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Always available services, applications and systems. It is your job to deliver IT services that always perform. Don’t be blind sided by service outages, poor application performance, user complaints, or system failures. We can help. Network Operations Managed Services — a part of data center management, integrate service management, application management and systems management, to give you a holistic view of your IT environment and business services. IAM Networks provides Application Performance Management (APM), IT Process Automation (ITPA), Business Service Management (BSM) and systems management solutions. This improves performance and availability to keep your business running. Without objective metrics, business managers are often critical of IT service performance. IAM Networks provides business value dashboards tailored to many different kinds of stakeholders, to help them understand service level achievement in a way that makes sense to them.

Once you have automation in place, you can use metrics to identify more areas where you could improve. IAM Networks provides customizable reports to benchmark performance. This helps you continually lower manual steps, remove process bottlenecks and reduce process frequency, all of which will end up shrinking your IT workload. Our success as a business depends on several different IT services. I need to know which ones are having problems that could affect my business, so I can prioritize our response. Your business relies on IT services. But if you don’t understand which IT events will impact your business, you can waste time on less critical issues while the important ones linger. You need Network Operations Managed Services before problems affect revenue. Traditional tools only integrate IT tools. IAM Networks take a more comprehensive approach. IAM Networks provides IT service monitoring by integrating IT tools with business platforms.

Network Operations Managed Services

With Network Operations Managed Services, irrelevant events often drown out vital information. How can I quickly troubleshoot the root cause of poor application or system performance, and resolve it more quickly and efficiently? Like many IT operations teams, you don’t lack monitoring. In fact, the opposite is true — getting too many irrelevant events can drown out meaningful information. So troubleshooting eats up too much of your team’s time. You need to optimize your Network Operations Managed Services and systems monitoring, so you can find the events that really matter, out of the box. IAM Networks provides robust IT services monitoring that helps you do just that. IAM Networks helps you to quickly monitor a range of technologies including off the shelf applications, databases, operating systems, and virtualization technologies, as well as the infrastructure it all runs on. You have many different IT management tools and they are not going away.

IT Process Automation Framework

The pace of change keeps increasing. If your IT operations staff spends all their time trying to maintain legacy systems, rather than working on new initiatives. Business demands can change quickly. But the work of maintaining legacy applications and systems limits your ability to adapt to change. You need to reduce your IT workload so you can work on new initiatives. No one likes to do repetitive tasks by hand. They are tedious, boring, and take far too much time. Even worse, they introduce the element of human error, which can lead to rework. IAM Networks can help by automating many routine processes and tasks. With Network Operations Managed Services you can improve efficiency, respond consistently and reduce IT service delivery time. As your environment changes, monitoring is often an afterthought. Manual updates are implemented slowly, leaving you exposed to problems that go undetected.
Network Operations Managed Services


To maximize business efficiency, your networks must be continuously monitored and managed, with any performance issues addressed immediately. On an ongoing basis, the network must be tested for vulnerabilities, and each device must be updated with new firmware and software frequently. The performance of your network should be monitored in real-time, including all devices such as firewalls, routers, and switches.

Issues should be documented and tracked. Up time metrics defined in contract service level agreements (SLAs) should be met. By leveraging our IT monitoring, management, and support services your company can quickly change its IT model from reactive to proactive and stay one step ahead of IT problems. Our services combine a rich set of service automation tools coupled with IT technical resources to provide full service support extending from individual critical assets to your entire enterprise.


IAM Networks has a fragmented and overlapping set of tools, and gaining visibility across management silos is a challenge. How can I better integrate all of my IT operations management tools, so my operations teams can work more efficiently? Monitoring is great, but you’re suffering from red alert overload. Which problems need immediate response, and which can wait? You need an integrated view of all your IT tools so your team can work efficiently. Each team in your IT operations group has its favorite tools, but they don’t work well together. And integrating them is nearly impossible.

If you can’t see across all of them at once, problem solving descends into finger-pointing. IAM Networks can help you consolidate, reconcile and correlate all your freestanding information silos into a live, end to end, single pane of glass IT services management view. No matter how complex, distributed or heterogeneous the underlying infrastructure is, you can see it all clearly. When you are trying to troubleshoot an IT services problem, superficial tool integration isn’t good enough. You need to rapidly drill down and isolate the problem. IAM Networks offer rule based, automated prioritization and weighting.

IT Monitoring And Support

A comprehensive managed infrastructure solution is a combination of advanced tools, excellent process execution, and conscientious, talented engineers to keep your operations running smoothly. All devices throughout your network should be monitored with agents and log files. A comprehensive ticket management solution should track every aspect of an incident from start to finish while providing a client portal that keeps you informed every step of the way to resolution. Adherence to contract service level agreements (SLAs) is accomplished with the proper procedures put in place for response times and escalation of issues.

When you outsource IT infrastructure management to us, you enable your in-house staff to focus on your business strategy and leave the nuts and bolts of IT operations to us. Spend less time on IT problems and more time on your business, knowing that your IT assets are being monitored and managed 24/7. Basic IT tasks such as patch releases and antivirus updates can be eliminated from your staff’s daily schedule, freeing them up to focus on more important IT initiatives. Our services combine a comprehensive set of service automation tools coupled with IT technical resources to provide full-service support extending from individual critical assets to your entire enterprise.

Security Managed Services

Our experience in managing thousands of devices gives us the knowledge to apply the appropriate security software and devices to give you the protection you need. Companies look to us for ongoing guidance, not to sell them tools. We meet regularly with our clients to assess and discuss how they can be more secure. We provide Security And Compliance Managed Services to mitigate emerging threats. Most of the investments firms make are in the prevention of intrusions, and almost exclusively focused on the perimeter of their corporate network.

No matter how much money you spend on intrusion prevention, there are always vulnerabilities and zero day exploits to get in. Just ask Sony, Verizon, and Target. More than half of the attacks are carried out by insiders, and most of those are malicious and intentional. If you are going to invest in cyber defenses, make certain to incorporate early detection of anomalies, including those which could originate from your staff. We have dealt with several of these situations with our Security And Compliance Managed Services.