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Do more with secure mobile MobileIron Application Management (MAM). Drive business productivity with a mobile application security framework that enables you to distribute, protect, and manage apps at scale. Provide users with a curated list of IT-approved business apps via an enterprise app storefront. Simplify discovery of internal apps and approved public apps via Apps@Work. Publish apps to Apps@Work directly from Apple, Google, and Microsoft app stores. Scale app license management with the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and MobileIron Application Management. Automate configuration of app settings and policies. Leverage OS-specific app configuration frameworks and containerization technologies to deploy apps at scale and enhance mobile app security with MobileIron Application Management. Enforce app-level PIN access and SSO. Silently push app configurations to mobile devices. Consistently enforce DLP policies such as open-in and copy/paste restrictions.

With MobileIron Application Management keep company data safe and personal data private. FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography secures business data. App containerization gives IT complete control over business data while personal data like texts and pictures are kept separate and private from administrators. Fast, easy, no-hassle, secure connectivity. With per-app VPN, securely accessing behind-the-firewall resources is as simple as launching an app. Per-app VPN supports mobile application security by establishing a secure communication channel from the app to the data center. Best of all, it happens automatically without any user intervention. MobileIron Application Management allows employees to instantly access secure web applications such as HR portals, billing apps, and approval processes from their mobile devices — no added security hassles or need to connect through the corporate network. Proactive defenses such as advanced jailbreak detection and posture-based access control keep non-compliant devices from accessing business data.

MobileIron Application Management — Securing Mobile Applications With Apps@Work

MobileIron Application Management Apps@Work is an enterprise application storefront that manages both in-house developed apps and third-party business apps that can be delivered to users. This helps deliver robust Enterprise Mobile Application Management solutions. The built-in Enterprise Application Storefront provides both tight security and an intuitive end-user experience for securing mobile apps company-wide. The Application Distribution Library provides a centralized location for business applications and enables IT to set granular policies on applications. With MobileIron Application Management Apps@Work, IT administrators can directly publish private apps to their users, accelerating the app discovery process for end-users. Administrators can also approve external applications and distribute them to users, making it clear to employees that these apps are approved and supported. Using MobileIron Application Management Application Security and Access Control, administrators quickly select which applications are required, allowed, or disallowed.
MobileIron Application Management

Content Management

Employees stay productive wherever they work with secure, anytime access to essential business content. With secure Mobile Content Management (MCM) software, IT can protect confidential business information across the mobile workforce without slowing down business productivity. That means employees can access critical business content and collaborate seamlessly across any network, on any mobile device, without security prompts interrupting their workflow. Protect access to EFSS systems via a secure mobile content repository that encrypts data locally, supports document annotation and editing, connects securely to back-end content storage and provides IT visibility into information stored on mobile devices.

Authorize access to both on-premises and cloud EFSS systems like Sharepoint, Office 365, and Box. Integrated annotation and editing capabilities allow users to review and annotate documents on any device. Automatically publish important documents and media to employee devices. Mobile content security policies and controls prevent unauthorized sharing and allow IT to remotely wipe data if the device doesn’t comply with corporate security requirements. Use a single console to configure and enforce data loss prevention (DLP) policies such as open-in and copy/paste restrictions.

Device Management

Secure, manage, and monitor any corporate­ or employee-owned mobile device that accesses business ­critical data. MobileIron’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities give you the fundamental visibility and IT controls needed to securely deploy, manage, and retire devices when employees replace devices or leave the company. Enable employees to quickly enroll their devices in MDM through a seamless setup process as soon as they power on their devices. Ease privacy concerns with clear, easy-to-read mobile policy guidelines.

MDM software simplifies configuration and reduces help desk calls. Registered devices are automatically configured with corporate connectivity settings, email profiles, and device-specific restrictions with a few clicks. MobileIron Identity and Access Management capabilities give authorized users secure access to business resources without requiring them to re­enter passwords, manually establish VPN, or other disruptive tasks. IT benefits by maintaining complete visibility and control over devices that access sensitive corporate information.

Email Security

Give users secure mobile access to productivity apps, such as email and Office 365, on any corporate-owned or personal device. The MobileIron Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform includes all the tools needed to securely provision email, manage access control, prevent data loss, and selectively wipe email, apps, and data from non-compliant mobile devices. Protect corporate email on mobile devices using an EMM platform designed for data security. Enterprises that use only ActiveSync to deploy email are particularly vulnerable to mobile threats because ActiveSync offers a limited range of Mobile Device Management (MDM) features.

MobileIron EMM allows enterprises to secure Office 365 and email on mobile by applying consistent email configuration to devices, actively tracking device posture, and taking corrective action to secure compromised devices. Configure email settings across multiple mobile operating systems for leading services such as Office 365, Exchange, and Lotus. Get comprehensive visibility into devices with access to business email and data. Block access to or selectively wipe email from non-compliant devices.

Enterprise Mobility

Simplify and secure the management of your entire mobile fleet with MobileIron EMM. MobileIron EMM platform protects enterprise information wherever it lives: in the datacenter, in the cloud, in mobile apps, on mobile devices, and in motion between them. Whether employees use personal or company-owned mobile devices for work, IT can easily configure, deploy, secure, and manage any device or app, anywhere in the world.

Manage complete mobile deployments from a single console. Enforce app and data security with a granular mobile policy engine. Deploy and manage business mobile apps with comprehensive MAM capabilities. Quarantine non-compliant, jailbroken, or rooted devices. Retire and selectively wipe business data from lost or outdated devices.