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VMware vCloud Director enables cloud providers to provision SDDC services as complete virtual data centers that are ready for consumption in a matter of minutes. SDDC services and virtual data centers reduce complexity and implementation risk. VMware vCloud Director is available through the VMware Cloud Provider Program. VMware has announced the end of availability (“EOA”) of vCloud Director (vCD) for sale as standalone product effective September 30, 2013. However, VMware vCloud Director 5.5 will still be available as part of vCloud Suite 5.5. vCloud Director 5.6 for Service Providers is also available for service provider customers that purchase VMware software through VSPP. HTML 5 UI provides for simplified workflows and the fastest, easiest path to service monetization and revenue realization. Catalogs can be used to publish virtual appliances and media files across a single tenant or multiple tenants.

Allows scripted access to consume cloud resources, such as vApp upload/download, catalog management and other operations. Using REST-based APIs and SDKs, VMware Cloud Providers can extend the capabilities of vCloud Director and create differentiation. The VMware Cloud Provider Platform helps providers achieve operational efficiency by rapidly enabling and monetizing highly scalable cloud environments using VMware vCloud Director and the SDDC stack. You can reduce operational costs by using a single platform to host secure virtual data centers that could be consumed by multiple tenants using Role-Based Access Control. VMware vCloud Director takes a policy-driven approach to provisioning that embeds software-defined resource consumption controls, so you can automatically enforce preconfigured IT policies.

VMware vCloud Director Simple Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service

Use VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director as it makes it easy for service providers to run a disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) offering that is natively compatible with their customer’s vSphere environment. With VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director it enables VMware Cloud Providers service providers to offer simple, cost-effective cloud-based disaster recovery services that seamlessly support their customers’ vSphere environments. vCloud Availability for vCloud Director makes it easy for service providers to run a disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) offering that is natively compatible with the end customer’s vSphere environment. Designed exclusively for VMware Cloud Providers service providers, this solution is compatible with the VMware ecosystem. Service providers can further monetize their vCloud Director environments, while leveraging the VMware Cloud Providers pay-as-you-go purchasing construct in order to effectively grow consumption of software to meet customer demand.

VMware vCloud Director 9.0

Simplified cloud consumption for tenants. The new HTML5 UI isn’t a mere facelift – VMware has fundamentally redesigned key workflows, such as creating a new VM, to be easy and straightforward for tenants. Creating a new VM used to take seven screens – now it can be done on one screen with a handful of choices. Simple and Secure Cloud Migration. vCloud Director 9.0 includes the critical feature vCloud Director Extender – a simple, free, vCenter plugin that allows VMware customers worldwide to connect directly to their Cloud Provider’s vCloud Director environment for workload migration and L2 extension (NSX not required on-premise). Millions of currently on-premise workloads will migrate to the cloud in the next few years and millions more will require easy and secure data center extension capabilities. VMware vCloud Director Extender is the fastest on-ramp to the cloud.


Rapidly monetize new services, deliver radical operational efficiency to shared vCenter environments, and extend it to existing vCenters. Virtual data centers provide virtualized compute, networking, storage and security that can be provisioned to make relevant workloads operational in minutes. VMware vCloud Director enables VMware Cloud Providers to provision operationally ready infrastructure without worrying about the underlying physical configuration of hardware. The vCloud API is an open, REST-based API that allows scripted access to cloud resources such as vApp upload and download, catalog management, and other operations. vCloud Director uses a policy-driven approach to provisioning that embeds software-defined security and resource consumption controls so that preconfigured policies are automatically enforced. Virtual data centers provide virtualized compute, networking, storage and security that can be provisioned to make relevant workloads operational in minutes.
VMware vCloud Director


Grow your enterprise with a platform you already trust. VMware vCloud Air is a secure public cloud platform offering compute, storage, networking, disaster recovery, and more. Computing power, storage options, and advanced networking that integrate with your on-premises environment. With data center modernization and disaster recovery, you can address business needs without changing processes. Broad compliance certifications, secure private networking connections, data protection, disaster recovery, and dedicated cloud options.

