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Increase the productivity of your phone calls and conference calls by making sure everyone can hear each other clearly and concentrate on what is being discussed. With Polycom Voice Collaboration enterprise grade, HD voice solutions, every participant can hear and be heard. Your teams can focus on what matters creating stronger, deeper connections with customers, partners and each other. Empower your teams to work together better, free from interruptions. Polycom legendary enterprise grade audio reduces interference from background noise, so you can always follow every conversation and never miss a detail. You get more because we’re constantly enhancing Polycom audio technologies. With Polycom Acoustic Clarity make sure your conference calls go smoothly. Use HD voice, don’t let muffled sound or missed words slow your people down. With Polycom Acoustic Fence block noise and make “anywhere collaboration” a reality.

Service providers need the right partner and products to help them deliver superior hosted voice solutions. Polycom’s commitment to open standards and the industry’s most robust SIP feature stack helps you accelerate your speed to service and new revenue streams. Whether you’re serving SMBs or the Fortune 500, you can depend on Polycom reliability and performance to help increase retention and customer acquisition. Polycom Acoustic Fence for VVX Business Media phones Polycom Acoustic Fence technology keeps business conversations free from extraneous noises and distractions by dramatically improving the most important component of the Polycom VVX experience voice clarity. Polycom makes this possible by automatically reducing background noises coworkers’ chatter, loud machinery, or even barking dogs for example using advanced echo cancellation techniques to “cancel out” all soundwaves except the actual speaker’s voice.

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Polycom Voice Collaboration Acoustic Fence Technology

The technology brings advanced noise cancellation to your handset or a connected headset, blocking background sounds from entering the microphone and disrupting calls. Polycom Voice Collaboration Acoustic Fence uses multiple microphones to create a virtual “audio fence” so that sounds from “outside of the fence” are blocked from being heard by remote participants. The end result reduces and allows remote callers to hear and focus on the meeting at hand. Benefits of the Polycom Voice Collaboration VVX Acoustic Fence Technology. Reduce frustration levels the person on the other end of the phone call will clearly hear your voice and only your voice and will not have to interrupt the conversation by asking you to repeat yourself. Reduce call duration and increase productivity. For call centers and busy offices reducing the duration of the call time is important. Polycom Voice Collaboration Acoustic Fence will reduce wait times and the number of calls in the queue.

Polycom Voice Collaboration Services

Ensure success and maximize the return on your investment in Polycom Voice Collaboration with services. Services for open SIP environments. Full life cycle services for voice solutions are offered by Polycom service provider and open SIP premises based partners. Polycom trains and supports these partners on how to configure, update and manage the full portfolio of Polycom voice collaboration solutions. Engage your cloud or on premises provider to ensure success with your voice collaboration deployment. If you do not have a cloud or on premises provider, the partner finder tool will help you locate suppliers in your area. Services for Microsoft environments. Ensure your Microsoft Voice deployment goes smoothly from beginning to end. Polycom’s ten-year partnership with Microsoft and our broad portfolio of voice solutions for Office 365 and Skype for Business gives us unique expertise to help you succeed. Polycom complements their broad portfolio of products with specific services for Microsoft Voice deployments that will help you plan, deliver and your voice collaboration solution.
Polycom Voice Collaboration
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