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Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment which uses a mix of on premises, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms. By allowing workloads to move between private and public clouds as computing needs and costs change, hybrid cloud gives businesses greater flexibility and more data deployment options. Hybrid cloud at the core lets you respond quickly, frees up capital, allows you to scale up or down to meet unknown demand, and reduce costs. An enterprise can deploy an on premises private cloud to host critical workloads, but use a public cloud provider, such as Google Compute Engine, to host less critical resources, such as test/dev workloads. To hold customer-facing archival and backup data, a hybrid cloud could use Amazon S3. A hybrid cloud includes a variety of public and private cloud options.

To connect private cloud and public cloud resources, this model requires a hybrid cloud environment. Another hybrid cloud use case is big data processing. A Hybrid cloud is a holistic approach to the consumption of IT. It is about matching the right solution to the right job. A company, for example, could use hybrid cloud storage to retain its accumulated business, sales, test and other data, and then run analytical queries in the public cloud, which can scale to support demanding distributed computing tasks. A software layer, such as Eucalyptus, can facilitate private cloud connections to public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Hybrid cloud is particularly valuable for dynamic or highly changeable workloads. For example, a transactional order entry system that experiences significant demand spikes around the holiday season is a good hybrid cloud candidate.

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Respond Smarter, Faster With Hybrid Cloud Services

Use an enterprise grade hybrid cloud  built and optimized for your business applications: collaboration, mobility, ERP, contact centers, or your own bespoke enterprise applications. IAM Networks  consulting and professional services can assess workloads for cloud, plan and execute the migration, then optimize and govern your cloud. We’ll keep you in command with our cloud control management capability. For a complete solution, we’ll surround your cloud with all the enabling technologies, data centers, networking, collaboration, and security and we can provide support, managed services, or outsourcing. Hybrid cloud architecture provides huge opportunities for scalability and flexibility. But it also presents significant challenges for consistency, security, and orchestration across multiple complex systems. Give users true enterprise-class data services across all corporate and personal mobile devices, while maintaining total IT control.

Hybrid Cloud Platform On IBM Bluemix

A hybrid cloud brings an architected solution to systems integration, so you can focus your efforts on integrating business components to create your unique business solution and not get bogged down in the gritty details of one-off systems integration. IBM Bluemix is available in local, dedicated, and public and offers a suite of instant-on services, including Watson, data analytics, and mobile services. While hybrid was once thought of as a strictly a cost savings measure, today it’s evolved as a key component of innovation. It allows your organization to integrate applications, data, and services, manage workloads, and make data and applications portable. Simply stated, hybrid has the capability to drive the rate and pace of change in your modern IT organizations. Empower your enterprise to dynamically innovate with new services and create new business models. Help your entire enterprise collaborate on value creation, and speeding innovation.

Hybrid Cloud Accelerates Business

You have ambitions to grow, accelerate, transform, innovate, and protect your business in the digital era. IAM Networks gives you everything you need to achieve your ambitions and respond smarter and faster with hybrid cloud. Agile innovation innovate faster and use experimentation more to advance your business. IAM Networks understands that achieving your ambitions requires certain strengths. Give your customers the best service possible, in the most flexible, cost-effective way. Employee collaboration — you need to give your employees the tools to work more productively — anywhere, anytime. Transformation — uncover innovative new ways to solve difficult problems. We help you respond smarter and faster with hybrid cloud. Easily integrate your apps, desktops, and data, and manage everything from one console. Migrate applications and services at your pace and with the flexibility you need without compromising security.

Data Integration

At the most fundamental level, hybrid computing can be viewed as having data that resides both on-premises and in the cloud. This is often done to economically store large data sets, utilize new cloud-native databases, move data closer to customers, or to create a backup and archive solution with cost-effective high availability. In all cases, a hybrid cloud offers a range of storage and database services that can work together with your on-premises applications to store data reliably and securely. Using these services on a hybrid cloud can allow you to achieve the same or better control, reliability, and availability that you enjoy in your data centers today with a design for 99.999999999% durability and secure encryption, so that you can feel confident that your data is protected. The next layer of hybrid architecture involves connecting on-premises and cloud resources through a common network to facilitate the creation of a single enterprise environment.
Hybrid Cloud Platforms And Services
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