Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services

Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services
Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services
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Cloud computing is becoming popular among enterprises looking to take advantage of the quick deployment, scalability, and cost savings. Both public cloud adoption and private cloud infrastructure, are rapidly transforming data centers worldwide. With Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services evolving your infrastructure means your security must evolve as well. If your security can’t keep up with the agile public, private, and hybrid cloud environments of today, gaps in protection will occur. You can use a number of deployment methods with Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services. These deployment methods require scalable security capable of keeping up with elastic workloads. Fortinet provides comprehensive security for private, public, and hybrid deployments before, during, and after migration — with one solution. OpenStack is the only solution that allows for mixed Hypervisor IT environments.

Cloud platforms are scalable, cost-efficient, and designed to meet the demands of large-scale, performance-intensive workloads. Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services supports OpenStack hypervisor compute drivers including Citrix Xen, KVM, VMware ESXi, and Microsoft Hyper-V to provide performance, reliability, and security in OpenStack public cloud services. Virtualization and SDN are rapidly transforming data centers into agile, innovative, and cost-effective private clouds. If your security can’t keep up with these fast, flexible environments, there can be protection gaps or manual security processes that negate the advantages of network virtualization and SDN. The Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services SDN security framework delivers security built for these networks. It defines security evolution across the network architecture. It evolves network security in each conceptual layer of network architecture: the data plane, control plane, and management plane.


Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services Integration With VMware NSX And Cisco ACI

As an innovator and leader in ASI-based data center security appliances, Fortinet also offers the largest range of virtual appliances that provide better visibility and control of virtual network traffic. Virtual appliances also facilitate scale-out elasticity, automation, and orchestration due to the containerization within a VM form factor. Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services also provides out-of-the-box integration with leading orchestration platforms such as VMware NSX and Cisco ACI, as well as rich API extensibility, so that security policy can be seamlessly applied in logical and dynamic environments. Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services SDN security solution is certified by leading SDN, Network Virtualization, and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platforms and can be applied to any data center cloud environment. With Cisco ACI fabric, the updated Cisco ASA 5585-X and ASAv solutions can be fully integrated into the Cisco ACI fabric.

Fortinet Cloud Security For AWS And Microsoft Azure

Fortinet secures the Amazon AWS Virtual Private Cloud in multiple AWS Availability Zones (AZ) on-demand, to provide highly available advanced network firewall functions, segmentation, and encryption across on-premises and cloud environments. This solution securely extends cloudbursting-private-to-public cloud migration — with IPS, URL filtering, antivirus, and application/data threat prevention. Fortinet provides cloud security while offering economies of scale with flexible licensing, metering and billing options. Fortinet embeds the latest AWS Auto Scaling functionality and FortiGate CloudFormation template configuration into Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services cloud security fabric, providing automation based on resource demand from cloud workloads. These solutions deliver optimized security for applications and data in Azure and avoids security expenditures during cloud migration. FortiGate next-generation firewall creates a purpose-built Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template.

Fortinet Public — Private And Hybrid Cloud Security

Cloud computing provides elastic and scalable infrastructure for applications, storage, and data that changes the way the world does business. The network infrastructure of a public cloud is offloaded to cloud providers such as AWS and Azure. Security becomes a shared responsibility between the cloud service provider and the enterprise tenant. Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services enables secure workloads in public clouds to ensure confidentiality while leveraging the cloud benefits. Organizations are moving from a data center to a public cloud and planning to maintain a combination of both. Building a dynamic hybrid cloud requires migration of data, reliable connectivity, and stretching of network topologies across the WAN. Multi-tenant support and virtual domain support for network segmentation and security service function deployment.
Fortinet Cloud Security Managed Services
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