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Assess, plan, design, and deploy your Microsoft Hyper-V virtual infrastructure environment with IAM Networks. With years experience in delivering network, security, and virtualization services, we are committed to providing the most specialized technology, resources, and sales to support your Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructure. Our extensive experience in working with enterprise customers has allowed our engineers to implement, fully utilize, and maximize the capabilities within Microsoft infrastructure so that your IT environment can benefit from improved security, enhanced performance, manageable user accounts and groups, and increased operational efficiencies. Using our five step service methodology, We will assess your current infrastructure and will customize a solution to meet your goals. Microsoft is a trusted name in software provides a well supported solution. Offers a low startup cost (or even free) for Windows environments. Did you know that approximately 39% of the workforce are mobile workers?

We offer solutions that extend best in class business productivity beyond the office through seamless integration of our clients’ current IT infrastructure as well as access to familiar Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft Exchange, Azure, and SharePoint. From assessing and designing a solution to deploying and implementing the project to training and documentation services, you can rely on us to manage and support all of your infrastructure needs. With Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization, we can assess, plan, deploy and implement a migration to a virtualized infrastructure. We have the skill set to build your virtualization practice based on Microsoft solutions, such as Windows Server — Microsoft Hyper-V technology, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Microsoft application virtualization, Microsoft enterprise desktop virtualization, and Microsoft virtual desktop infrastructure. Moreover, we provide support for the newly virtualized infrastructure. Provides fundamental technology for other products and solutions.


Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We deliver optimized Microsoft virtual desktop services and solutions that enable you to focus on your business — instead of the technology! Whether you’re planning a new infrastructure deployment or migrating from Windows 8 to Windows 10, our Microsoft engineers will ensure a seamless upgrade/migration. We will deploy, implement, and support Microsoft Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) to enable customers to fully utilize all the advanced capabilities of this technology. Like Microsoft Hyper-V — Remote Desktop Services (RDS) from Microsoft provides a flexible, mobile workspace for end users regardless of physical location or device. This desktop virtualization solution provides users a rich, in office experience on a wide range of end point devices, including access to 3D graphics, high quality audio, and a wide range of USB peripherals.

Microsoft Hyper-V Server Virtualization

Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server provides an optimized and reliable server virtualization solution, allowing clients to reduce costs through improved server utilization. Hyper-V is a bare metal virtualization solution that allows IT professionals to leverage existing provisioning, patching, management, skills, and support tools. As a dedicated standalone product, Hyper-V has a small footprint and very little overhead, leaving more resources for the guests. It features cluster shared volume support, expanded processor and memory support for host systems, and live migration. We showcases our expertise in providing solutions based on the most current technology and IT solutions to assist mid-market businesses with their unique challenges. We understand the mid market and enterprise business processes, infrastructure needs, and future growth costs. You can count on us to build critical infrastructure solutions based on Microsoft’s virtual desktop, business management, and virtual server technologies.

Microsoft Windows Server And Messaging

Microsoft engineers have the credentials and expertise to build, design, deploy, and support the Windows Server operating system, Windows Server based application, and the Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructure. You can rely on us to implement solutions that reduce IT infrastructure costs as well as provide training and support to your company. Windows Server can help save time, reduce costs, and provide a platform for an efficiently managed data center. Microsoft engineers possess the expertise to implement, design, deploy, and support Exchange Server. Our vast experience enables us to help you employ as well as enhance their Microsoft Exchange environment. We ensure that you utilize all aspects of this architecture while maximizing the accessibility and security of their environment. Consider implementing a Microsoft Lync or Office 365 solution to help your employees work and collaborate to their fullest potential. We are here to help your organization get the results you need.
Microsoft Hyper-V
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