Network Security Monitoring Managed Services

Network Security Monitoring Services
Network Security Monitoring Services
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With Network Security Monitoring Services our Network Operations Center team is not only well-trained to manage incidents, but also mentored via continuous review so they become skilled experts in the business. Our network operations center platform securely and seamlessly connects to your infrastructure, providing the most advanced event detection and efficient workflow management. IAM Networks server and application monitoring services provide detailed metrics and visibility, allowing our network operations center monitoring team to react quickly and troubleshoot effectively. Reliable network operations center operations. Our security operation center uses advanced event detection systems and SLA specific responses to keep your infrastructure operating. IAM Networks NOC Network Security Monitoring Services are thorough and comprehensive — from initial setup to 24/7 network monitoring and support to post event analysis and reports. We serve network, cloud, application — and enterprises across a variety of industries. Common to all is the need for reliable coverage and the most effective use of resources.

The network operations center is a one of a kind, state of the art nerve center for all of our services operations. It keeps constant vigilance over your critical voice, data and video networks, applications and infrastructure. The network operations center is staffed by dozens of Tier 2, 3, and 4 highly certified engineers and uses technology to proactively monitor your entire data infrastructure 24/7. IAM Networks has the ability to monitor traditional telephone system components and your entire network all from one, intuitive window. This means that multiple systems keep watch over your entire IP telephony communications infrastructure, ensuring that we quickly identify and resolve any anomalies anywhere throughout the system, sometimes before you know they exist. If there is an issue, the system triggers audible and visual alerts and sends emails a specific escalation path to our network operations center technicians and key engineers to triage and resolve the event. The SOC also contains our help desk, giving our tier 2 technicians immediate access to all tools necessary to troubleshoot any problems as well as access our tier 3 and 4 technicians and engineers if needed.


Network Security Monitoring Services

Network Security Monitoring Services was built upon pro active and flexible solution offerings. Our primary goal is to operate your network as efficiently as possible. IAM Networks takes the necessary steps to prevent network intrusion, outages and disruptions from happening and fix problems before they become catastrophic. Our customized solutions service your delivery gaps. It’s our way of keeping systems running smoothly and efficiently. Key practice areas include voice, data, and network security. Each offer can be augmented with optional hardware maintenance, software maintenance, and dedicated resources across a variety of disciplines to meet business needs in complex and high volume environments. With Network Security Monitoring Services, you get an extensive platform of IT security managed services. IAM Networks can deliver ongoing support, IT ownership, 24/7 monitoring, alerting and reporting services. Network security monitoring services can work as a compliment to a customer’s existing security capabilities, or we can deliver a service including extensive proactive monitoring, management, incident response and remediation.

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Speedy and efficient ticket resolution — the network operations center processes thousands of tickets a month, reflecting our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to any anomalies in our customers’ networks. We monitor your network at multiple levels to ensure your Service Level Agreements are being met. Service delivery managers establish a framework that ensures consistent and efficient operations. They act as advocates on behalf of customers, providing assistance throughout the entire engagement life cycle. We will assess current data, voice or unified communications solutions. IAM Networks determines the best financial model for a managed services engagement on premise or cloud and suggest options for improving the performance and reliability of the entire communications stack. Our engineers take the necessary steps to prevent outages and disruptions, insure against security related losses in revenue, productivity, and data. IAM Networks performs real-time Network Security Monitoring of network assets (switches, routers, firewalls, controllers, etc.), network connectivity and we solve issues such as lack of coverage, interference, and poor throughput or performance.
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