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Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
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Software-Defined Object Storage designed for both traditional and next-generation workloads with unmatched scalability, flexibility and resiliency. Dell EMC achieves the highest overall position for its ability to execute in Distributed File Systems and Object Storage Magic Quadrant. Scale infinitely for both small and large files with strong global consistency. Deploy Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage on your terms as an appliance, software-only, or the cloud managed by Dell EMC. Get enterprise-class object, file and HDFS storage in a secure and compliant system. Enjoy public cloud capabilities with 48% lower TCO, reduced storage overhead and small data center footprint. Enable real-time data ingestion and analytics with a simplified cloud storage architecture. Deploy Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage on your terms — as a turnkey storage appliance, as a software-only solution designed to run on industry—standard hardware, through public cloud solutions via Virtustream, or as a Dell EMC hosted ECS-as-a-Service.

Bring your cloud home with fully configured, tested and supported Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Appliance that can scale to Exabyte across multiple sites. Got your own industry-standard hardware? Deploy Elastic Cloud Storage as software only with no starting point to entry. Enjoy all the cloud storage benefits while maintaining on-premise control with Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Dedicated Cloud (ECS DC) Service. ESG has validated that ECS provides over 48% lower TCO than public cloud. Deploy on your terms as an appliance, software-only, the cloud or a hybrid. Unlimited scalability for both small and large files with strong global consistency. Improved data durability and availability meeting SEC 17-A4 requirements and Federal Common Criteria. ECS brings all the benefits of a public cloud to your own datacenter while keeping your cost under control. It can be used for a wide variety of workloads such as deep archive, geo protection of Hadoop, Internet of Things and many more.


Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage — Tiered Archive For Object Storage

Create a tiered archive to your own cloud powered by Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), the ideal object storage platform optimized for cost, capacity and durability. Store, manage, and interact with your archive data in any file format with multi-protocol support. Distribute your archive content in different locations to protect your data against site outages. Retrieve your data easily and contextually with industry-leading metadata search. With data replicated and distributed, Elastic Cloud Storage is highly resilient against server and disk drive failures with Exabyte scale for your archive needs. ECS supports millions of users and applications from a single global namespace, making it simple to access and manage your archive assets. Elastic Cloud Storage delivers up to 48% lower TCO compared to public cloud storage providers, which frees up your storage and budget to work on more priority initiatives.

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage — Global Shared Storage For Hadoop

With in-place analytics and multi-protocol support, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage provides an ideal platform for data lake that eliminates storage silos and supports your Hadoop and modern apps with cloud-scale economics. One data analytics platform for geo-distributed storage. With state-of-the-art geo-caching and information dispersion algorithm, ECS allows you to analyze and protect big data by distributing data across multiple data centers. In-place analytics with multi-protocol support. ECS is designed for modern apps using multi-protocol object storage APIs along with HDFS, which allows you to analyze data faster without conversions with application native protocols. Exabyte scale at lower cost. Dell EMC ECS appliance effortlessly scales to 100s of Exabyte with overheads as low as 20%. It will reduce your OPEX and CAPEX with higher storage efficiency.

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage — Capture Internet of Things Data

Seize the opportunity with better relationships, value and insights. A single shared global repository for all Internet of Things (IoT) data, Elastic Cloud Storage will help you store, analyze, and transform your business with valuable insights. Store and process billions of files both large and small within the single shared storage system. Efficiently utilize your IT investments to get cloud scale economics, protection, and availability. Native metadata search eliminates separate metadata database. Take innovations to market faster with smarter global storage, native protocol data access, and in-place analytics. Build your own cloud. Start small in one datacenter and scale out across geographies without adding complexity or changing your application code. Leverage the benefits of cloud with added data privacy and security, built-in encryption, and compliance capabilities to meet your industry regulatory requirements.
Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
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