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To be truly effective, next generation security must be built around automated and actionable intelligence that can be shared quickly to recognize and reduce threats, protecting the network and its users. Juniper Networks Security gives you end to end network visibility that secures the entire network, physical and virtual. It leverages cloud economics to find and stop threats faster. The unified Juniper Networks Security platform combines policy, detection, and enforcement with a comprehensive product portfolio that centralizes and automates security. Simplified, centrally managed policies are intelligible for all devices on a heterogeneous network. Threat intelligence is aggregated into a common, cloud based service with policies that adapt to changing threat conditions, providing fast and effective protection. Updated policy is distributed across the network, dynamically and in real-time, stopping rogue traffic and quarantining compromised endpoints.

Maximum performance and scale — supports fast, secure, and highly available data center and enterprise edge operations, with unmatched performance and scalability, massive session volumes, and flexible large-scale connectivity, with ultra low latency performance of up to 1 Tbps. Security for any size data center and enterprise edge — offers a broad range of options — from all in one, integrated physical and virtual security networking devices to highly scalable, chassis based data center solutions — that can defend enterprise data centers and service providers of any size. Superior security value — provides outstanding value for high-speed, highly effective security services — even with multiple services enabled. The system’s flexible, modular approach protects your investment by scaling for future network growth. Juniper Networks cSRX container firewall — advanced security services, including content security, Juniper Networks AppSecure, and UTM, for containerized and virtual machine environments.


Juniper Networks Sky Advanced Threat Prevention

Juniper Networks Security Sky Advanced Threat Prevention — cloud based service that provides advanced malware protection. Advanced malware protection from the cloud. A cloud based service that’s integrated with Juniper Networks SRX Series firewalls, Juniper Networks Security Sky Advanced Threat Prevention delivers a dynamic anti-malware solution that adapts to an ever-changing threat landscape. As malware attacks evolve and grow more insidious, conventional anti-malware products have difficulty defending against them. Juniper Networks Security Sky Advanced Threat Prevention keeps the network free of sophisticated malware and cyber attacks with superior cloud-based protection that includes monitoring ingress and egress traffic for malware and indicators of compromise. Juniper Networks Security Sky Advanced Threat Prevention employs a pipeline of technologies in the cloud to identify varying levels of risks, providing a higher degree of accuracy in threat prevention.

Juniper Networks Security — cSRX Container Firewall

Compact footprint, high-density firewall for virtualized and cloud environments. The cSRX provides advanced security services, including content security, Juniper Networks AppSecure, and unified threat management in a container form factor. With its small footprint and Docker as a container management system, Juniper Networks Security cSRX enables agile, high density security service deployment. Businesses increasingly rely on container technology for developing applications. Using Docker containers substantially reduces overhead, because each container shares the host’s OS. Regardless of how many containers a server hosts, only one OS instance is in use. And because of containers’ lightweight quality, a server can host many more container instances than virtual machines (VMs) can, yielding tremendous improvements in utilization. Juniper Networks Security cSRX series firewalls deliver superior application visibility and control, intrusion prevention system (IPS), and user based application policies.

Juniper Networks Security — vSRX Virtual Firewall

High performance security with advanced, integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry’s most scalable and resilient platform. The industry’s fastest virtual security platform, Juniper Networks Security vSRX offers firewall speeds up to 17 Gbps using only two vCPUs, scaling to 100 Gbps with 12 vCPUs to provide scalable, secure protection across private, public, and hybrid clouds. Datacenters increasingly rely on server virtualization to deliver services faster and more efficiently than ever before. The vSRX offers the same features that are available in our physical Juniper Networks Security SRX Series devices, delivering a complete and integrated virtual security solution that includes core firewall, robust networking, advanced security services at Layer-4 through Layer-7, and automated life cycle management capabilities. Automated provisioning capabilities enabled through Junos Space Virtual Director let you quickly and efficiently deploy scalable firewall protection to meet the dynamic needs of virtualized and cloud environments.
Juniper Networks Security
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