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Data center network virtualization solutions are firmly entrenched in the strategies of IT leaders. Like many organizations, it’s likely that cost savings and the containment of CAPEX spend were the initial driving forces behind the uptake of virtualization in business. Other drivers are now emerging — virtualization improves business continuity and resilience, and can assist you in disaster recovery preparations. Data center network virtualization solutions can position your organization for cloud computing where you can harness the power of virtualization to reduce operational costs, improve network automation and achieve your organization’s objectives. Data center network virtualization solutions have moved beyond the server and storage domains to now include desktop virtualization which is now in mainstream adoption. Next-generation desktop virtualization assessments helps you to create a desktop environment that incorporates a modern, well-managed user computing environment, incorporating various mobility, management and virtualization technologies.

Through our network virtualization and advisory practice we assist clients to optimize their management processes to maximize the improvements that virtualization offers, with a thorough assessment of the your network’s IT service management capabilities.  Virtualization engineers, advise you, without being tied to any particular vendor, which means we will recommend the optimized solutions for your organization which will assist in achieving organizational objectives. Our network engineers ensure that all data protection, backup and recovery considerations within your virtual environment are thoroughly addressed. We’ll custom design our solutions to your requirements — applying the engineering skills and best practices gathered through deploying, implementing and supporting virtual servers, network storage and virtual desktop environments. Data center networking assessments are aimed at gathering the appropriate insights to allow us to guide you through the process of ensuring your current data center network architecture will support existing IT operations and continue to adapt to changing dynamics.


Data Center Network Virtualization Solutions Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Data center network virtualization solutions include a consultative, solution-based approach to understanding how the desktop environment can be optimized in order to deliver greater control and standardization — while enabling end-user flexibility and ensuring greater security and compliance. An in—depth understanding of the infrastructure (network, data center, storage, server) and end—user applications (Microsoft Office, email, licensing) impacted by desktop virtualization. This gives you assurance that the end solution is properly designed, implemented and managed. Data center network virtualization solutions include desktop virtualization from VMware Horizon helps organizations  manage device proliferation and operate more effectively and securely in today’s mobile, user centric workspace. Our virtualization services streamline your application and operating system upgrades allowing organizations to be more efficient, providing cost-effective ways to reduce the data center footprint and costs through server virtualization thus maximizing the benefits of desktop virtualization.

Software-Defined Data Center

A Software-Defined Data Center is the foundation for a cross-cloud architecture. The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture enables enterprises to innovate freely in the clouds of their choice. Built on industry leading Software-Defined Data Center foundation which brings together best-in-class compute, storage, networking virtualization, and cloud management, our common operating environment lets you rapidly run, manage, connect, and secure apps across clouds and devices. Software-Defined Data Centers offer the following; customer ready Software-Defined Data Center solutions — go to VMware to learn about the newly announced Federation Software-Defined Data Center — a joint solution with best of breed technologies from Dell EMC, Pivotal with RSA and VMware. Designed to meet the needs of mission critical enterprise applications, this fully integrated, engineered, tested and validated solution will help you accelerate your transition to a Software-Defined Enterprise.

Automate Virtualization Management

To support business growth, consistent management and automation of the virtual data center is a critical first step. Automating manual tasks will free up time for IT teams to deliver more strategic value to the business. Moreover, you need a solution that learns and adapts to your unique environment, and not something with a one-size-fits-all approach. Self-learning predictive analytics that respond to your particular environment and give you meaningful insights and guided remediation. You can leverage all types of IT data from your virtualized environment, including real-time log analytics, to eliminate blind spots. Free up more time for strategic projects by safely automating a variety of management tasks, including workload placement and re-balancing to enable infrastructure and application performance, optimizing resources, and enforcing security hardening guidelines.
Data Center Network Virtualization Solutions
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