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IAM Networks Software Asset Management Solutions offers a proven methodology to enable organizations to know exactly what they have, where it is, and whether it is correctly and most effectively licensed. Our SAM Journey methodology has four main steps. It offers a variety of service and solution components that can be combined to address the specific course your organization needs to take. Like any other business asset, you need to effectively manage your software investments to ensure they deliver their anticipated returns. Without proper software asset management focusing on the life cycle of your current and future investments, you’ll lack visibility regarding the enterprise software you currently own, vendor licensing agreement entitlements, and your software requirements. This makes it difficult to budget accurately and increases your risk of non-compliance with software vendor licensing programs. As part of the SAM Review, the HPE SLMS Maturity model will be used to assess your organization’s current SAM maturity.

Software services help you to proactively manage your software assets through a full services approach that focuses on extracting value through the process of procurement, deployment, measurement, management and innovation. Through our extensive experience in structuring Microsoft and other developer software agreements, coupled with our honed deployment and integration skills, we guide you through the process of, procurement, deployment, measurement and management, and innovation. Only by adopting Software Asset Management (SAM) principles can your organization effectively deal with the challenges of managing its software investment and be ready to adopt emerging technologies like cloud and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). SAM is much more than just a tool or technical solution; it includes policies, processes, and governance structures that support greater visibility and control over software. Though SAM requires a considerable investment, its rewards are significant. You can save up to 30% of your organization’s IT budget by adopting SAM and IT Asset Management (ITAM).


Management Of Enterprise Software Assets

Take a proactive approach to software asset management. IAM Networks equip you with the information you need to manage your software assets in the most effective way, through all the stages of their life cycle. IAM Networks software asset management services include assessments, procurement services, professional services and managed services. IAM Networks assists you to develop a software asset management policy. Benchmark your organization against existing software asset management best practices. Clarify which software your licensing purchases entitle you to use. Establish your software needs. Identify to which users software has been deployed. Pinpoint any areas of non compliance. Propose a right sizing exercise to reduce total cost of ownership, if appropriate. Recommend, deploy and manage tool sets that enable you to manage your software assets effectively on an ongoing basis. With Software Asset Management (SAM) effectively deal with the challenges of managing software investments and be ready to adopt emerging technologies like cloud computing and BYOD.

Software Asset Management

Go beyond procurement best practices and ensure your software licensing supports your business strategy. Being properly licensed is becoming increasingly important to businesses and organizations today. Purchasing the correct license from the correct program is a unique challenge faced by IT directors and procurement officers, and the consequences of getting this wrong can be substantial. Guidance in the procurement process is commonly sought from software suppliers to manage exposure to the risk of either being over licensed, under licensed or incorrectly licensed. IAM Networks provides the structure within which correct license purchases can be made, any time and without needing to wait for the manual quoting process. We offer an alternative autonomous procurement option when this is more suitable. Providing accurate reporting to reduce liabilities, create savings and support compliance status.Aimed at enhancing savings opportunities and driving best practices for the organization.

Application Services Include

Develop a concise application strategy that will enhance your business agility and drive results. Cloud services — we offer you options in the cloud to deliver and manage key components of your application environment — providing you the ability to scale your services up or down as your business requires them. Consulting services — we assess your organizational maturity, identify your knowledge management, business process, business intelligence, collaboration and social computing requirements, and put in a place a road map for secure implementation of the most appropriate solutions. Managed services — IAM Networks supplies proactive management of your platform to ensure that it remains stable and supports business continuity 24/7. Professional services — IAM Networks designs and deploys the solutions identified in the consulting engagement. Our services include planning, architecture, project management, business process automation, business intelligence, licensing, governance and staff augmentation.
Software Asset Management
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