Citrix XenMobile Enterprise Mobility Management

Citrix XenMobile Enterprise Mobility Management
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Citrix XenMobile delivers Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Content Management (MCM), secure network gateway, and enterprise-grade mobile productivity apps in one comprehensive solution. XenMobile enhances the user experience on BYOD or corporate devices, without compromising security. Key use cases for XenMobile. Securely deliver business apps to any device. Simplify work space administration with unified endpoint management. Secure and manage Office 365 on mobile devices. Enable cloud based enterprise mobility management. Automate business workflows and processes. Developing mobile apps can be costly, complex, and time-consuming. Provide secure mobile business apps to increase workforce productivity. Maximize workforce productivity with XenMobile apps. Using a combination of different devices and endpoints to remain productive has become much more common in the workplace — and it only makes security more complex for IT.

Citrix Secure Forms, part of XenMobile, allows you to create mobile business apps while replacing paper and desktop based business processes — all without writing one line of code. With Secure Forms capabilities, IT can easily digitize and automate traditional workflows, enabling employees to execute their tasks efficiently. Whether it’s a healthcare worker discharging a patient, an insurance agent filing a claim, or a police officer filing paperwork for a speeding ticket, enterprises are creating, distributing, and managing purpose-built mobile apps for their workforce. Automate business workflows and processes. Avoid the hassle of multiple vendors. Leverage Windows on any device. Enable shared mobile devices and apps. Easily containerize and mobilize new and legacy apps. There’s more to mobility than mobile native apps. Support these users with XenMobile MDM, which provides IT with the ability to manage smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.


Secure Internally Developed Or Vendor Apps

The Citrix MDX SDK container technology provides mobile apps with features like data encryption and micro-VPN. For third-party vendor apps, visit the Citrix Ready Marketplace, which includes a large collection of business ready apps that are secured by MDX technology. The Worx App SDK makes it simple for ISVs, System Integrators and enterprise developers to extend enterprise grade management and security in any existing mobile application. With minimal effort, your iOS or Android apps can be Citrix Worx enabled, secured, and made available on either an internal storefront or in public app stores. The Worx app SDK orchestrates Worx enabled apps to communicate and share policies. This gives users flexibility while maintaining IT control over policies. For example, users who are authorized to access a document in one Worx enabled app can also access docs in other Worx enabled apps.

Security And Compliance

Deliver end to end, enterprise grade mobile security. Manage mobile security risk with a complete EMM solution. With so many different mobile devices and apps requiring access to corporate resources, protecting enterprise data is extremely complex. XenMobile offers a comprehensive EMM solution providing organizations with an end-to-end, enterprise grade mobile security solution to protect mobile devices, apps, and data. Deliver secure Mobile MAM. XenMobile offers comprehensive MAM capabilities that no other EMM vendor can match in terms of features and scalability. In addition, XenMobile gives you different MAM options — secure application data either by leveraging device and platform controls, or by taking advantage of the XenMobile MAM only approach. The MAM-only option provides an additional layer of security that doesn’t require device enrollment or management.

Mobile Device Management

Configure, secure, and support mobile devices with enterprise grade MDM. Enable mobile device management for smartphones and tablets. MDM protects data by leveraging device-level policies provided by the device manufacturer or platform provider. With the help of these policies, IT can configure, secure, and support mobile users. For example, IT can enable device wide encryption and automatically lock or wipe a device. XenMobile MDM supports a wide variety of mobile devices and operating systems including iOS, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices. XenMobile lets you configure devices that can be shared by multiple users. The shared devices feature lets, for example, clinicians in hospitals use any nearby device to access apps and data, rather than having to carry around a specific device. You may also want shift workers in fields like law enforcement, retail, and manufacturing to share devices to reduce equipment costs.

Citrix XenMobile

Keep data secure and increase user productivity by protecting application data. Choose the MAM strategy that’s right for your organization. XenMobile provides mobile MAM options so your organization can select the MAM strategy that’s best suited to meet your security and privacy requirements. Protect application data either by leveraging device and platform security or by taking the XenMobile MAM only approach, which requires no device enrollment. The XenMobile MAM only approach is ideal for BYOD situations where user privacy prohibits the use of an MDM client or device enrollment and management. For many organizations, native mobile productivity apps — including email, calendar, contacts, and note-taking apps — lack the business features users need most. Managing native mobile productivity apps across different platforms is complex, and the security measures to protect the applications can vary.
Citrix XenMobile
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