions help you migrate, manage and secure your data across on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid platforms. Stop worrying about maintaining systems, and start focusing on innovation. See for yourself why our tools have been used to migrate, secure and manage more than 180 million users.

Discover how Quest can simplify and automate a wide range of Microsoft platform management tasks for Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Office 365. Take control of your hybrid Active Directory infrastructure and improve your security posture on premises and when extended to the cloud. Quest solutions enable you to be more productive, secure and aligned to your business with a single, end-to-end solution. Ensure a Zero Impact migration and consolidation for Microsoft platforms such as Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and Office 365. Simplify and automate migration tasks so you can finish the project faster while minimizing the costs, risks and disruptions to users.