F5 Networks DDoS Security Solutions

F5 Networks DDoS Security Solutions
F5 Networks DDoS Security Solutions
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DDoS demands vigilance. Combined or “mixed” DDoS attacks are becoming more difficult to defend against and are often an indicator of more advanced, persistent threats to come. How quickly you can discover and stop these threats is key to ensuring service continuity and limiting damage. Consider application layer attacks. Layer-7 attacks are much more common now. Criminals are increasingly using low-and-slow attacks that target Layer-7 computing power and I/O to disable web application servers. These attacks avoid network-level detection and challenge traditional detection methods. In 2011, you’d see Layer-7 attacks infrequently — maybe in 10 percent of DDoS campaigns. Today, the F5 Networks Security Operations Center (SOC) sees Layer-7 attacks all the time. F5 Networks is your best choice for DDoS defense. F5 Networks DDoS Security Solutions provides seamless, flexible, and easy-to-deploy DDoS solutions that enable a fast response.

On average, each business suffers at least one DDoS attack per year. Average cost? Upwards of $100,000 per hour. Many attack vectors, one objective. DDoS attacks range from pranksters having fun to targeted acts of retaliation, protest, theft and extortion. Depending on their skills, attackers may use readily available DDoS tools or launch more sophisticated attacks. Ultimately, all DDoS attacks have one objective — to disrupt service availability and have a significant impact on businesses. Suddenly, your applications aren’t available and you can’t do business with customers.There are four main types of attacks, although they’re most often combined with volumetric — flood-based attacks that can be at Layer-3, Layer-3, Layer-4, or Layer-7, asymmetric — invoke timeouts or session-state changes, computational — consume CPU and memory, and vulnerability-based — exploit application software vulnerabilities. F5 Networks DDoS Security Solutions mitigate Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

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F5 Networks DDoS Security Solutions – DDoS Hybrid Defender

F5 Networks DDoS Security Solutions Hybrid Defender integrates on-premises DDoS protection with optional cloud-based scrubbing for fast mitigation. DDoS Hybrid Defender offers comprehensive DDoS threat coverage in a simple, dedicated appliance with native, cloud-based scrubbing services. More sophisticated attacks demand more sophisticated protection. Today’s DDoS attacks are rapidly becoming more severe, more sophisticated, and more complex. Now, an attack will likely blend different attack vectors that are run simultaneously, designed to find the weakest link in your infrastructure — whether it’s your network devices, your applications, or your network bandwidth — and then exploit it. Problem is, different types of attacks are best handled different ways. And, because you can’t be sure what type of attack will be leveled at your business, you have to protect against all of them or leave your apps and data vulnerable.

F5 Networks Silverline DDoS Protection

Delivered via the Silverline cloud-based platform, this service detects and mitigates DDoS attacks before they reach the network. Defense is the best offense. DDoS attacks are an IT nightmare. By combining high-volume traffic clogging with application-targeted techniques. These stealthy attacks disrupt service for legitimate users, or take down entire networks. F5 Networks Silverline DDoS Protection detects and mitigates large-scale, SSL, or application-targeted attacks in real-time. Defending your business from even the largest attacks, over hundreds of gigabits per second. Protect against all attack vectors. This service provides Layer-3 through Layer-7 protection with cloud-scrubbing technologies to detect, identify, and mitigate threats in real-time, returning clean traffic back to your site. It’s also deployed and managed by experts from F5 Networks Security Operations Center (SOC), so you have access to security experts, 24/7.

F5 Networks BIG-IP Platform

You work in an application world. Make it fast, available, and secure. The BIG IP platform is a smart evolution of Application Delivery Controller (ADC) technology. Solutions built on this platform are load balancers. And they’re full proxies that give visibility into, and the power to control — inspect and encrypt or decrypt — all the traffic that passes through your network. BIG-IP software runs on BIG IP or VIPRION hardware or as a virtual edition on a client—server. Hardware offers the greatest scalability, while virtual editions offer added deployment flexibility. Underlying all BIG-IP hardware and software is F5 Networks DDoS Security Solutions proprietary operating system, TMOS, which provides unified intelligence, flexibility, and programmability. With its application control plane architecture, TMOS gives you control over the acceleration, security, and availability services your applications require. TMOS establishes a virtual, unified pool of highly scalable, resilient, and reusable services.
F5 Networks DDoS Security Solutions
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