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Grow your business with your existing infrastructure. Expand your business faster and more easily with the Cisco Evolved Programmable Network. This network infrastructure brings software programmability and virtualization to the underlying physical hardware. It can help you simplify existing networks and make them more agile, make money faster, and cut costs and complexities when deploying new services. Cisco Evolved Programmable Network works with open APIs. It complements the Cisco Evolved Services platform to help you realize these goals. Prepare your network for cloud scale. Find new opportunities for cloud scale networking. Automate on boarding of devices to minutes. Simplify configuration and management of network infrastructure.  Make use of data models. Extract the information you need from network infrastructure. Control how your network transports apps for better customer experience. Benefit from modular Cisco IOS XR with Linux-style operations.

Simplify configuration and management of network infrastructure.  Make use of data models. Extract the information you need from network infrastructure. Control how your network transports apps for better customer experience. Benefit from modular Cisco IOS XR with Linux style operations. Simplify network designs. Operate in Cisco Evolved Programmable Network SDN or hybrid SDN designs. Deploy any third-party app from the Linux ecosystem and extend software with a powerful set of APIs. Simplify and scale your network infrastructure and make it easy to operate. Prepare the network for new business models where applications can direct network behavior. Make your network infrastructure SDN-ready with segment routing. Network operators can use this technology to deploy and manage hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of complex network devices. Scale down your admin-to-device ratio and benefit from OPEX savings. This is your first step in a journey that will transform how you monitor and operate networks.

Cisco Evolved Programmable Network SDN

Combine programmability with physical hardware to create carrier class virtual services and functions. With Cisco Evolved Programmable Network SDN and Carrier Ethernet and Edge routing portfolio providers can profitably scale their network services, capabilities, and reach. Network architectures need to support all forms of network access, from fixed-line to 4G to Wi-Fi to cable. Additionally, assumptions about traffic patterns and capacity that have served you well in managing your edge networks are no longer relevant. To capture new market opportunities, you need a new level of virtualization, programmability, intelligence, automation, and scalability. As an industry leader in Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS networks, Cisco offers a comprehensive portfolio of Carrier Ethernet and Edge Network solutions that delivers carrier—class reliability, capacity, and scalability, end-to-end network infrastructure, enhanced hierarchical quality of service (QoS), intuitive instrumentation and management, and power efficiency.

OSS And Network Management

Cisco Evolved Programmable Network offers a modular portfolio of OSS and network management solutions for service providers. You get comprehensive management of evolved programmable networks, and mobility, video, cloud, and managed services. These solutions can help you get the full value of your investment in network architecture and technologies to support today’s businesses, and provide the framework to rapidly evolve over time to meet customers’ changing needs. Cisco network management and OSS solutions help you increase business agility and service availability, accelerate time to revenue for new services, optimize operational efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership, and support multivendor network deployments. Cisco solutions offer unified network management across Cisco architectures, technologies, and networks. These solutions provide a comprehensive, integrated life cycle network operations framework and intuitive, workflow-oriented user experiences.

Optical Network Solutions

With a wide range of optical transport offerings, Cisco is uniquely positioned to help carriers scale bandwidth while lowering costs and increasing service velocity through multilayer convergence. Choose from a category-leading optical transport portfolio, including colorless and omnidirectional Re-configurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADM), the industry’s most complete IP over DWDM solution, and next-gen technologies like 100 Gigabit. Interconnect data centers and better enable network infrastructure to take advantage of compute capabilities. Simplify, automate your operations while scaling your Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) services with extreme flexibility. Gain industry-leading, fourth-generation ROADM technology and easy-to-use software, plus simple installation and provisioning. Metro and Long Haul solutions spanning 10, 40, and 100 Gb are available for enterprises and service providers. Options include flexible, diverse packet, and optical aggregation.
Cisco Evolved Programmable Network


Software-defined networking (SDN) helps organizations accelerate application deployment and delivery, dramatically reducing IT costs through policy-enabled work-flow automation. SDN technology enables cloud architectures by providing automated, on-demand application delivery and mobility at scale. SDN enhances the benefits of data center virtualization, increasing resource flexibility and utilization and reducing infrastructure costs and overhead.

SDN accomplishes these business objectives by converging the management of network and application services into centralized, extensible orchestration platforms that can automate the provisioning and configuration of the entire infrastructure. Common, centralized IT policies bring together disparate IT groups and work flows. The result is a modern infrastructure that can deliver new applications and services in minutes, rather than the days or weeks required in the past.

Cisco Services

When considering SDN, it's important to define your desired business outcomes and plan each stage of the journey. Then you'll want to know how to accelerate the benefits of SDN while mitigating the risks.

With more than 50 million devices, 30 years of experience, and 6 million customer interactions each year, Cisco offers a full range of professional, solution, and product-support services. We can help you achieve agile, fast IT, aligned to your business needs, with lower costs and more innovation.

Control Expenses

Imagine if you could deliver stronger security, faster time to service and innovation, reduced operational overhead, and business agility at the speed of the digital business. Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) for the data center, Cisco APIC Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) in the enterprise, and Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) for SD-WAN offer unmatched IT solutions.

Along with leading IT technology partners, open APIs, and IT orchestration tools, these solutions offer agility and operational efficiency.


The composite organization experienced the following risk adjusted benefits that represent those experienced by the interviewed companies. Cisco ACI also provides productivity benefits. Business users gain better system performance, less downtime, and making network changes faster to support business needs. This benefit was not included in the core ROI analysis since productivity gains are not counted by many organizations. One example is included as a secondary analysis, and the financial impacts are presented below. The one example quantified is 4 hours less downtime per year.

The number of affected workers increases as the composite organization grows. The benefit was further risk adjusted, and the three-year benefit was $2.9 million Initial deployment time cut by two-thirds. The initial deployment was 16 weeks instead of 40. This includes testing the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure SDN solution, moving it into production, and necessary migration work. The total benefit in the initial period was $62,677.

Service Provider

Imagine if you had a platform that could help you transform your business, plus accelerate time to revenue while reducing operational costs and deploying new services at web speed. The Network Virtualization and Automation Solutions addresses these needs.

It uses software-defined networking for Service Providers, Network Functions Virtualization, open APIs, and advanced orchestration capabilities to create a flexible and modular services platform. The Cisco Evolved Programmable Network is a companion platform comprising the physical and virtual infrastructure service-delivery capabilities that you can use to accelerate the deployment of innovative new services.