Juniper Networks NFX250 Network Services

Juniper Networks NFX250 Network Services Platform
Juniper Networks NFX250 Network Services
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The Juniper Networks NFX250 Network Services Platform hosts vSRX virtual firewall to provision secure, ultra-fast custom service delivery on demand. The software-driven Juniper Networks NFX250 gives you the flexibility to create innovative services and automate services activation, with zero truck rolls. The Juniper Networks NFX250 eliminates the operational complexities of deploying multiple CPE types to meet myriad customer service needs. Communication service providers can use the Juniper Networks NFX250 to deploy flexible, secure, high-performance services on-premises, and enterprises can deploy it to spin up branches on demand. It uses virtualization to speed and simplify the process of new service offerings and consistent security policies, all with just a keystroke. The Juniper Networks NFX250 provides the same high-performance functionality as physical Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) with the added flexibility of dynamic service creation in an open environment.

Embedded in the Juniper Networks NFX250 is the vSRX virtual firewall, giving you access to feature-rich security services. The vSRX is easy to license and provides the perimeter security required in today’s threat-sensitive business environment. With the vSRX, the Juniper Networks NFX250 virtualizes IP routing for site survivability to meet the stringent demands of always-on application availability. Enabled by field-proven Juniper technology and Junos OS, provides carrier-grade reliability for every application. Provides the same proactive capabilities as the SRX Series firewalls. Supports distributed and hybrid Juniper Networks Cloud CPE deployment models, using Contrail Service Orchestration for integrated automatic discovery and setup provisioning. Supports third-party virtualized network functions (VNFs) for enhanced service flexibility on-premises. Simplifies network topologies and operations dramatically with local 1GbE wire-speed performance. Allocates workloads across the enterprise WAN effectively.


Juniper Networks NFX250 — Start Up New Services With SD-WAN

WAN requirements are changing as enterprises seize the benefits of the cloud. As traffic increases, SD-WAN is in demand as a more flexible, intelligent, and cost-effective way to route traffic. Expected to grow to $6 billion by 2020, the SD-WAN market presents new revenue opportunities for service providers that can’t be overlooked. Learn how to start-up new services with SD-WAN now. Learn how Juniper’s solution unlocks new opportunities for service providers with an automated, managed SD-WAN service. Juniper Networks SD-WAN solution enables MPLS, broadband, and wireless 4G/LTE connectivity to the cloud and other enterprise sites, using the same security associated with traditional WANs. Your enterprise customers can choose the best connection for each application. High-priority applications can go over MPLS, while less-critical traffic can take a secure path with a lower cost per MB. Whatever route the traffic takes, application performance is consistent and dependable.

Secure SD-WANs

Protecting your data in the new wide-area landscape. Greater agility and lower transport costs throughout your branch office network are the biggest promises of software-defined WANs (SD-WANs). But what happens to security when you move some of your traffic off your structured, private MPLS VPN and onto public broadband links? The newly opened broadband routes on the public Internet present greater levels of exposure to malware and hackers than your single-carrier MPLS network. The cost and performance benefits of SD-WAN might not seem worth it if that means becoming burdened with new security woes. What you need is a way to take advantage of SD-WAN technology without falling prey to increased threats. Better still would be a way to achieve that through the assurance of a managed service. Juniper believes that your ability to avoid risk depends on how you deploy your SD-WAN.

NFV Displaces Dedicated Network Functions

As NFV gains mainstream production status across carriers and service providers worldwide, important facts about the realities of a software-defined Network world are coming to light. Service levels for network functions — more commonly referred to as “service assurance” — is a concept created in the days when network functions were anything but virtual. These network services were tied to physical devices, and that hardware was “assured” to deliver its assigned “services” at a specified up-time. In NFV, those now-virtualized network functions — or VNFs — must still meet desired service targets in order for the network to support its assigned applications at expected levels. Fortunately, this is not an entirely new challenge. We’ve seen this before in the early days of server virtualization, and the concepts learned there can be instructive. Application and infrastructure monitoring software was created to use log data, statistics and alarms to help data center operators isolate infrastructure problems and spin up new resources.
Juniper Networks NFX250
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