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A constantly evolving landscape of APTs and other security threats — increased IT compliance pressure — demand from your business stakeholders to provide robust security for virtualization, enterprise mobility, and cloud computing — enterprise security is a complex and fast-moving target. The stakes are high. A Network Security Services breach could expose your business to financial and reputational damage. Non-compliance with legal and other standards can result in steep penalties — and even criminal liability. Enterprise security isn’t something you can afford to get wrong. Yet it remains one of most challenging organizational disciplines to understand, implement and maintain​.​ If these challenges sound familiar, IAM Networks can assist you with Network Security Services. We have a thorough understanding of global security and IT risk management. Our security specialists deliver the visibility, awareness and protection you need to hit all your IT security targets through our ability to create, integrate and manage your security infrastructure in a way that supports your business goals.

Take advantage of a deep, broad set of Network Security Services expertise and passionate client delivery, and our teams who can deliver the best solutions to your security needs.  IAM Networks security solutions provide solutions to qualify and quantify actual threats, protect your assets, information and brand reputation, ensure IT compliance with security, legal and other standards, create a security infrastructure with the right security policies, processes, architecture and expertise in place, and clearly and accurately report risk status and return on security investments back to the business. Reduce the cost and complexity of managing multiple security vendors and support contracts. We will be your single point of contact and accountability.  Make informed decisions about immediate priorities and strategic business plans to improve security. Implement effective cloud security and mobile security. Replace CAPEX with OPEX through our outsourced and managed security services.

Network Security Services

Adding pressure to organizations is the fact that technologies, business models, regulatory environments, and the threat landscape are evolving continuously. So, network security services has become a broad discipline that affects the entire organization and calls for a range of highly specialized and dynamic skills and technologies that most businesses don’t currently have. The boardroom question is: how cost-effectively can these be acquired or accessed? IAM Networks has learned that the answer lies in understanding how profoundly security has changed in recent years. Most organizations have firewalls, antivirus, and network intrusion prevention systems in place. Research shows, though, that they simply don’t have the staff or technology to maintain them efficiently. Systems are not patched regularly. As a consequence, organizations don’t know whether or not they’ve been attacked and aren’t taking proactive steps. Much more importantly, these very limited systems cannot predict attacks.

Infrastructure Security

IAM Networks has a thorough understanding of global security and IT risk management issues and best practices. Additionally, our deep domain expertise in deploying and managing networks, unified communications and collaboration, data centers, applications and contact centers gives our clients the strategic advantage of having a partner with depth of security expertise and infrastructure understanding to create the best solution to their needs. Our security specialists deliver the visibility, awareness and protection you need to hit all your IT security targets through  our ability to create, integrate and manage your security infrastructure in a way that supports your business goals, a broad portfolio of security services coupled with proven technologies from a select group of innovative partners, a deep, broad set of security expertise and passionate client delivery, and our teams who can deliver Network Security Services solutions to your security needs. We offer a broad portfolio of proven security technologies from a select group of innovative global partners including Cisco, Fortinet, Blue Coat, Intel Security and Palo Alto Networks.

Compliance And Governance

Network Security Services is a flexible engagement through which we undertake a detailed assessment of your security architecture, from policies to technical controls. Managed secure infrastructure Service — leave it to us to provide end to end operational management of your IT and security assets. Up time support and maintenance — we provide proactive, multi vendor support and maintenance services to help you maximize the availability of your IT estate while optimizing your total IT support spend. Governance, risk and compliance assessments provides you with a view of your current IT security risk profile against the industry standard risk indices of confidentiality, integrity, availability and audit. It’s designed to enable you to make decisions regarding immediate priorities — as well as strategic business plans to improve the network, determine return on investment and manage risk. A discussion about your governance, risk and compliance may uncover the need for managed secure infrastructure services
Network Security Services


As attacks have become more sophisticated and continue to evolve, static technologies can't keep up. Siloed solutions fragment your defenses. It takes intelligence and precision to stop cyber attacks and unknown threats. IAM Security , consists of solutions that deliver core functionality to prevent, detect and respond to attacks, including security analytics, threat hunting, incident response, and threat intelligence with network and endpoint protection.

IAM is ushering in a new era of security operations and response with the IBM Cognitive SOC Platform, powered by IBM Watson for Cyber Security. This innovative, end-to-end security operations and response architecture leverages advanced cognitive technology to provide rapid and accurate security insights and response across endpoint, network, cloud and users.

DDoS Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) are on the rise in frequency, sophistication and cost. In 2016 alone, nearly 50 percent of enterprise IT leaders reported experiencing at least one DDoS attack. And once a firm has been attacked, the chances are more than 90 percent they'll get hit again. What's at risk? Just a single DDoS attack can wreak havoc on a company for months, deflating IT team productivity, driving customer down-time, reducing margins, and degrading brand reputation. Protecting your servers and network — not to mention your customer data, billing records and intellectual property — from a DDoS attack is more critical and simpler than ever, thanks to our DDoS protection and mitigation service.

DDoS Mitigation Service is a monitoring service that proactively detects and re—routes malicious or affected traffic away from your network to where it can be analyzed and scrubbed, so you and your customers experience no downtime or degradation of service. If your business relies on the Internet to communicate internally or with customers, conduct ecommerce, or use online bill pay or VoIP telephony, DDoS Mitigation Service is a fortress against illegitimate activity that could save your livelihood. DDoS Mitigation Services are available to protect customers from attacks almost anywhere. Whether your data is hosted inside a data center, on-premise at your location, inside a hybrid or cloud environment, or across a third party networks, we have the right solution to stop unwanted traffic from clogging your network.


Managing network security services is often challenging. Accomplishing this in the changing landscape of mobile workers, virtual data centers, and cloud computing based services adds more complexity. To address these challenges, IAM Networks offers centralized operational tools, such as enterprise-grade security manager, to simplify and help you manage your entire network security deployment. In addition, we partnered with best-in-class technology vendors to deliver Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems that have been pre-tested and validated with security products.

This variety of management options give you the flexibility to choose the network security management solutions best suited to your environment and business needs. The sheer size of enterprises’ networks — let alone the volume of devices and data running on those networks — leaves them open to attacks. These malicious hacks can spread from individual end-users, throughout an organization’s systems and infrastructure, out to entire industries. Traditionally, network security has used tactical policies such as device hardening and firewall audits.


Consistently enforce access rights across your business environment. Your business needs immediate, easy and secure access to information. But you must balance that with access controls that secure protected information and help you meet government mandates. With identity powered access solutions, you can quickly and cost effectively integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies across local, mobile and cloud environments. Our solutions use integrated identity information to create, modify, and retire identities and control their access.

IAM is a security policy management and control platform. We provide Identity Management, Access Management, Single Sign-On (SSO), access governance, identity tracking and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) administration. We can make it easier for users or managers to request, review and approve secure access to resources. We are challenged to grant just enough’ access and authority for people to do their jobs. Without IAM solutions access control, you end up granting more rights or access than you should.

Network Security

Network Based Security (NBS) was built to provide a comprehensive solution that meets the network security needs of business with a single managed solution. NBS is a modular cloud-based security service that includes a managed firewall with VPN, scalable options for Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Data Leak Protection, web malware prevention and content filtering.

NBS is more efficient than traditional CPE-based security solutions because it delivers security in the cloud, rather than through a single office location where expensive network equipment needs to be housed. NBS also enables speedier, more efficient Internet access because it allows user traffic to flow naturally across multiple access points, rather than pushing it through a single point where the VPN lives. Customers no longer need to cope with the latency and bandwidth issues common with CPE-based security solutions.