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Defining a new generation of software-defined computing infrastructure. IBM Spectrum Computing improves IT agility, accelerates time to results while reducing costs. IBM Spectrum Computing uses intelligent workload and policy-driven resource management to optimize resources across the data center, on premises and in the cloud. Now scalable to over 160,000 cores, IBM provides you with the latest advances in software-defined computing technology to help you unleash the power of your distributed mission-critical high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure, for up to 150x faster, analytics and big data applications as well as new generation open source frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark. To accelerate business insights from all their data, IT managers are adopting a new generation of technologies such as Apache Spark, noSQL databases and containers.

IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark meets this challenge with software defined infrastructure technology that is designed for distributed environments. And enables organizations to deploy Apache Spark efficiently and effectively, supporting multiple versions and instances of Spark and a broad set of born-in-the-cloud application frameworks. Learn how organizations can drive productivity and maximize the utilization and value of their high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure with new IBM Spectrum LSF 10.1. IBM Spectrum Symphony is a highly scalable, high-throughput, low-latency workload and resource management software solution for compute and data-intensive analytics applications. It can reallocate more than 1,000 compute engines per second to different workloads and, with sub-millisecond overhead per task, provides throughput of up to 17,000 tasks per second.


IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark

IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark enables you to deploy Apache Spark efficiently and effectively. Supporting multiple versions and instances of Spark and a broad set of born-in-the-cloud application frameworks. It increases performance and scale, maximizes usage of resources and eliminates silos of resources that would otherwise each be tied to separate application implementations. When combined with IBM Spectrum Scale, IBM Spectrum Conductor provides a highly scalable data and application-optimized fabric. That allows you to access, analyze and protect your data with maximum efficiency, fast deployment and simplified management. Cut costs and increase resource utilization with granular, dynamic allocation. Get insights by abstracting IT complexity with policy-based, workload-aware resource management. Ensure maximum availability and security of shared services with intelligent application and data lifecycle management.

IBM Spectrum LSF

The IBM Spectrum LSF product portfolio is a powerful workload management platform for demanding, distributed and mission-critical HPC environments. It provides a comprehensive set of intelligent, policy-driven scheduling features that enable you to make the most of all your compute resources. And ensure optimal application performance — for much faster time to results. This heterogeneous, highly scalable and available architecture allows you to schedule complex workloads and manage up to petaflop-scale resources. Designed to be flexible to suit any organizational structure. Run jobs on heterogeneous resources, across small to large clusters, and distributed computing environments — on premises or in the cloud. Ensure alignment of resources to business priorities through advanced data and license-aware scheduling. Gain a comprehensive set of workload capabilities designed to enhance user productivity and operational efficiency through ease of use, simplification and insights.

IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation

IBM Spectrum Symphony

Delivers enterprise-class management for running compute and data-intensive distributed applications on a scalable, shared grid. IBM Spectrum Symphony software delivers powerful enterprise-class management for running compute and data intensive distributed applications on a scalable, shared grid. It accelerates dozens of parallel applications for faster results and better utilization of all available resources. With Spectrum Symphony, you can improve IT performance, reduce infrastructure costs and expenses, and quickly meet business demands. Faster throughput and performance for compute and data-intensive analytics applications helps accelerate time-to-results. Achieve higher levels of resource utilization by controlling and optimizing the massive compute power available in your current and future technical computing systems. Reduce infrastructure, application development, deployment and management costs. By gaining control of large-scale jobs, big data analytics, parallel application and technical computing infrastructure.

IBM High Performance Services For Analytics

IBM High Performance Services provides high-performance computing (HPC) and storage clusters in the SoftLayer cloud. Use IBM High Performance Services quickly and economically helps meet new and peak demands for High Performance Computing (HPC). It does this using IBM Spectrum LSF, IBM Spectrum Symphony and IBM Spectrum Scale as a service in the IBM SoftLayer cloud. Fully functioning and ready-to-use hybrid and stand-alone clusters are securely connected to your on-premises cluster. It includes automatic job transfer and control for seamless workload management. A dedicated Cloud Operations team delivers design, installation, configuration and 24-hour support. Engineers and researches can focus on work – not IT. Improve time to results and faster time to market with real HPC infrastructure. Along with IBM Spectrum LSF, IBM Spectrum Symphony and IBM Spectrum Scale software delivered as a service.
IBM Spectrum Computing
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