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One infrastructure and one management platform to speed the delivery of services. Modernize your data center by improving system performance and IT responsiveness by updating your infrastructure and migrating applications based on a hybrid IT approach. Lower costs, boost productivity and keep your small, midsize or large business running smoothly with servers that provide the options, tools and support you need. HP Enterprise Servers provide everything your business needs to get up and running fast — even if you don’t have dedicated IT resources. Each HP Enterprise Flex Solution is lab tested, performance-tuned and verified to ensure high reliability. Manage complexity at every stage of your servers’ lifecycle with fast to set up, easy to operate software. Lower data center costs by converging — achieve a 48% reduction in infrastructure costs through consolidation with HP Enterprise BladeSystem and HP Enterprise OneView.

HP Enterprise is placed furtherst up and to the right among vendors analyzed. Strategies for transforming on premise infrastructures — IT leaders who are juggling multiple priorities with constrained infrastructure are often pressured to move workloads off premises. But that’s not always the right approach. Learn how a revolutionary graphics server blade using VDI can empower your workforce. Each HP Enterprise ProLiant comes ready with embedded, essential management products. Converged management from HP Enterprise OneView provides advanced provisioning and management features to support our servers, storage and networking infrastructure as one. Converged management — get an edge in achieving software-defined and hyper converged environments. Connecting with existing software and platforms, HP Enterprise OneView helps you automate and provision an on demand, hybrid infrastructure. Device management — this essential collection of powerful management and scripting tools helps increase productivity.

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The Right Strategy For Your Business

Today, you’re trying to build an IT strategy that takes advantage of disruptive technologies like mobility, cloud computing and big data. At the same time, business demands convenience, speed and agility. HP Enterprise blade system combined with the powerful HP Enterprise OneView management platform will help you streamline every step of your IT operations. You can optimize your most demand workloads while you start down the path to a composable infrastructure. Choose HP Enterprise blade system — faster to new applications and services. Accelerate delivery and realize 150% higher workload performance by upgrading to HP Enterprise ProLiant Gen9 Blade Servers. Learn how to increase performance with HP Enterprise Gen9 Blade Servers — automate datacenter operations — see a 83% reduction in VM deployment time with HP Enterprise OneView. As a leader in the United Kingdom, EMIS Health describes how they simplified IT operations.

HP Enterprise Servers

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HPE BladeSystem Enclosures
BladeSystem Enclosures
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HPE Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 F8 Module for C-Class BladeSystem
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HPE ProLiant Servers
ProLiant Servers
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