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Deliver the experience your customers expect. Cultivate the ultimate customer journey. The Avaya Oceana Solution lets you personalize every step and possibility of customer interactions with your company. This purpose-built single omnichannel solution gives you complete integration and management of your traditional phone and digital channels. Take a 360° look at your customer contact world. Address channels, customer routing, resource matching, data captures — every detail. Get real-time, fully meshed insights into what’s going on with your customers: Manage engagement across any device or channel. Gain omnichannel awareness and collect context from each customer interaction. Capture and capitalize on big data across your entire enterprise. Avaya Oceanalytics Insights breaks down the silos around traditional analytics tools. You’ll have rich visualization of data to fuel real-time and smarter decision-making.

Customers across every channel. Provide customers with the perfect experience, enabling them to use any device — mobile, web, phone — of their choice, at any moment. Preserve context throughout their journeys by capturing all interaction data. Combine past interaction info from your existing systems with real-time experience data from Oceana. Then pair customers with the right agents and resources using attribute matching. Transitions are seamless — agents will have the right knowledge — so there’s no need to ask customers to repeat themselves. Create unforgettable customer service. Avaya Oceana powers the customer journey. Now you can personalize every customer interaction with your company. Avaya Oceana includes multi-touch customer experience, context-rich agent environment, seamless interactions and hand offs. Critical innovations driving future experiences.

Avaya Oceana Advanced Tools For Agents

Omnichannel customer experience. Avaya Oceana Workspaces for agents and supervisors lets you start immediately to evaluate and enhance your customer experience across each channel. Assess a customer’s journey, evaluate needs, and follow prompting to give the best responses at the right times during an interaction. You’ll keep your team engaged and one step ahead as they serve customers. Plus, save your training budget — Oceana Workspaces is intuitive and easy to use, reminiscent of personal and mobile apps. Avaya Oceanalytics helps you capture and capitalize on big data within and across your enterprise. Get customer and team analytics like you’ve never had before. Real-time and historical end-to-end insights into the customer journey, the customer experience, and your operational performance translate to you making best-informed decisions and having better business outcomes and results.

Experience Is Everything

Customer engagement is more than omnichannel. It’s delivering the best experience at every touch, on every device, and every time. Avaya Oceana is the next-generation in multi-touch, context-driven customer engagement solutions. It not only manages big data, it activates it. Because when it comes to delivering unforgettable customer service across every industry. Avaya Oceanalytics delivers powerful insights into the complete multi-touch customer experience through real-time processing and sophisticated analysis. Agent supervisors and company leadership can see the big picture of your customers’ journeys to quickly identify trends. Avaya Oceanalytics can help you turn context-rich data into actionable insights to deliver the best customer experience.
Avaya Oceana

Enterprise Cloud

Take a tactical approach to reducing costs and freeing up in-house resources. Move to the cloud or to cloud-based managed services. Use the time saved on in-house management of unified communications, contact center, video, and hosted applications to re-focus on your core business. Exercise your options for the level of support you need. You can start with the most basic, standard managed services, such as Release Management, Managed Assist, or Managed Operate. Or choose a fully as-a-service cloud-based solution that can be customized to support your multi-vendor environment. Or try something in between. We support your path, pace, and choices for communications support and management.

Increase efficiency, flexibility, and performance with service solutions that keep your business going and growing. You’ll be able to lower your TCO, optimize your communications performance, leverage your in-house resources more efficiently, and lay the groundwork for future technology-based capabilities. You can also capture the value of a globally consistent, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL-aligned) communications environment designed to fit your organization’s needs. Discover how Avaya makes it possible to connect, communicate and collaborate without boundaries. Avaya offers the broadest options in cloud communication and collaboration services that meet the needs of any size business.


This customized, packaged, private cloud solution is flexibly configured and fast to implement. You focus on the business aspects of your communications applications while we take care of the underlying technology. Give your employees the collaboration tools to work more productively — anywhere, anytime. Use collaboration technology for voice, video and desktop sharing communication between employees, customers, and business partners while increasing productivity and providing a cost effect means to communicate with anyone regardless of physical location.

Gain visibility across your network — gain full visibility into what’s happening in your environment, giving you stronger control to meet your current needs and historical information to plan for your future. Get real-time information about your network by accessing a customized web portal — available using any device. Your employees get the data they need, and you maintain control and a better understanding of your environment. Monitoring delivers increased value now and in the future. Enable proactive, predictive, and preventative support of your networks and applications with the innovative Avaya Management Platform.

Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership

Control operating costs when you maximize the performance of your enterprise communications systems. Get more from your highly skilled IT staff when they’re freed up to focus on the most value-added work. Rely on the experts to manage and enhance your IP-based unified communications, contact center, data networking, video, and hosted solutions. Achieving excellence in your current solutions lays the foundation for migrating or expanding to future technology innovations.