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Cloud platform managed services with and data storage provides the agility and efficiency you expect. You select private, public, or hybrid cloud custom configurations over multiple locations and multiple environments based on your business needs. Cloud managed services solutions also include Azure and AWS platforms. Network engineers take care of your servers, so you don’t have to. Network engineers do not offer one size fits all”solutions like the large commodity providers, instead we right size your network infrastructure to meet your business needs. Our focus is on the performance, security and reliability of our cloud services. Network engineers will take the time to gain knowledge and detail regarding your managed services requirements so we can deliver a cloud solution to meet your needs and at the same time be priced lower than the commodity cloud providers. Administration by expert system administrators.

Cloud managed services network engineers provide better network managed services taking extra care in designing your cloud network environment and then managing it with tool sets and a team of network engineer professionals. Network engineer experts know how to configure and migrate and mitigate your network. Network engineers calculate the demands your applications and users will put on your network infrastructure and take into consideration your requirements for performance and growth. Through analyzing your data storage requirements network engineers will optimize your cloud solution. Network engineers will demonstrate how a managed cloud differs from commodity cloud solutions. A successful cloud computing strategy requires a detailed understanding of your site performance expectations to provide you the optimal architecture talking cloud. Cloud managed services optimize your backup, redundancy and disaster recovery requirements.

Cloud Consulting And Migration Services

Cloud managed services go above and beyond the expectations of our clients. IAM Networks specialize in evolving businesses through adoption of new technologies, and progressive processes, leveraging our expert IT advisory services to manage your IT infrastructure. Use our cloud team to let us map out a migration strategy. We assign a lead technical engineer to provide insights into different technologies and solutions to improve your business. You benefit from a partner-based savings plan, and we offer a scalable solution to help you manage incoming staff at no extra cost. Clients will be able to access the blended experience of experienced network engineer professionals with certifications in disciplines. Our customer service exceeds expectations, demonstrated by client satisfaction. US-based network technology professionals guide IT leadership to optimize costs for hosted cloud computing services by bringing visibility to technology consumption and spending.

Guard Your Data And Your Infrastructure

Cloud Managed Services Security is designed to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability. Security is built-in at all levels, from the Tier 3 equivalent data center to compliance with ISO/IEC standards to ISEC security agreements that support industry and regulatory requirements. Preemptive protection and rapid threat resolution help reduce potential damages and losses. Continuous monitoring and granular control provide improved visibility into attacks by detecting network traffic anomalies that could indicate an attack before it affects your data and infrastructure. Cloud Managed Services Security protects your enterprise data like its own. Security is designed, researched, maintained and enforced. Patching is built into the environment. Vulnerability scanning minimizes threats. Experts are always available and ready to respond to incidents. Tap into the defensive benefits of the cloud without many of the burdens and expenses of maintaining a secure cloud environment and managing compliance demands.

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud managed services provides customized solutions including private and hybrid cloud solutions for organizations preferring to operate in a non-shared environment. Rely on data centers to manage your environment and provide live monitoring services at the right cost. You will benefit from a 100% up time guarantee from our enterprise operations centers to monitor your IT environment from redundant geographically diverse locations. Optimized for both storage space and computing resources, this capacity permits us to quickly scale to accommodate seasonal demands and new acquisitions. IAM Networks optimizes a hosting solution around your business objectives, plans for growth and risk management. Rely on multiple redundant fiber circuits connecting our data centers to provide high throughput and load balanced connectivity, ideal for supporting your multi site business workplace scenarios. SSL and token-based credentials for remote access and end-user authentication.
Cloud Platform Managed Services

Advanced Connectivity

If you have an existing network that you want to connect to Cloud platform resources, Cloud platforms offers options for advanced connectivity. Carrier Interconnect enables you to connect your infrastructure to Google's network edge through highly available, lower-latency connections by using service providers. You can also extend your private network into your private compute engine network over carrier interconnect links by using a VPN tunnel between the networks.

You can establish a direct peering connection between your business network and cloud platform. With this connection, you can exchange Internet traffic between your network and the cloud provider at one of the broad-reaching edge network locations. Cloud platform VPN lets you connect your existing network to your network via an IPsec connection. You can use VPN to connect two cloud platform VPN gateways to each other.


Cloud platforms give you options for computing and hosting. You can choose to work with a managed application platform, leverage container technologies to gain lots of flexibility, or build your own cloud-based infrastructure to have the most control and flexibility. You can imagine a spectrum where, at one end, you have most of the responsibilities for resource management and, at the other end. Use virtual machines (VMs), called instances, to build your application, much like you would if you had your own hardware infrastructure. You can choose from a variety of instance types to customize your configuration to meet your needs and your budget. Choose which global regions and zones to deploy your resources in, giving you control over where your data is stored and used.

Network load balancing lets you distribute traffic among server instances in the same region based on incoming IP protocol data, such as address, port, and protocol. Network load balancing is a great solution if, for example, you want to meet the demands of increasing traffic to your website. HTTP/HTTPS load balancing enables you to distribute traffic across regions so you can ensure that requests are routed to the closest region or, in the event of a failure or over-capacity limitations, to a healthy instance in the next closest region. You can also use HTTP/HTTPS load balancing to distribute traffic based on content type. For example, you might set up your servers to deliver static content, such as images and CSS, from one server and dynamic content, such as PHP pages, from a different server.

Cloud Security

Cloud platforms provide a set of networking services that your VM instances use. Each instance can be attached to only one network. Every compute platform project has a default network. You can create additional networks in your project, but networks cannot be shared between projects. Firewall rules govern traffic coming into instances on a network. The default network has a default set of firewall rules, and you can create custom rules, too.

A route lets you implement more advanced networking functions in your instances, such as creating VPNs. A route specifies how packets leaving an instance should be directed. For example, a route might specify that packets destined for a particular network range should be handled by a gateway virtual machine instance that you configure and operate.

Cloud Storage

Whatever your application, you'll probably need to store some data. Cloud Platform provides a variety of storage services, including a SQL database in Cloud SQL, which provides either MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. A fully managed, mission-critical, relational database service in Cloud Spanner that offers transactional consistency at global scale, schemas, SQL querying, and automatic, synchronous replication for high availability. Consistent, scalable, large-capacity data storage in cloud storage. Cloud storage comes in several flavor. Multi-Regional provides maximum availability and geo-redundancy.

Regional provides high availability and a localized storage location. Nearline provides low-cost archival storage ideal for data accessed less than once a month. Coldline provides the lowest-cost archival storage for backup and disaster recovery. Persistent disks, for use as primary storage for your instances. Google Compute Engine offers both hard-disk-based persistent disks, called standard persistent disks, and solid-state persistent disks (SSD). You can also choose to set up your preferred storage technology on compute engine by using persistent disks. For example, you can set up MongoDB as your NoSQL storage.


We give special attention to specific organizational performance objectives. Our clients will tell you about the depth of the managed hosting services, how we deliver, and how we help companies to raise the bar. Access to databases on a pay per use basis. Advanced trouble ticketing system for any cloud hosted platform. Application setup and migration services for; Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VMware and more. Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS); All popular operating systems supported, including Microsoft Office 365.

Competitive pricing based on usage that the client can set and change. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for cloud hosting/computing and data storage. Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Cisco VoIP, enterprise solutions (PeopleSoft, Oracle, Citrix, Siebel, Hyperion) supported. Microsoft and Linux servers, VMware environments, Microsoft Hyper-V supported. Mobile applications, corporate sites, rich media sites and test and development sites supported. Optimized storage area network (SAN) configuration to save you data storage costs. Predictable monthly billing for cloud hosting and data storage.