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Explore Avaya Unified Communications — conferencing, and infrastructure solutions that support real-time engagement by integrating voice, video, data, messaging, conferencing, mobility, and more. As Avaya puts you ahead in a world of mobility, apps, social, and cloud, your workforce becomes more seamlessly connected and productivity increases. Customer satisfaction rises and innovation thrives. And as you grow, you can count on unrivaled scalability and flexibility to support every location, from small branches to corporate headquarters. Contact Avaya or an Avaya authorized partner to start defining the right unified communications solution for your business. Connect, communicate and collaborate with the cloud. The average business today uses up to six different cloud solutions in order to meet an ever-growing list of needs. The rise of digital transformation (and the level of quality, agility and speed consumers expect as a result) has placed more demand on the enterprise than one cloud solution can deliver — until now.

Avaya’s approach to cloud is simple: have the cloud your way. Avaya’s cloud solutions are built on a fully open architecture that supports true compatibility and limitless interoperability — with a clear focus on the reliability and security you need. Enjoy the native benefits of the cloud that you have come to know and love with the networking reliability and strength that Avaya Unified Communications inherently offers as the number one leader in contact center, unified communications, and SMB telephony. In today’s dynamic enterprise landscape, you can’t afford the risks of partnering with anyone but a proven market leader and innovator. Customer Experience Management is the discipline of treating customer relationships as assets, to transform your satisfied customers into loyal customers, and loyal customers into advocates. To this end, omnichannel experience provides the right media at the right time, enabling persistent conversation and consistent experience via context. Enterprise-wide engagement puts customers at the heart of your business, and through actionable insights you understand customer preferences.

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Avaya Unified Communications Networking

Every business needs the benefits and unlimited potential of hot technologies — right now there’s cloud computing, IoT, and BYOD — but keeping networks safe is paramount. Avaya is providing innovative network security delivered via a broad portfolio. Contact Avaya or an Avaya Authorized Partner to start a conversation about the right communications networking solutions for your business. Technology is driving waves of digital transformation, including the Internet of Things, which delivers effective omnipresence solutions for devices. From heart machines to heating systems to helicopters, it’s all online, integrated, available — and possibly vulnerable. Avaya Unified Communications provides innovative network cyber security with remarkable efficiency and performance. Cloud networking solutions include, Software-Defined networking, ethernet switches, access control, wireless networks, network management virtualization, unified access, and video surveillance.

Cloud Computing

Avaya offers subscription services hosted in the cloud for high-performance video conferencing, voice over IP, unified communications, and remote collaboration. With each of these easy-to-use services, you eliminate capital investment and gain the ability to scale the services to meet your changing needs. Contact Avaya or an Avaya Authorized Partner to start a conversation about cloud-based communications for your business. Avaya cloud-based solutions let you pay as you grow, provide the latest endpoints and applications, and support business processes that drive success. For any size business, we deliver Cloud Your Way on a fully open architecture that supports flexibility, reliability and security. We help you transfer the burden of technical and architectural maintenance to your cloud partners, so you can concentrate on solving business problems. Avaya’s cloud offerings include cloud options, enterprise cloud and managed services, and Avaya cloud solutions delivered by BT Wholesale.
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