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Business needs to be able to move fast and change quickly. Whether you are running a large enterprise or a small business, protecting sensitive data and mitigating risk is a complex responsibility and should be handled by experienced network security professionals. With Compliance Risk Managed Services experienced security and compliance professionals will help you identify areas of risk and establish the business and technical requirements needed for an effective information security program. We’ll help you establish a strong and strategic compliance foundation as well as conduct and manage assessments, and deliver elite testing and remediation services. For our partners, our project, product and marketing teams augment your compliance and risk teams for smooth ongoing program management. Exceptional technology accountability with control management and security event monitoring. Change in technology is happening more rapidly than ever — and your business needs to stay on pace to best serve your customers.

Compliance Risk Managed Services addresses the network risks to your business, and our solutions address budget constraints allowing you to achieve an optimized network security posture. With our extensive experience in network security and consultative approach, we will make technology recommendations which address today’s network security requirements and provide scalability for the future. Each compliance project is unique — and at its core is the need to mitigate risk for the business. This is why IAM services, technology and programs are designed to keep risk identification and management at the forefront. What’s really important to your business? What’s potentially damaging? From here, we make sure you address what’s needed. Compliance Risk Managed Services engagements are provided by teams ensuring your objectives are met. With expertise in network engineering, project management and support, w are dedicated to the success of your risk and compliance initiatives whether it is an assessment, a program or a risk strategy.

Compliance Risk Managed Services — Risk Identification And Mitigation

IAM solutions work together to identify and mitigate risks. IAM consulting services help you understand how to get started, and integrate with our network security platform to provide compliance validation that is efficient and cost-effective. Clients have access to the right technology when they need it — whether that’s a layer of managed services or endpoint security. Engage our compliance and risk engineers to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. Adhering to compliance regulations can be time—consuming and requires experienced engineers. Through our extensive experience and knowledge delivering assessments and programs that mitigate risk achieving efficiency, cost savings and effective resource allocation to your network. Proactive compliance support is provided through our SOC and IAM handles calls, support tickets, and emails 24/7. IAM compliance services engineers consist of experienced professionals, they are highly credentialed experts providing network risk and compliance services.

Regulation Compliance Management

Compliance and governance risk managed services protects sensitive data, such as credit card information for PCI DSS compliance, personal health records for HIPPA compliance and intellectual property for SOX compliance. Protect your business from risk and data loss, and make sure regulatory compliance with evolving policies and regulations. Our network security engineers use the cloud and managed services platform to automate processes. They implement best practices tools and scale your business effectively. With our knowledge and experience in security services, we address regulatory compliance requirements, including PCI DSS, Data Privacy, SOX, HIPAA and others. Network security is the foundation of regulatory compliance and risk management. In addition to compliance, we understand security and its role in deploying new technologies, addressing evolving mandates and combating advancing threats.
Compliance Risk Managed Services


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions enable you to adapt to change and meet risk and regulatory compliance challenges head on with truly innovative technology that is predictive, adaptive, integrated and useful. On-going requirements and changes in the regulatory environment are creating new complexities for companies across all industries. Learn how technology platforms and managed services can streamline compliance related process requirements, information management and communication requirements. Risk Management and Compliance Services from IAM Networks help you evaluate your existing security governance — including Payment Card Industry (PCI) security, identity and IT regulatory compliance needs and gaps — against your business requirements and objectives.

Our skilled security specialists provide recommendations to help you make more informed decisions about allocating your resources to better manage security risks and compliance. We can deliver a wide range of capabilities, from security program development, to regulatory and standards compliance, to security education and training. Our security consultants, managed security services, and cloud-based security services offer a broad range of security expertise. Address change and harness innovation with an integrated platform that drives GRC across the entire organization and creates a firm foundation to enhance solutions and technology. Comprehensive REST API empowers the GRC platform with risk and compliance information from across the business by automatically importing key data points from external operational systems. This enables businesses to extend across unlimited entry points to a fully informed GRC deployment.

Compliance And Governance Security

Compliance and governance security services remain the most challenging organizational disciplines to understand, implement and maintain security architecture Assessment is a flexible engagement through which we undertake a detailed assessment of your security architecture, from policies to technical controls. Managed secure infrastructure Service — leave it to us to provide end to end operational management of your IT and security assets. Up time support and maintenance — we provide proactive, multi vendor support and maintenance services to help you maximize the availability of your IT estate while optimizing your total IT support spend.

Compliance and governance security services remain the most challenging organizational disciplines to understand, implement and maintain assessments provides you with a rounded view of your current IT security risk profile against the industry standard risk indices of confidentiality, integrity, availability and audit. It’s designed to enable you to make informed decisions regarding immediate priorities — as well as strategic business plans to improve security, determine return on investment and manage risk.


A review of the current state of your security architecture should form part of your ongoing security improvement initiatives. A security architecture includes the unified and integrated design, implementation, and operation of security practices across your organization. This will enable you to formulate a plan to manage risks, maintain compliance with external regulations and contractual mandates, or at least align to industry best practice. Our Security Architecture Assessment is a flexible engagement through which we undertake a detailed assessment of your security architecture, from policies to technical controls.

Delivered through a choice of three service models, the outcome is a specific set of recommendations that allow you to apply your resources and controls in the most effective way to protect key assets. Combined with a remediation road map, the results can be used to build a budget and resource plan, or simply align to an existing strategy for confirmation and reassurance. Network security risk profile — standardized and controlled best practice across systems and locations. The ability to identify critical risks in your technology environment.

IT Risk Management

Consolidate to manage IT governance, risk and compliance. Risk management in today’s regulatory environment has become increasingly complex. The enormous compliance effort to deal with multiple regulations separately and audit each of them individually often distracts your company’s ability to identify its true level of risk exposure. IAM Networks offers automated IT risk management services to provide the guidance and support to select, integrate and automate multiple risk management programs with a single, centralized IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform.

Centralize risk and control documentation, testing, and remediation. Line up to strategic priorities and business objectives. Gain a single view of risk with real-time information. IAM Security Strategy, Risk and Compliance Services helps organizations apply the ABCs of security strategy: align business and IT technologies, build an adaptable security posture, create a balanced approach for people, processes and technology; and develop a risk-based security program.