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Effective planning of next-generation network and security architecture is a complex task that is critical to the project’s success. Most organizations have in-depth knowledge of existing operations and technology, but can benefit from help when defining a roadmap for the future and deciding how to incorporate new technology that enables them to achieve their goals. Juniper Networks Professional Services can assist you with planning your new or enhanced network and security environments and can provide assistance for associated high and low-level designs. You can also call on Juniper Networks partners who are ready to help you with your technical needs. Develop network and security architectures based on industry and Juniper Networks best practices. Leverage Juniper Networks knowledge and insight into emerging technologies. Juniper Networks Security Assessments is recommended for large organizations that have a formal security statement.

The Juniper Networks team appreciates the complexities and the subtleties inherent in large-scale internetwork design and can assist service providers and enterprises, or provide customized and integrated “turn key” solutions. Anticipated increases in network traffic volume or new business initiatives require evaluation of the potential for the current environment to handle the expected changes and an understanding of the requirement for enhanced security capabilities. The creation of a new security statement demands an audit of existing security capabilities to ensure alignment of the capabilities with the statement, e.g., the security statement is being enhanced to incorporate policies driven by social media. The requirement for different security considerations has evolved since the security policy implementation, e.g., additional user environments area now required. The use of Juniper Networks consultants also avoids the requirement for you to have the necessary technical and security audit and evaluation skills in-house.

Juniper Networks Security Assessments

Juniper Networks Security Assessments helps accelerate your network’s time to value, bringing revenue generating capabilities online faster for bigger productivity gains, faster roll outs of new business models and ventures, greater market reach, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Your on site staff will work closely with Juniper Networks specialists, building operational capabilities and reducing your exposure to IT risks. As a result of our previous experience involving hundreds of customers around the world, Juniper Networks Security Assessments are uniquely qualified to help you design, implement, and optimize your network for confident operation and rapid returns on infrastructure investments. These professionals understand today’s network and security demands and those that are just around the corner — for bandwidth efficiency, best in class security, solid reliability, and cost-effective scaling. And the evaluation can be completed faster, as you are not forced to wait until internal resources become available, nor do you have to address the issue of conflicting project priorities.

Juniper Networks Services

Leverage the knowledge of Juniper Networks and its partners to help you define your network and security road map, and understand the impact of the various technology options. Juniper Networks can work with your team to develop your network and security strategy and the plans to achieve your vision. Juniper Networks brings an external perspective and the experience to create a risk mitigation plan, guide development of a customized roadmap that schedule and prioritize technology enhancements, highlight best practices, identify additional areas for network and security improvements, plan migration with a full definition of the migration processes and procedures, provide full evaluation of migration readiness, provide up to date knowledge of how to use technology to address business and organizational needs, and uncover existing network and security gaps. Juniper Networks  engineers will make network design determinations on the optimized placement and configuration of network and security components.

Service Description

Through the Juniper Networks Security Assessment and Risk Mitigation program, your organization receives access to Juniper Networks Professional Services IP security experts who perform a router security assessment of your network. These consultants analyze network design and configuration for security exposures, and architect solutions appropriate for established security policies and procedures. The Security Assessment and Risk Mitigation program is offered in five phases. Your organization can take advantage of the entire program or choose individual elements to meet your specific network security requirements. Our experts generate configuration templates for Juniper Networks Junos operating system-based devices and document-specific requirements for individual network elements. Monitoring and detection parameters are defined, incident response techniques are documented, and a network security implementation plan is provided for the new configurations.
Juniper Networks Security Assessments

Actionable Intelligence

With most security management solutions, administrators have to run a report or open several tabs to find the applications or users they want to manage. Then they must manually create the required firewall rules, determine where to place those rules, and hope they don’t conflict with any existing rules, thereby creating a host of new problems. This is a tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone process. Security Director offers an Actionable Intelligence feature that eliminates the need to engage in this antiquated exercise.

Using Actionable Intelligence, administrators can select one or more applications or user/user groups from the Application Visibility or User Visibility charts, then simply select “Block.” Security Director automatically creates the requested rule or rules and deploys them in the optimal location within the rules base, avoiding any anomalies and taking the guesswork out of managing the application and user environment.


Centrally configure and manage application security. Lets you centrally configure and manage application security (such as AppSecure), firewalls; security intelligence (to protect against Web application attacks, command and control based threats, and botnet activity), and VPN, IPS, and NAT security policies — all through a single, scalable interface. Define and Enforce Policies

Defines and enforces policies for controlling use of specific applications such as Facebook, instant messaging, and embedded social networking widgets, through included AppFW management capabilities. Optimize the network infrastructure. Helps IT teams optimize the network infrastructure for further innovations in security management across the network through integration of the open, secure Junos Space Network Management Platform.


The unified Juniper Networks SDSN platform combines the following functions with a comprehensive product portfolio that centralizes and automates security. Policy — simplified, centrally managed policies that work with all devices on a heterogeneous network. Detection — threat intelligence aggregated into a common, cloud-based service with policies that adapt to changing threat conditions. Enforcement — dynamic distribution of updated policy across the network to stop rogue traffic and quarantine compromised endpoints. The SDSN transforms your network into a single, holistic defense domain where every element becomes an enforcement point.

This is the future of the secure network. Juniper Networks Sky Advanced Threat Prevention’s identification technology uses sophisticated techniques to quickly detect and prevent an impending cyber-attack including, powerful machine learning algorithms, dynamic analysis with techniques to trick malware into activating and self-identifying, rapid cache lookups to speed up previous malware identification, anti-virus signature-based engine to identify known files, and static analysis that analyzes software code to identify possible dangerous fragments.

Junos Space Network Management

Junos Space Network Management Platform works with our management applications to simplify and automate management of Juniper’s switching, routing, and security devices. As part of a complete solution, the platform provides broad fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security management (FCAPS) capability, same day support for new devices and Junos OS releases, a task-specific user interface, and northbound APIs for integration with existing network management systems (NMS) or operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS).

The platform helps network operators at enterprises and service providers scale operations, reduce complexity, and enable new applications and services to be brought to market quickly, through multilayered network abstractions, operator-centric automation schemes, and a simple point-and-click UI. Web 2.0 GUI increases user productivity, eliminates manual operations, and speeds up operation cycle times. Topology provides flexible network visualization options for simplifying network operations. Network discovery and inventory management supports FCAPS network management framework, and provides total management of network elements.