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With Microsoft Azure Cloud Managed Services organizations are on a journey to migrate various workloads to the cloud. In most instances, the optimal fit for them is not one underlying platform, but rather a combination — or hybrid — of platforms for Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint, and Skype for Business. The combined capabilities of Microsoft end-user computing suite of services accelerates Microsoft time to market, and facilitates the client’s journey to the cloud. Many businesses that are adopting Microsoft technologies are seeking certified experts to assist them with the complexity of Azure. Having to deal with identifying and recruiting an Azure specialist, architecture design, security and operations is a daunting task and is taking organizations focus away from their core business. Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure Cloud Managed Services is the answer for businesses facing these challenges.

Be it managing your entire Microsoft Productivity Suite, augmenting your existing resources, or working in partnership with Microsoft Fast-Track, we have the experience to reduce issues and accelerate the activation of your employees. Advanced skills are required to administer and manage your core Office 365 messaging and collaboration applications. In fact, leading research firms estimate that resource costs can be up to 1.5 times higher when managing on premise environments that synchronize with a local Active Directory or are hybrid in nature. The commercial and operational efficiencies of outsourcing are therefore increasingly relevant to today’s enterprise ongoing management of your Office 365 applications is a cost-effective way to help dramatically reduce the risks associated with not having the correct skill set available when you need them the most. Bring Azure capabilities to your data center with Azure Stack.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Managed Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Managed Services provide, advanced skills in administration and management of applications. You will achieve cost savings for the ongoing management of your Office 365 workloads. Accelerate the benefits of Office 365 and hybrid implementations with a full service offering — giving you all of the control, with none of the compromise. Microsoft Azure Cloud Managed Services delivers the services and technology you need to plan, deploy, and manage your Microsoft messaging and collaboration solution today with the flexibility to grow and change for the future. We have the experience and expertise to ensure the service you consume is well planned, properly deployed, and efficiently managed. So you can improve productivity and reduce cost — we give you the resources, management, and skills when you need them the most. With Microsoft Identity-Powered Access solutions, you can quickly and cost effectively integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies across local, mobile and cloud environments.

Microsoft Azure IAM

Rapidly deployable, extremely secure, highly available and unlimited scalability. Our expertise in identity management allows us to provide unique features for Single Sign-On (SSO), login flow, user management and Office 365. We can also federate any system or application that uses WS-Fed, SAML, OAuth or LDAP. Cloud has many benefits over on premises solutions like ADFS and DirSync, including lower complexity and cost, better features, greater flexibility, and no maintenance burdens or single points of failure. It automate processes such as user creation and provisioning, security configuration and login control, and a range of advanced IT features as shown below. The Azure Cloud is an advanced identity management and data migration platform that helps organizations to centralize identity and access management and manage business processes across a wide range of disparate cloud and on premises systems. Your business needs immediate, easy and secure access to information.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Managed Services


Leveraging the cloud computing model for provisioning IT services enables your business to elevate its operations in several key areas. To help your business capitalize on all of these cloud benefits, IAM Networks offers comprehensive Azure Cloud Implementation Services. We help you stay ahead of the technology curve by giving you the ability to develop, implement, and deliver new applications faster than your competitors — at a cost your business can afford. Microsoft simplifies the task of taking your business applications to the cloud by leveraging world-class cloud partnerships and our team of industry-certified architects and engineers to collaborate with your team. Microsoft provides all the tools, processes, and resources to properly complete your transition to the cloud as quickly as possible.

Cloud Design Services — helps you develop the most efficient and cost-effective cloud/hosting solution to meet your company’s business needs. With Cloud Migration Services — enables you to lay out a path of least resistance by mapping out the transition steps to successfully migrate your applications to the cloud. Industry-leading Cloud Security Assessments — Microsoft's team assists with the design and implementation of cloud security as well as compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPPA, and SOX. By utilizing IAM Networks proven methodologies and real-world experience, you can transform your company into a cloud-enabled organization that is ready and prepared for today’s competition.

DNS On An Azure AD

Azure Active Directory Domain Services includes a DNS (Domain Name Resolution) server that provides DNS resolution for the managed domain. Occasionally, you may need to configure DNS on the managed domain. You may need to create DNS records for machines that are not joined to the domain, configure virtual IP addresses for load-balancers or setup external DNS forwarders. For this reason, users who belong to the AAD DC Administrators group are granted DNS administration privileges on the managed domain. Azure AD Domain Services managed domains can be managed remotely using familiar Active Directory administrative tools such as the Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC) or AD PowerShell.

Administrators in your Microsoft Azure AD directory do not have privileges to connect to domain controllers on the managed domain via Remote Desktop. Members of the AAD DC Administrators group can administer DNS for managed domains remotely using DNS Server tools from a Windows Server/client computer that is joined to the managed domain. DNS Server tools can be installed as part of the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) optional feature on Windows Server and client machines joined to the managed domain.

Enterprise Security

As employees bring their personal devices to work and adopt readily available SaaS applications, maintaining control over their applications across corporate data centers and public cloud platforms has become a significant challenge. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility And Security has extended it's offerings to provide you with a powerful set of cloud based identity and access management solutions on Azure Active Directory. Increase productivity and reduce helpdesk costs with self-service and Single Sign-On experiences — employees are more productive when they have a single username and password to remember and a consistent experience from every device.


Microsoft Cloud Drive Mapper — map drive letters to OneDrive and Sharepoint without the synchronization pitfalls. With Microsoft Identity Engine you can automate data synchronization, flow and processing across disparate systems. Industry-leading Microsoft Identity Management bringings together an unlimited number of users, applications and systems. Make Office 365 work harder for your organization with our unique solutions. Security And compliance — safe and secure with state of the art encryption technology and security procedures.

Our planning services offer comprehensive deployment planning to reduce delays identify functionality or performance challenges assess your readiness for cloud migration pilot programme to determine expectations and success criteria monitor, analysis, and report against success criteria of pilot programme Deployment and transitional services offer, end to end management of your Microsoft Productivity Suite. Augmentation of your existing IT resources or work with Microsoft FastTrack. These services minimize deployment issues and accelerate the activation and adoption by your employees.