Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security Services

Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security Services
Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security Services
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Most organizations are in the process of moving from an on-premises data center to a public cloud service and planning to maintain a combination of both conventional IT and public cloud deployments. Building a dynamic hybrid cloud requires open and secure migration of large volumes of data and applications, reliable site-to-site connectivity, and stretching of network topologies across the WAN. Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security Services secures hybrid deployments with auto-scale of network security efficiency and capacity planning, centralized management for automatic provisioning of multi-layered workload security, site-to-site VPN connectivity to migrate workloads among clouds, segmentation of persistent connections to deliver end-to-end security, and full visibility and control into security logs for better compliance governance. Enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud computing, most while also maintaining existing data centers. This hybrid approach requires effective, efficient security that can protect all deployments with one solution.

With Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security Services automate Cloud Security with Auto Scaling. Dynamic cloud workloads have peak and off-peak hours. You can no longer manually hair-pin your security process to reliably maps your AWS security postures to scale up and down with your AWS EC2 workload via an AWS CloudFormation template. This template can be held in a repository, making it reproducible and easily deployable, as new instances require secure elasticity. Fortinet delivers a unified security posture across all types of environments through its suite of network security features including firewall, intrusion prevention (IPS), antivirus (AV), application control, WAN optimization, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), web filtering, anti-spam filtering, and explicit proxy on AWS. All features are natively built by Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security and are updated in real-time by FortiGuard advanced threat intelligence, plus can leverage Auto Scaling to create a high-availability environment.


Automatically Scale Cloud Security With Ease On AWS

With Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security leverage cloud computing instead of buying new infrastructure is becoming the new normal. In fact, for many organizations, it has become the default choice. Cloud computing fulfills rapid IT environment provisioning needs, allows use of on-demand applications, and enables companies to analyze big data as storage requirements grow. Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security delivers a cost-effective Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution on AWS that can help lower operational expenses and reduce security complexity, helping customers fulfill their duties of the AWS Shared Responsibility Model. Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security provides advanced threat protection to a variety of environments including data centers, environments with distributed locations, and branch offices. Security appliances from Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security seamlessly integrate with AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) and AWS Virtual Private Cloud (AWS VPC) to minimize risk and mitigate security threats for workloads running on the public cloud.

On–Demand Cloud Security For Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has invested significantly in the cloud infrastructure, applications, and services to deliver Microsoft Azure cloud platform as a highly available global platform. The end result for customers of all sizes — from start-ups to the largest enterprise — is a trusted cloud platform that enables IT agility in building applications without upfront CAPEX commitment. Microsoft is uniquely positioned in the shift to cloud as they have dominated on-premise applications for decades. Now customers have a choice of on-premise, hybrid, and off-premise with a cohesive experience regardless of locations. Current Microsoft customers will benefit from existing licensing and enterprise agreements, making a shift to the cloud easy. In most cases this will lower their overall IT spend — a compelling metric for any CIO or CTO. Fortinet’s cloud security solution is extensible to physical, virtual, and cloud appliances with advanced security orchestration and unified threat protection.

Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular among enterprises looking to take advantage of the quick deployment, unprecedented scalability, and cost savings. Private cloud infrastructure, including virtualization and Software-Defined Networking (SDN), are rapidly transforming data centers worldwide. At the same time, organizations are rapidly embracing public clouds. Both migrating workloads to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds like AWS and Azure, and adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. This results in a hybrid cloud and increasingly multi-cloud environment that is truly borderless for your enterprise users, data, and applications. With Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security evolving your infrastructure means your security must evolve as well, to protect your enterprise regardless of where your infrastructure and applications are running. If your security can’t keep up with the agile public, private, and hybrid cloud environments of today, gaps in protection will occur.

VMware Cloud On AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS brings together VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software with elastic bare-metal infrastructure from Amazon Web Services to deliver a consistent operating model and application mobility for private and public clouds. Fortinet solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS give you a seamless security posture across the hybrid cloud. By extending existing FortiGate security policies from on-premises vSphere deployments to workloads running in VMware Cloud on AWS. FortiGate VM delivers additional security capabilities for hybrid clouds. By providing secure site-to-site VPN connectivity for application mobility between on-premises VMware environments and VMware Cloud on AWS. It also ensures deep packet inspection and segmentation of users and data migrating between private and public clouds. In addition, VMware customers can choose from over a dozen other Fortinet virtual appliances for VMware vSphere on-premises that can be deployed on VMware Cloud on AWS without refactoring.
Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security
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