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Dell EMC Storage Managed Services support is comprehensive management of your storage information infrastructure which can reduce total operations costs — making costs more predictable and improving storage platform utilization. This increases overall operational efficiency and quality of service. The Dell EMC Storage Managed Services offering includes storage and backup resource management functions that are outsourced and staffed by a team of skilled Dell EMC service professionals. The ongoing challenges to adapt to emerging technologies coupled with inflexible IT, minimal scalability and increasing management costs restrict an organization’s ability to innovate and grow. How can your IT teams implement new technologies when they are under immense pressure to reduce costs, enhance service and availability and boost efficiencies? You need a partner who can help you align your IT functions with overall business goals.

Catering to the core components of your infrastructure and operations, we provide rapid access to world-class expertise, tools, automation, best practices and industry leading processes to help strengthen and grow your business. Build a secure infrastructure, maintain the integrity of your data and reduce administrative burden. Save time, money and resources with automated, comprehensive IT management services. A foundational differentiator of our services is the enterprise service management and automation strategy, which allows you to take optimal advantage of a business driven, service centric approach to IT management. Dell EMC also integrate the delivery and overall management of heterogeneous IT infrastructures through our scalable Enterprise Tools and Integration model — to simplify operations, provide a single point of accountability and deliver a completely business aligned IT. Let us partner with you to deliver services that align with your unique business objectives, increase agility and scalability, and enable an environment of innovation.

Dell EMC Storage Managed Services

As your organization grows, your information is broadly distributed — putting its confidentiality, integrity and overall availability at threat. This rapidly evolving risk landscape demands proactive and immediately responsive security services. Dell EMC Managed Security Services portfolio enables a completely secure infrastructure, from endpoint to core, so that you can focus on running your business. Acting as a natural extension of your IT, we manage your day-to-day security operations and proactively addresses the real threats to your networks. Dell EMC Storage Managed Services limit and remove the costs of business disruption and data loss by reducing and eliminating security exposure. These engagements leverage Dell EMC management and ITIL best practices, proprietary operational processes, and Dell EMC management oversight. Dell EMC Storage Managed Services can be customized to meet your specific needs, and are available through the following delivery models.

Dell EMC Global Services

Dell EMC Global Services provides the strategic guidance and technology expertise organizations need to address business and information infrastructure challenges and realize maximum value from their information assets and investments. Dell EMC Global Services are committed to exceptional total customer experience through service excellence. Dell EMC’s 13,000+ professional and support service experts worldwide — plus a global network of alliances and partners — leverage proven methodologies, industry best practices, experience, and knowledge derived from Dell EMC’s 30 year information centric heritage to address the full spectrum of customer needs across the information life-cycle, strategize, advise, architect, implement, manage, and support. Labor resources can be located either at your current site and/or remotely, depending on the specific scope and your needs. Dell EMC provides storage hardware and software assets to you on a right to use basis.
Dell EMC Storage Managed Services


Get performance, scale, high availability, and advanced data services for all mission-critical applications with Dell EMC VMAX All-Flash powered by Intel Xeon processors. Engineered to optimize flash drive technology, VMAX All-Flash is built to take on all of your modern data center challenges. Dell EMC has reset the bar for enterprise storage performance and consolidation with industry leading availability. Meet the demands of today’s mission-critical workloads with the high performance and massive capacity of VMAX All-Flash. With rich data services, incredible reliability, and universal support, VMAX All Flash defines the modern data center.

Scale to more than 4PB of effective capacity at a fraction of the floor space with high density flash and 4:1 storage efficiency. Support for all primary storage workloads for open systems, mainframe, IBM i, and block and file storage. Enable world-class business continuity and disaster recovery, including copy data management and cloud tiering. Maximize your flash investment with greater flash durability and 350 microsecond sustained response times. Grow capacity and performance independently with simple V-Bricks and Flash Capacity Packs. Take advantage of REST APIs, VMware, OpenStack, Oracle, Microsoft, and even integration with leading cloud solutions.


Look to Dell EMC VMAX 850F when you need primary storage for mission-critical and cloud-scale demands in the modern data center. It’s our most powerful Dell EMC VMAX all flash array, with the performance, scale, always on availability, and advanced data services you expect from Dell EMC VMAX storage. Handle the most mission-critical applications and high demand transactional workloads. IOPS and capacity scale linearly as you grow. The scale-out building block of the Dell EMC VMAX 850F storage array is the Dell EMC V-Brick, which includes a Dell EMC VMAX engine and 53 TB of base capacity. Dell EMC Flash Capacity Packs let you scale up in 13 TB increments.

With included software and an easy to add optional Dell EMC FX software package, it’s easy to benefit from a wealth of trusted data services. Achieve up to 4:1 storage efficiency with inline compression and other data reduction tools. See and compare Dell EMC VMAX all flash storage arrays. Engineered for highest performance — up to 4 million IOPS. Ensures 99.9999% high availability. Offers data services options that include advanced replication, data encryption, storage management, data protection, and storage tiering to cloud.


A starting point for the family, the Dell EMC VMAX 250F is ideally suited for customers with modest capacity requirements who still want to take advantage of the enterprise capabilities of Dell EMC VMAX All Flash.

  • Reliable performance of over 1 million IOPS.
  • Scales up to 1 PB effective flash capacity.
  • Scales out to 2 V-Bricks.
  • Advanced data services and multi-controller architecture.


The Dell EMC VMAX 450F is a Tier 1 highly scalable array that solves the broadest set of modern storage challenges while offering advanced data services for peace of mind.

  • Designed for enterprise performance up to 1.5 million IOPS.
  • Scales up to 2 PB effective flash capacity.
  • Scales out to 4 V-Bricks.
  • Highly flexible for diverse workloads and reliable performance.


With incredible performance of up to 6.7 million IOPS, the VMAX 950F leads the modern data center with mission-critical availability, rich data services, and consolidation of mixed workloads.

  • Designed for ultimate performance up to 6.7 million IOPS, 150 GB/s bandwidth.
  • Scales up to 4 PB effective flash capacity.
  • Scales out to 8 V-Bricks.
  • Unparalleled performance to support massive workload consolidation.


Dell EMC VMAX OneFS operating system provides the intelligence behind Dell EMC VMAX scale out SAN storage solutions. Dell EMC VMAX OneFS combines the three layers of traditional storage architectures — file system, volume manager, and data protection — into one unified software layer, creating a single intelligent file system that spans all nodes within a cluster. The Dell EMC VMAX OneFS operating system is designed for big data in next generation enterprises.

It meets the rapidly converging requirements of big data and enterprise IT that generate the need for a different way of meeting data storage needs in the future. Take advantage of integrated support for industry standard protocols including SMB, NFS, FTP, HTTP, OpenStack Swift, and HDFS to provide an efficient, shared storage infrastructure. Consolidate data, cut costs, and accelerate results for a wide range of workloads. Gain ease of use and a single file system, single volume architecture with Dell EMC VMAX OneFS scale out storage solutions.