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Data centers are crucial assets that can help businesses gain competitive advantage. As businesses grow and merge, they often end up with a network sprawl of duplicate data center resources and silos that increase operating costs and complexity, while reducing the availability and reliability of critical data center resources. Failure to address these issues can result in outages, a limited ability to expand data center capabilities, and compromised business resiliency. Data center inefficiencies can also make it difficult to cost effectively deliver the robust level of application services that customers and internal users demand. Data Center Architecture Assessment are evolving toward architectures in which networks, computer systems, and storage devices act in unison. To achieve this, data centers need an end to end architecture that is efficient, adaptable, and scalable. As IT organizations migrate from fragmented, older data centers to more cost-effective and agile ones, they must first develop a sound architecture that can serve as the foundation for their evolution to a next generation data center.

Depending on your requirements, you might want to broaden the scope of your architecture assessment to include areas such as storage area networking, file services, branch consolidation, application optimization, business continuance, virtualization, and a services oriented architecture. The data center architecture assessment service helps you understand the current state of your architecture and determine which changes can best help you achieve your business and IT goals. This assessment provides you with findings, customized recommendations for the next steps in your data center evolution, as well as a long-term plan for your data center architecture. A more robust data center environment can increase your resource availability, so you can deploy applications faster and enhance the return on your network investment. This project based service helps to create a plan for your data center by providing you with a holistic view of the changes needed throughout the data center infrastructure to realize the long—term vision.

Data Center Architecture Assessment Service Planning

The data center architecture assessment service is the first step in planning your data center transformation. The data center architecture assessment service helps you identify the gaps in your existing data center infrastructure and create an architectural plan that can help increase the efficiency and adaptability of your data center. This assessment uses best practices and proven methodologies to address the elements that contribute to inefficiency in your data center and help you plan for data center transformation. You receive recommendations than can help you implement a data center wide strategy to optimize your existing environment or to build a new data center. The data center architecture assessment service can help you to create a next generation data center architecture plan that can help you evolve your data center to meet your long-term goals. Data center assessment service Identifies data center architecture improvements that can help you cost effectively increase your data center’s efficiency, scalability, and agility.

Network Assessment And Optimization Services

We look at the network design and device configurations, monitor your actual traffic for individual applications, and examine Quality of Service (QoS) and path issues end to end. We then provide a complete analysis to show you exactly how to fix any problems and optimize moving forward. Be sure your network is ready before rolling out new applications. It is critical to test and assess your network prior to making infrastructure changes or rolling out new applications. If your applications need guaranteed performance and availability, you need to be sure your network has the capacity, resilience, and QoS to support them. Our network assessments validate your environment to ensure a success. VoIP readiness assessment — learn how to optimize your enterprise telephony with the power of VoIP telecommunications. This is a complete evaluation of your current network infrastructure, including an Avaya and Cisco  best practice and gap analysis.

Data Center And Network Implementations

Proper preparation prevents poor results. With every assessment, we will evaluate your current technology environment and identify any gaps between what you have today and what you expect to have after the deployment of your initiative. We’ll also include data center architecture assessment services which are evolving toward architectures in which networks, computer systems, and storage devices act in unison on how to bridge any of those gaps. Collaboration and video readiness assessment — prepare your enterprise for the productivity of video conferencing and telepresence solutions. We’ll conduct a thorough review of your network to determine your current capacity for utilizing video services, followed by a report of remedies for weaknesses in your network. Contact center optimization assessment — streamline the effectiveness and efficiency of your most vital contact center operations. You’ll get a comprehensive examination of your agent infrastructure to determine the optimal balance between quality customer care and cost efficiency.
Data Center Architecture Assessment


Data Center Network Optimization Services can help you improve operations and grow your business. Find out how below, and read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report to learn costs, risk factors, and other details. Keep your data center at peak performance for critical applications and cloud environments, and we support growth. Our people, processes, and tools give you a strategic view of your infrastructure and offer ongoing IT training. We improve reliability and reduce downtime, adapting to compliance practices across applications and hardware. IAM Networks experts assist you in determining how to improve the performance and efficiency of your compute platform.

We analyze compute requirements, trends, procedures, and capacity patterns to recommend optimal and resilient architectures. We help assess how to improve efficiency and drive agility of the unified fabric. Also, we provide a framework for ongoing operational excellence, including annual assessments, support, and training. Get assessments, support, and best practices for planned initiatives. IAM Networks focuses on newly released features to make the optimal use of data center assets and to reduce the number of disparate SANs.


There is a very real reason that hybrid cloud platforms are gaining so much popularity. One great way to increase data center efficiency is to integrate a cloud model. Many organizations are expanding their data center to the cloud for many different reasons. Competition in the data center space has created new offerings, better pricing, and a lot more available resources. This means that creating intelligent links between private and public cloud environments has become much easier. Data center control can now span many different cloud models where administrators don’t actually have to worry about physical infrastructure.

Rather, they concern themselves with the workloads running directly on top. This type of infrastructure optimization can see a part of an environment remain in-house — while other piece is directly extended into the cloud. The beauty here is that by using cloud automation, software-defined technologies, and improved distributed infrastructure management — the cloud can be a powerful tool to optimize your data center.


Collaborate with experts — Data Center And Network Optimization Services gives a continuous, strategic view of your data center, and can provide ongoing learning for your staff. Experience in building, operating, relocating, migrating, and managing data center facilities. Expertise in all data center domains including cloud, servers, storage, security, virtualization, operations, and facilities. Holistic end-to-end data center optimization services, rather than simply a point collocation service. Prepare your data center for growth — IAM Networks helps you build a data center for virtual and cloud environments, support business growth, and improve operations.

Virtualize and consolidate operations — data center optimization services help you bring together applications, servers, storage, and switching functions. You can protect your data center operations and assets at all levels, from the perimeter to the rack, with integrated security solutions. Due to the sensitive, 24/7 nature of data centers, access control for secure zones is of paramount importance. We offer flexible yet secure access control from smart cards to biometric access featuring vein, or facial recognition for high security areas.


The vast amount of data center distribution and the increased utilization of cloud computing has created a new challenge for the modern data center. As one of the most important pieces around data center optimization, clear management is absolutely critical. We now have concepts around data center virtualization and even the new Data Center Operating System (DCOS). These management platforms take DCIM, automation, cloud control, and many other data center services to a whole new level. Basically, these new management systems place all critical components under one management environment.

Now, we have much more data distribution and vast data centers sharing resources over the wire. One of the best ways to optimize your data center is by knowing exactly what is being run on physical systems. From there, you’re able to make proactive decisions around resource allocation and where there needs to be improvements. The future data center will only continue to support more users. All of this will continue to drive the need for optimization-ready data center management platforms.

Software-Defined Networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualization. The capabilities of the modern hypervisor are light-years ahead of what was possible just a few years ago. We are now able to directly integrate with key APIs to reduce resource hops and drastically improve workload performance. Even more so are the new technologies around software-defined networking, storage, security — and the data center! Our ability to abstract so many critical layers is a huge reason why we can build in many more data center efficiencies. New levels of network virtualization allow administrators to create vast network environments capable of spanning numerous data center across many countries. You are no longer bound by hardware requirements. Software-defined technologies are capable of delivering many kinds of data center efficiencies at numerous different levels.