Citrix Netscaler ADC With Cisco ACI

Citrix Netscaler ADC And Cisco ACI
Citrix Netscaler ADC With Cisco ACI
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Citrix and Cisco have been partners for years. With Citrix Netscaler ADC with Cisco ACI — Citrix has delivered some of the world’s largest virtual desktop installations together using Cisco UCS, Nexus, and XenDesktop. With the joint experiences tying together applications, infrastructure, and networking, it was a natural step for us to collaborate and solve some of the data center’s most pressing problems rather than go it alone. To say mobility has been a massive disruption is an understatement. We all understand how it has changed the way users fundamentally interact with the enterprises. But what we don’t talk about is how it has changed the requirements of the data center. The drastic shift has required us to reexamine the interaction of apps and mobile users and its implications on next-gen cloud networks. With Cisco’s vPath service chaining technology added to NetScaler, Citrix has worked around this limitation.

With Citrix Netscaler ADC with Cisco ACI optimization — is a well-researched and debated term for long time and NetScaler as an ADC excels in traffic optimization for various applications, protocols and use cases. In last decade whenever the term “Optimization” came in, it always referred to how one can optimize the performance and efficiency of applications and severs. Today the situation has changed drastically with mobility coming into play. Enterprises have embraced the concept of BYOD which further pushes mobility as strategic move. All the apps and data are now streaming to mobile devices and that pushes up the need for optimization of mobile streaming. As business happens through mobile, productivity on mobile devices is a key concern for enterprises. NetScaler MobileStream optimization technology focuses on new challenges and improves delivery of data and apps on mobile devices by 5x.


Citrix NetScaler Remote Services Blade On Cisco Nexus Series Switches

Leveraging Cisco RISE technology, Citrix Netscaler ADC with Cisco ACI seamlessly integrates with the Cisco Nexus series switch for simplified deployment, automated control and lower cost of operations while delivering the standalone performance, availability and reliability of a best-in-class ADC.  NetScaler supports an excellent layer of APIs called the NITRO APIs, which are RESTful and greatly superior to the last generation APIs. These APIs are fast, responsive and lightweight, providing hierarchical relationship of objects, allowing bulk processing and providing several other benefits over the traditional approach. With these quick SDKs, you can integrate with any automation framework and model. These SDKs are available for Java, .NET, Python and REST, which would enable the integration with any model which can simply work over HTTP or HTTPS. For Windows users, the .NET SDK can be used for PowerShell based automation.

Citrix Netscaler ADC With Cisco ACI

Citrix NetScaler with Cisco ACI enable data center and cloud administrators to holistically control Layer-2 through Layer-7 network services in a unified manner via seamless insertion and automation of best-in-class Citrix NetScaler services into next-gen data centers built on Cisco’s ACI Architectures. With Citrix Netscaler ADC with Cisco ACI it leverages the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (Cisco APIC) to programmatically automate network provisioning and control based on application requirements and policies for both data center and enterprise environments. From the Citrix perspective, opening the Cisco ACI policy engine to multi-vendor infrastructure is a logical next step to open source data center operations, and aligns with Citrix’ strategy. Citrix is participating in the standardization process with Cisco within the IETF standards body. As the standard is forged, Citrix intends to integrate the technology across Citrix XenServer, NetScaler and XenMobile product lines.

Unified Vs. Integrated

Citrix have solved some technical problems. And Citrix addressed real business needs for enabling true data center agility. Citrix is working on a Cisco validated solution guide. But if there is an issue with Citrix NetScaler integrated into the broader Cisco fabric, who do you call? Citrix or Cisco? As announced, Cisco has integrated in Citrix Netscaler ADC with Cisco ACI and will be making it available on the Cisco Nexus 1110 platform, Cisco UCS server, and generic x86 servers. The result, NetScaler 1000V — sold and supported exclusively through Cisco. With performance up to 4Gbps, Citrix expects it to address a wide range of ADC requirements demanded by Enterprises, Cloud Providers and Telcos. When Citrix set out to address what both companies felt was a major shift in the data center landscape, Citrix and Cisco were both pleased at the prospect of extending their relationship further.

Citrix NetScaler 1000V

Citrix Netscaler ADC with Cisco ACI have delivered the NetScaler 1000V, a best-in-class application delivery controller that redefines Layer-4 through Layer-7 services. Building on Cisco strength in Unified Fabric and Unified Compute, and Citrix strength in intelligent, application delivery, the architecture runs on the Nexus Virtual Service Platform to provide a virtual network infrastructure that delivers scalability, elastic instantiation, and multi-tenant operation, all with a common approach to service provisioning and management. The NetScaler 1000V is available via the normal Cisco sales and worldwide channels, providing a smooth migration path for Cisco ACE, GSS and CSS customers. NetScaler is the Cisco ACE replacement product recommended by Cisco. Services need to be software — the adoption of software for networking services is key for creating a truly malleable solution. Software driven services enable data centers to react quickly to changes in user interactions, mobile service deployments and broadly the overall application context.
Citrix Netscaler ADC And Cisco ACI
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