Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager

Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager
Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager
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Mobile and IoT are changing how we think about NAC. Follow Aruba’s 3-step plan to identify devices, enforce polices, and protect the network. Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager for mobility and IoT. Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager solves today’s security challenges across any multi-vendor wired or wireless network. By replacing outdated legacy AAA with context-aware policies. It delivers visibility, policy control and workflow automation in one cohesive solution. Identify what’s on your wired or wireless network. Security starts with understanding what’s on the network. What devices are being used, how many, and which operating systems are supported? Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager has a built-in profiling engine that collects real-time data. Including device categories, vendors, and OS versions. And the new standalone Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager Universal Profiler provides the same visibility. For those not ready for full policy enforcement.

Enforce smart policies. Organizations must adapt to today’s evolving devices and their use. Whether the device is a smartphone, a printer, or a surveillance camera. Once you know what’s on your network, it’s time to enforce policies. That provide proper user and device access, regardless of user, device type or location. Protect resources via dynamic policy controls and threat remediation. It’s expensive and time-consuming to invest in security. And it’s almost impossible to keep ahead of the hackers by innovating alone. Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager Exchange ecosystem is designed to bring together best-of-breed third-party solutions. To provide end-to-end security at the edge with real-time analytics. Learn how Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager Insight provides real-time analytics. And reporting to better understand who and what is on your network, so you can resolve issues quickly.


Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager — Endpoint Visibility For Wired And Wireless

Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager offers network and security organizations a unique advantage versus the competition. As real-time, agentless profiling can be acquired as a standalone appliance or within a comprehensive policy enforcement solution. Both allow you to continuously identify endpoints, and network devices on non-AAA or AAA enabled wired and wireless networks. Whether via dynamic or static IP addresses. Comprehensive dashboard visuals make it easy to see the total number of endpoints. And the number by category, family and device type. Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager discovers endpoints with unsurpassed ease. Identifying and profiling attributes that determine device category, vendor, operating system, IP address, hostname, owner, and more. Automatic and IT-customizable endpoint classification ensures that new and unknown IoT devices are quickly placed into the proper device families. For visibility and/or security enforcement.

Advanced Policy Management

Enforcement and visibility for wired and wireless. With Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager —  organizations can deploy wireless using standards-based 802.1X enforcement for strong authentication. ClearPass also offers a way to create non-.1X policies on wired networks with OnConnect. For those organizations not ready to go full 802.1X and AAA throughout their wired infrastructure. Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager allows for a hybrid approach to enable IT to gain insights about all devices. Including computers, smartphones and IoT – accessing the network. Concurrent authentication methods can be used to support a variety of use-cases. It also includes support for multi-factor authentication based on login times, posture checks, and other context. Such as new user, new device, and more. Attributes from multiple identity stores such as Microsoft Active Directory. And LDAP-compliant directory, ODBC-compliant SQL database, token servers and internal databases across domains can be used within a single policy for fine-grained control.
ClearPass Policy Manager
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