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Managing a data center carries a lot of weight. When even a momentary disruption can have major repercussions, you need a partner you can trust. That’s where we come in. IAM Networks helps with data center planning and data center consulting services for total data center optimization. We can assist you during the early phases of construction with consulting, planning, engineering, and site selection. We can support you with commissioning, documentation, training, and planning for future expansions. IAM Networks offers a comprehensive portfolio of data center solutions and services that can be tailored to meet your needs today, while positioning you to grow and address tomorrow’s challenges. Backed by Siemens global data center strategy, our solutions are implemented and supported by our team of engineers and consultants that are dedicated to keeping you up and running 24/7. Due to the sensitive nature of data centers, access control for secure zones is of paramount importance.

With our proven methodologies and data center consulting services, your objectives become the cornerstone of a tailored service program for your data center. You can trust our services to deliver the outcomes you require — maximizing reliability and up time, increasing energy efficiency, and extending equipment life cycles. IAM Networks virtualization services assist with the planning, management and execution of a move to a fully virtualized environment. We assist with the fulfillment of strategy to create a service based operation. IAM Networks services provide the flexibility to tailor a service package that best meets your data center optimization needs. Choose from a portfolio of more than one hundred equipment—related professional services. Data center consulting and services for better business results. It can be challenging to move fast enough to keep up with the ever-changing needs of business. So, how do you avoid becoming overwhelmed and enable IT to function with more agility, resiliency, and reliability? It’s time to look at crucial areas of IT that need to adapt to changing requirements.


Strategic Planning, Design And Support Services

Successful IT adoption requires strategic planning, solution design, deployment and on-going support. Most providers specialize in just one of two things: thinking or doing. Clients need both. Many businesses find it challenging to identify a single partner that fulfills the end-to-end process. Traditional consulting firms provide thought leadership and help identify needs, requirements and standards. Rarely do they design, deploy and support actual solutions. VARs provide hardware and software with talented individuals to deploy the solutions, but seldom offer effective strategy planning. This environment forces businesses to cobble together a combination of resources. They must then project manage these multiple resources to successfully complete projects. If something goes wrong, the risk increases and adoptions slows down for important new technology deployments. The business likely needs to communicate with multiple partners, who each may not be accountable to solve the entire issue.

Data Center Consulting Methodology

During the assessment phase , our data center consulting team focuses on the organization’s current state against best practice as defined by the ITSM model including policy, procedure and key performance metrics. We also identify the application environment and what infrastructure is needed to support it as well as criticalities (BIA) and interdependencies. In the Architecture phase, we determine the business driven requirements and the architecture, SLAs and policies required to support those drivers. We then compare against your current state and a gap analysis identified with supporting recommendations. We finally develop a deployment plan including the identification of tasks, assigned roles, determination of timing and dependencies producing a critical path and a MS Project plan. The implementation phase includes our team delivering and implementing the proposed plan. Our team of certified engineers will professionally install and integrate new equipment without interrupting current systems and environment. Management is also available.

Delivery Implementation Services

Most activities are the normal day-to-day operations, however, hardware installations, equipment moves, application implementations, and optimizations can disrupt normal operations. IAM Networks offers delivery and implementation services which assume that disruption and allow organizations to focus on day-to-day responsibilities. Our data center consulting services allow companies to focus on the strategy based aspects of operation. Our teams augment daily operations to allow IT departments to keep up with changes in technology and processes that allow them to offer services that are pertinent to their business demands. Our virtualization services assist with the planning, management and execution of a move to a fully virtualized environment. We assist with the fulfillment of strategy to create a service based operation. We help evaluate and move applications and workloads to the appropriate public, private, or hybrid cloud platform. IAM Networks can assist with implementing an ITSM based operating model.

Network Consulting Services

Our data center consulting team features high-level consultants with years of experience across both business processes and leading technologies. We follow industry best practices to help you develop successful strategic IT plans. Once the team helps you establish a technology road map and strategic IT plan, we can then provide the systems engineering and support personnel to design, deploy and support the technology — addressing all of your IT requirements through a single technology partner. Applying a collaborative approach with you to establish holistic, business-driven solutions for your IT architecture. Understanding how to apply technology to solve your business needs. Understanding your initial vision to help identify an ideal end-state that includes input from every business unit. Specializing in resolving business issues and achieving the objectives you need to accomplish. Data Center Consulting Service offerings include; custom software solutions to address critical business needs, data, infrastructure, and platform migration planning, and development and implementation of new IT process models for improved efficiencies.
Data Center Consulting
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