Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization

Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization
Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization
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Transform your network and operations. Make money from new services faster. Simplify your network operations and lower operational costs. Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization solutions help you meet your business goals in your timeline. What you can do with NFV? Run network functions on general purpose hardware. Take network functions in and out of service, and scale them up and down easily. Locate functions where you need them. Automate service delivery with orchestration. Capitalize on the power of NFV, Cisco made it easy for you to adopt NFV through Cisco’s open architecture. Cisco offers two platforms for you to build on, the  Cisco Evolved Services Platform is a software suite that lets you automate your services delivery and the Cisco Evolved Programmable Network helps you deploy a highly secure infrastructure for network, computing, and storage.

Cisco combines Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization with two complementary technology initiatives, Open Source — free your technical talent to innovate and build on the innovation of others. Get a more adaptable network at your command. Why Choose Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization? Your business results matter. With Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization end to end services approach, you can make it easy for customers buy their services online, deliver services to customers in minutes, get the NFV infrastructure and virtualized functions you need, automate your services delivery across multi-vendor products, and match your business models to the way you buy with our flexible buying options. Focus your time and energy on desired business outcomes and profits. Cisco provides 24/7 support of the infrastructure, with OpenSource software included.


Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization — Services Orchestrator

Industry-leading Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) is an industry leading software platform that does just that. Cisco NSO is used in many service provider networks today to automate services across traditional and virtualized networks. Put Cisco Network Services Orchestrator to work now to solve your service delivery challenges across your multi-vendor network. Use Cisco NSO to add, change, and delete services without the need for time-consuming custom code or service disruption. Cisco NSO can help ensure that your services are delivered in real-time, and meet even the most stringent service level agreements. Cisco NSO works across all domains in your network. It helps you fulfill every aspect of a service. Use Cisco NSO for your existing network, as well as your Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization projects.

Cisco NFV Infrastructure

The Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization infrastructure is a fully validated and tested system. It comprises the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform, the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) server powered by Intel technology, and the market leading Cisco Nexus family of networking equipment. The Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure builds a solid foundation that provides cost efficiency, improves service deployment speed, and enables new revenues. The Cisco NFV Infrastructure features include the physical infrastructure comprising Cisco UCS computing and storage, Cisco Nexus 9000 top of rack switches, and Cisco ACI controller Virtual Topology System (VTS). Red Hat OpenStack for the Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) with embedded Red Hat OpenStack, Red Hat Linux, RHEL Hypervisor, and Red Hat CEPH Software-Defined Storage Virtual Network Functions — extensive portfolio. Cisco NFV, infrastructure NFV or Resource Orchestration, and Cisco Network Services Orchestrator

Your network has to scale on demand, respond to unpredictable traffic models, and help you introduce services faster. With Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure, (NFVI), you can maintain high availability of services, deploy new services faster, deduce total cost of ownership by 40 percent, benefit from a tested and flexible architecture, and take advantage of an open, ETSI standard design. Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure is a tested and validated design that is easily extensible and expandable. It includes the expertise of Cisco Services to give you end-to-end delivery and fast time to market. Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure comprises best-in-class building blocks, including Cisco UCS servers, Nexus switches, and a hardened and automated distribution of RedHat OpenStack. The single-pane-of-glass management software module makes it easy to manage and operate. And it helps to simplify the provisioning, configuration, and life cycle management of all components.
Cisco NFV Network Functions Virtualization
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