Aruba Networks Mobile Engagement

Aruba Networks Mobile Engagement
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Offering granular visibility into wired and wireless networks. Aruba Networks AirWave is the only management platform designed with mobile devices and apps in mind. By proactively monitoring the health and performance of all things connected. AirWave lets IT gain the insights they need to support the digital workplace. Today’s digital workforce is casting aside legacy wired networks in favor of secure, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. Complete mobile engagement solution. Unlike a hardware-only approach, the Aruba Networks Mobile Engagement solution integrates best-in-class enterprise Wi-Fi. And Aruba Networks Location Services with self-service device on boarding and mobile app platforms into one integrated solution. That’s quick and easy to deploy. Need help getting there? We will guide you every step of the way. To move your organization from legacy infrastructure to a mobile-first digital workplace. Including planning, design, implementation, and integration.

Aruba Networks Mobile Engagement consultants are also specialists in Microsoft Skype for Business and Office 365. Including Microsoft Office 365 migration assistance, making the transition to a digital workplace a seamless process. The Aruba Networks Mobile Engagement solution leverages user, location, device and other contextual data. To engage guests in a more meaningful way. This enables enterprise venues to deliver compelling, personalized information to their mobile devices while protecting their privacy. Visitors who connect to a venue’s Wi-Fi can specify their preferences. So enterprise businesses know how they want to be engaged. And when they download a venue’s custom-branded Meridian mobile app, they can opt-in to get personalized, location-relevant push notifications. Pervasive wireless access to business-critical applications is now expected wherever users work or roam. Wireless LANs (WLANs) need massive scalability, uncompromising security, and rock solid reliability to accommodate the soaring demand.


Aruba Networks Mobile Engagement — ClearPass

Aruba Networks Mobile Engagement ClearPass can now profile any IoT device. Integrate with multi-factor authentication for stronger device and app security. And provide deeper insights into security incidents. To manage any risk of moving from current state to future vision. HP Enterprise’s Trusted Transformation approach focuses on validating alignment with business priorities. And operational and financial realities — encompassing people, process, and overall program management. Aruba services enable Bring Your Own (BYO) — everything with pervasive wireless connectivity, security, and reliability. And with Aruba Networks focus on automation and centralized management. Your new mobile first workplace will be simpler to manage and maintain. Benefits include a crystal ball for management — it’s not enough to troubleshoot network issues. IT needs a new generation of tools to predict problems before they occur.

Aruba Networks Mobility

Boost employee productivity and workplace efficiency-eliminate desk phones and enable collaboration and conferencing on mobile devices. Get the Microsoft Skype for Business advantage. Create smarter, more efficient spaces with IoT — BYOD changed the playing field and allowed the workplace to go mobile. Now IoT is taking things up a notch by creating smarter, more efficient work spaces. Intelligent meeting rooms, location services, and real-time monitoring. Aruba Networks Mobile Engagement was there to solve your BYOD challenges and we’re ready for IoT. Are you? Aruba Networks Mobile Engagement approach to wired and wireless. As organizations transition to the digital workplace, the majority of users will connect via wireless. But the surge in mobile and IoT means that the wired infrastructure is critical, too. Although fewer ports will be needed, high performing switches will team up with Wi-Fi to give businesses always-on connectivity. With the new Aruba Networks Clarity module, AirWave proactively monitors critical non-RF metrics.
Aruba Networks Mobile Engagement
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