Workload portability, seamless networking, and common management make it easy to extend to the cloud from on-premises environments. VMware vCloud Air was designed specifically with enterprise needs in mind. vCloud Air delivers a true hybrid cloud experience, and is uniquely positioned to solve critical IT challenges — whether you need an affordable disaster recovery option, an efficient way to extend your data center, or a complete data center replacement.

Cloud Compliance

VMware is committed to delivering a cloud service that adopts industry best practices in order to meet a comprehensive set of international and industry-specific security and compliance standards. VMware adheres to rigorous security standards and is expanding coverage for various industry-specific security and compliance measures. VMware makes independent third-party examination and audit reports available to customers that will satisfy a wide range of customer-specific compliance requirements. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent nongovernmental organization and the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards. The ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards helps organizations of every type and size keep information assets secure.

VMware vCloud Air is audited for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 by an accredited third party certification body, providing independent validation that applicable security controls are in place and operating effectively. As part of this compliance verification process, the auditors validate in their statement of applicability that vCloud Air has incorporated ISO/IEC 27018 controls for the protection of PII. To remain compliant, vCloud Air must be subject to annual third-party reviews. By following the standards of ISO/IEC 27001 and the code of practice embodied in ISO/IEC 27018, VMware vCloud Air demonstrates that its privacy policies and procedures are robust and in line with its high standards.

Disaster Recovery

VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery is a Recovery-as-a-Service offering. It provides simple, affordable protection in the cloud for your vSphere environment. vCloud Air Disaster Recovery helps ensure operational consistency while saving money and resources. It keeps your data protected, recoverable and accessible. Protect up to 500 virtual machines per subscription, on an as-needed basis. Set a unique recovery point objective (RPO) value per virtual machine from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Test various failover scenarios as often as necessary during the service period. Flexible subscription options can be expanded as needed.

VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery helps ensure operational consistency while saving money and resources. It keeps data protected, recoverable and accessible. Simplified entitlement controls make it easy to register individual VMs with the service and enable disaster and data recovery in the cloud. Using the same management tools, you can quickly scale up protection of onsite applications. Transfer large volumes of VMs and data prior to replicating over with vCloud Connector Offline Data Transfer. Simple failover test capabilities keep you prepared for disaster. Failover, failback and planned migrations provide consistent, trusted results.


With VMware vCloud Air your organization will benefit from faster time to market by leveraging VMware R&D. Consolidate operations and billings through the VMware vCloud Air Network Program. Expand your geographic footprint using VMware datacenter locations and support VMware Ready certified ISV applications. Data sovereignty — with a network of cloud providers located across more than one hundred countries, you can easily keep data and applications local for simplified adherence to national data security and privacy regulations.

Trusted services — choose from over 4,000 cloud providers offering services validated by VMware based on prescriptive technical requirements to ensure the security, reliability, and performance you know and trust. Ensure compatibility with services based on the same VMware vSphere platform you already use while unlocking the flexibility to move existing and future workloads from on premises environments to public clouds and back again. Security and compliance — bypass risk with clouds offering compliance certifications and built-in standards for security and reporting to meet business and industry requirements.

Virtual Private Cloud

VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud is a multi-tenant, logically isolated core compute service that lives on shared infrastructure. Based on VMware vSphere, it delivers high availability and fully private networking. Virtual Private Cloud is an enterprise-grade, multi-tenant compute service offering high performance and high availability with a full suite of networking capabilities. Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for smaller workloads and tight budgets. It’s also an excellent option for workloads that don’t need dedicated hardware and can be deployed in a multi-tenant environment.

You can use the same management tools and both onsite and offsite cloud environments. You can also set your networks to mimic your existing data center settings. Place workloads on-premises, off-premises or both. High availability and load balancing are included at no extra cost. Virtual Private Cloud also offers total edge gateway control. VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) compute offering. Based on the same design architecture as Dedicated Cloud, it includes a pool of highly available compute, storage, and networking resources.