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Microsoft is uniquely positioned to offer not only Skype for Business and Lync deployments for Microsoft Instant Messaging and Presence, but is a voice Partner of Microsoft which validates our experience deploying the full enterprise voice options for our customers. Speak with your representative today to discuss how Skype for Business and Lync can meet your enterprise’s needs for instant messaging, presence, web and audio conferencing, and voice communications. Microsoft understands that for you to realize the benefits of the cloud, you must be willing to entrust your cloud provider with one of your most valuable assets — your data. If you invest in a cloud service, you must be able to trust that your customer data is safe, that the privacy of your data is protected, and that you retain ownership of and control over your data — that it will only be used in a way that is consistent with your expectations.

Microsoft strives to earn your trust in Azure. Microsoft’s long experience running online services has involved extensive investment in foundational technology that builds security and privacy into the development process. Over time, Microsoft developed industry leading security measures and privacy policies, and participated in international compliance programs with independent verification of how Microsoft measures up. Microsoft makes security and privacy a priority at every step, from code development through incident response. Security and privacy are built right into the Azure platform, beginning with the Security Development Life cycle that addresses security at every development phase from initial planning to launch, and Azure is continually updated to make it even more secure. Operational Security Assurance (OSA) builds on SDL knowledge and processes to provide a framework that helps ensure secure operations throughout the life cycle of cloud-based services.

Reduce TCO With Microsoft SQL Server

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when you migrate to SQL Server 2016 from an Oracle solution. Calculate your savings by answering four quick questions. Follow the leader and migrate from Oracle to SQL Server — with free training and subsidized deployment services. Break free from expensive data solutions with mysterious, frustrating pricing plans and surprise add-ons. With SQL Server, you get breakthrough in — memory performance across all workloads, mission critical high availability, and business intelligence and advanced analytics tools — all in one package. This offer includes support services to kick-start your migration, and access to our SQL Server Essentials for the Oracle Database Administrator training. Dive into key features of SQL Server through hands-on labs and instructor-led demos, and learn how to deploy your applications — on-premises or in the cloud. Get layers of protection for your data at rest and in motion. SQL Server is rated the least vulnerable database six years in a row by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Microsoft Software Licensing

The Business Productivity Online Suite is delivered as a subscription service hosted by Microsoft and sold with partners. There are two versions of the service, Business Productivity Online Suite Standard primarily targets small and mid market customers, whereas Business Productivity Online Suite Dedicated is for customers with 5,000 seats or more. Unified communications with Microsoft. We offer an array of services surrounding the Microsoft UC related products, specifically Exchange 2013 and Skype for Business. We have worked with Microsoft since the inception of their unified communications offerings and has been intimately involved with the respective product houses during the alpha and beta processes for these products. We have implemented some of the most complex, unique environments found. Windows Essentials Server consulting — whether your need is basic e-mail and web browsing, or you are moving down the path of using technology as a strategic investment to grow the business.

Azure Cloud VMs

Now is the time to move to Microsoft Azure and reap the rewards of cloud technology including the ability to scale up or down quickly, pay only for what you use, and save on compute power. Whether you’re moving a few workloads, migrating your data center, or deploying new virtual machines (VMs) as part of your hybrid cloud strategy, the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit provides big savings as you move to the cloud. Use your on-premises Windows Server licenses that include Software Assurance to save big on Windows Server VMs in Azure. By using your existing licenses, you pay the base compute rate and save up to 40 percent.

Transition to the cloud using your existing Windows Server licenses with Software Assurance. Get base compute pricing on Windows Server virtual machines, deploy new workloads in three easy steps, and migrate existing virtual machines. The Azure Hybrid Use Benefit helps you get the most value from licenses on-premises and in the cloud. It lets you use your Windows Server licenses with Software Assurance for virtual machines at the base compute rate, resulting in up to 40 percent savings, starting February 1, 2016, across all Azure regions.


Migrate more easily to the cloud with the hypervisor that runs Azure, the world’s largest datacenter. Rely on a Windows Server platform that’s not only recognized by Gartner as a leader in x86 server virtualization, but has analysts saying will change the competitive dynamic for virtualization. Run your workloads on Hyper-V, then easily migrate them from on-premises to a Windows Server virtual machine in the cloud. Use Shielded Virtual Machines to encrypt your virtual machines with BitLocker and help ensure they run only on hosts approved by the Host Guardian Service.

Upgrade your Hyper-V and Scale-out File Server clusters to Windows Server without worrying about downtime for your application or workload — no new hardware needed. Deploy applications on multiple operating systems with best-in-class support for Linux on Hyper-V. Increase availability and reduce resource usage using the Nano Server installation option — it’s 25x smaller than a full deployment of Windows Server.


Managed services that support Microsoft environments can take the pressure off of IT staff and help reduce expenses, streamline operations and uncover new functionality and efficiencies. However, managed services have to offer more than just infrastructure. To be effective, managed services must offer the specialized expertise necessary to leverage the full benefits of Microsoft cloud technologies. Benefits of Microsoft virtualization managed services include; Environmental benefits — virtualization is more ‘green’ as you reduce your carbon footprint and use of energy.

Improved business continuity and up time — applications can be run on multiple virtual servers as a safety measure, so if one instance fails another can take its place to ensure no downtime through redundancy. Reduce capital and operating costs — by reducing the number of physical servers, and using virtual machines as servers. You reduce the need to upgrade as much hardware, the space required and the costs associated with running it. You can manage space quickly without relying on hardware delivery and setup as well as gaining all of the features and benefits of Microsoft virtualized servers.

Linux And FreeBSD VMs

Hyper-V supports both emulated and Hyper-V specific devices for Linux and FreeBSD virtual machines. When running with emulated devices, no additional software is required to be installed. However emulated devices do not provide high performance and cannot leverage the rich virtual machine management infrastructure that the Hyper-V technology offers. In order to make full use of all benefits that Hyper-V provides, it is best to use Hyper-V specific devices for Linux and FreeBSD. The collection of drivers that are required to run Hyper-V specific devices are known as Linux Integration Services (LIS) or FreeBSD Integration Services (BIS).

LIS has been added to the Linux kernel and is updated for new releases. But Linux distributions based on older kernels may not have the latest enhancements or fixes. Microsoft provides a download containing installable LIS drivers for some Linux installations based on these older kernels. Because distribution vendors include versions of Linux Integration Services, it is best to install the latest downloadable version of LIS, if applicable, for your installation.

Windows Server

Added layers of security. Enhance security and reduce risk with multiple layers of built-in protection. New deployment options. Increase availability and reduce resource usage with the lightweight Nano Server. Built-in containers — develop and manage with agility thanks to Windows Server and Hyper-V containers. Cost efficient storage. Build highly available, scalable software defined storage and reduce costs. Agile networking. Software defined networking to automate with cloud like efficiency.

Help prevent malicious attacks and detect suspicious activity where it matters — your operating system and workloads. Rely on security features built into Windows Server to control privileged access, protect virtual machines, and harden the platform against emerging threats. Virtualize without compromising security. Use Microsoft Shielded Virtual Machines to help protect your virtual machines from a compromised fabric as well as improve your compliance.