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Your IT infrastructure is more dynamic than ever, with on premises data centers, cloud and hybrid environments, and an ever-changing threat landscape. Without a clear line of sight into your entire infrastructure environment, how can you protect your data and applications from compromise? Cloud security managed services gives you a single solution to monitor the security of your infrastructure at the network, system, and application layer, whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. The greatest barrier to cloud migrations is security and compliance in the hybrid cloud space. Organizations often struggle with practical considerations, which can prevent them from achieving some of the most valuable benefits of hybrid cloud deployments. The Analytics engine processes and normalizes data to uncover security incidents. With real-time network monitoring and proactive incident identification, our security engineers are able to notify organizations and remediate threats quickly when an attack is detected.

Centralized and integrated cloud security management. Single user experience for all data center infrastructures, and integrated security tools that provide comprehensive data at the network, system, and web application layers. Certified security experts from our SOC actively monitor, identify, investigate, and escalate incidents to proactively protect against threats and attacks. Cloud security managed services provides centralized security management protecting data and applications on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments across multiple layer — network, system and web application. Get regulatory compliance without complexity. Meet key compliance mandates, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Benefit from managed threat detection and response. Proactive threat detection with 24/7 SOC monitoring and rapid notification by GIAC security experts. Our experts manage deployment, configuration, tuning and training, so your solution is active quickly.

Cloud Security Managed Services

Microsoft Cloud Security Managed Services is a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) that improves your security visibility and compliance programs. IAM Networks integrates 24/7 active monitoring by security experts with network threat detection, log management, vulnerability assessment and web application protection. With automation and analytics built-in, you get the continuous monitoring and actionable security intelligence your organization needs to protect your data, wherever it resides. Certified security engineers provide 24/7 monitoring of network traffic looking for threats that could compromise data or impact system availability. Network intelligence security improves and simplifies security visibility and management of the cloud, whether your workloads are on premises, virtualized, or in the cloud. Identify high priority security issues through advanced technology and expertise from aggregating security events and cross-correlating security data.

Web Applications Cloud Security

Secure your web applications against attacks and unusual activity to ensure your sensitive data is protected, with WAF management provided by our application security experts in with cloud security managed services. In virtualized or cloud environments, perimeter or hardware security simply won’t work — you need a cloud service solution that secures at the workload level to fit these dynamic environments. You need an automated security solution that prevents attacks and provides multilayered protection optimized for dynamic environments such as VMware vCloud Air. Continuously monitors your environment for vulnerabilities, gain visibility into your environment, and improve your security and compliance posture with actionable intelligence. Cloud security managed services delivers a blend of cross-generational threat defense services that have been optimized to protect physical, virtual, and cloud workloads. Security data is collected, aggregated and analyzed in our threat data analytics platform, where threat intelligence and security content that identifies and removes false positives.
Cloud Security Managed Services


Managed security services deliver superior threat detection and remediation through a skilled team of experts, advanced R&D, and proprietary solutions that merge big data and deep human analytics. Now’s the time to adjust your security strategy-before your perimeter defenses are no longer effective against cyberattacks. Beyond prevention, you need swift breach detection and remediation to minimize the time criminals spend in your environment and the harm they can cause. Actively searching for threats is important for keeping your business safe. To find threats, you need a team that monitors and manages your environment 24/7, using advanced technology and analytics.

Unlike many other managed security service providers, we not only detect but also rapidly respond to threats-performing appropriate remediation based on pre-approved actions. We actively counteract threat activity through industry-leading host and network protection, threat intelligence and security analytics, log management and vulnerability management technologies. The most precious resource for a threat is time. So your security strategy must include an approach to closing the breach window as quickly as possible-to get the bad guys out before they can cause harm.


24/7 monitoring — monitoring provides the human expertise required for deep insight into your security and compliance posture. Provides 24/7 monitoring without the cost of a 24/7 staff. Microsoft Security Operations Center — with proven experience and varying areas of specialization, Microsoft’s diverse SOC team analyzes and responds to evolving threats. Avoid downtime costs due to incidents, attacks, or breaches. Includes Identity and Access Management security. As-a-Service means no upfront investment in hardware, software and minimal internal maintenance. Better overall security posture.

Accelerate compliance and meet many of the requirements of PCI DSS, FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley, NIST 800-53, FedRamp, HIPAA/HITECH, SANS Top 20, ISO27002, and more. across your environments. Protect workloads against threats and vulnerabilities with a security blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques in server and cloud security. Prevent network attacks and lateral movement. Our cloud security solutions detect suspicious activity, including key indicators of compromise (IOCs) and locks down applications, even in agile development models.

AWS Cloud Security

Migrating to the Amazon Web Services cloud doesn’t make security logs go away. Log events must be analyzed and correlated to rapidly identify potential threats before damage occurs. Monitoring is also fundamental to maintaining compliance with industry mandates. You can increase your productivity and stop chasing false alarms with our 24/7 expert management, support and monitoring for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Our managed Amazon AWS cloud security solutions provides integrated monitoring with the rest of your security landscape.

Integrated monitoring involves more than just analytics of volumes of data. Our cloud security experts help you leverage actionable intelligence that identifies true anomalies from routine events. Global visibility from our client portal provides advanced reporting, self-service learning, and threat recommendations designed to increase your productivity as you leverage the public cloud. Now you can move to the Amazon AWS cloud with confidence.

VMware vCloud Air Security

All businesses are now digital businesses, and this digital transformation has led to significant changes to the IT landscape. From a security perspective, this creates a challenge: Traditional network perimeter security models are no longer sufficient for protecting the increasing sprawl of applications and users. And these challenges create much more complexity for organizations in ensuring and demonstrating compliance, with IT teams having to spend a significant portion of their time on compliance efforts, instead of focusing on tasks that drive real business value.

VMware helps IT organizations transform security by leveraging a ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure and endpoints, maximizing visibility and context of the interaction between users and applications, aligning security controls and policies to the applications they are protecting, and enabling the insertion of third-party security services for additional intelligent protection. Transform security initiatives include secure application infrastructure, secure identity and endpoints, and streamline compliance.