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Fully automated, All-flash array delivers agility and guaranteed application performance at web scale. Guarantee performance to thousands of apps on one shared storage system.  Automate everyday storage tasks and enable end-user self-service to shrink administration time. Mix and match nodes to right-size the performance and scalability of NetApp Network Storage by 12x. Eliminate storage refresh cycles and compatibility concerns. Reduce operational overhead and risk with resilient, self-healing architecture. See what your VMware Software-Defined Data Center can achieve when you escape the performance and efficiency limitations of traditional storage. Where can you take your cloud when storage works with you — not against you? Discover storage built to enable the demands of your production-ready cloud environments. DevOps is evolving into a mainstream approach for managing a modern, programmable infrastructure. Start your transformation by automating every aspect of storage.

Advance your IT strategy with solutions that reduce the complexity of hybrid cloud. Create an architecture for hybrid cloud. The NetApp Network Storage OnCommand suite of data management software seamlessly controls your data across the hybrid cloud. Maximize efficiency with IT solutions built for the Data Fabric. Protect critical data and accelerate business outcomes. It’s a balancing act that poses a challenge for most companies weighing the demands of accelerated business innovation against ever-tighter cost-control measures. IT organizations of all sizes are pursuing emerging technologies to complement their existing IT investments. Their goal: to accelerate critical applications, gain data visibility, streamline data protection, and increase operational agility. Meanwhile, budgets continue to shrink. Data Fabric Solutions from NetApp are designed to address these IT challenges by delivering the benefits of the Data Fabric. Whether IT-deployed or a cloud service — or both — NetApp hybrid cloud solutions for the Data Fabric combine best-in-class technologies and partnerships across a variety of use cases


NetApp Network Storage — Automation And Integration

Automate your storage processes. Integrate storage management solutions. Manage by service-level objectives. Adopt a service-oriented approach to managing your NetApp storage systems. NetApp Service Level Manager simplifies storage consumption and enables delivery of predictable performance for your workloads. Boost productivity throughout the organization when you automate your repeatable, manual storage-management processes. Leverage OnCommand Workflow Automation to construct, customize, publish, and activate a broad range of storage workflows. Integrate your favorite IT tools to streamline management of your on-premises and cloud storage. Using REST APIs, populate inventory, space, and performance metrics in your preferred management console for on-premises and cloud storage. Integrate your storage services using one programmable interface for IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) and cloud. Enable one-click self-service for fast delivery of new services. Manage storage by service level objectives — optimize performance and cost.

NetApp All Flash Array

Consolidate all of your applications on the most data center efficient Flash storage you can buy — combined with industry-leading data management capabilities. On premises or in the cloud. Make a smooth transition to Flash storage that’s NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF-ready). Get a guaranteed workload-specific effective capacity with the NetApp All Flash Guarantee. Take advantage of the industry’s only flexible rewards program, NetApp NextCredit, toward building your Data Fabric. NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) systems address enterprise storage requirements with high performance, superior flexibility, and best-in-class data management. Built on ONTAP data management software, NetApp All Flash Array systems speed up your business without compromising on the efficiency, reliability, or flexibility of your IT operations. As an enterprise-grade All Flash array, it accelerates, manages, and protects your business—critical data and enables an easy and risk-free transition to Flash for your data center.

NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager

Simplify system management and monitor your storage health. Maximize availability and maintain control of your storage infrastructure running NetApp Network Storage ONTAP software for improved availability, scalability, supportability, performance, and security. Increase user productivity with health monitoring, discovery, and alerting to streamline data management. Instantly view the status of storage availability, capacity, performance, and data protection relationships from a single dashboard. Built-in system and user-defined policy thresholds detect and alert when performance incidents arise, allowing quick troubleshooting and resolution with suggested corrective actions. Discover, monitor, and receive notifications to proactively manage storage and quickly resolve issues. Monitor petabytes of data from a single dashboard. Manage your data at scale. Keep pace with fluctuating business demands using performance data and advanced analytics.
NetApp Network Storage
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