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Cisco Cloud Professional Services
Cisco Cloud Professional Services
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Cisco cloud professional services are shaping the ways we work and how we get services. Cisco cloud professional services can change the services you offer to your customers, and can improve the way you run your own business. Available on demand at scale, cloud services help you boost productivity and services innovation, reduce costs, deliver faster to your clients. You want to embrace the promise of the future for cloud. But what about today’s realities? With Cisco, we’ve got you covered. Spanning multiple clouds? Check. Supporting any workload environment? Done. Any application type? Not a problem. It’s time to reimagine your cloud world with Cisco. Cloud adoption has increased 61% from last year. Yet, 69% of organizations do not have mature cloud strategies in place. According to IDC’s global cloud study, the greater the level of cloud maturity, the better the outcomes. This includes increased revenue and more strategic allocation of the IT budget. Almost 68% of organizations use some form of cloud, up 61% from last year.

Cisco’s broad cloud portfolio, based on our open network architecture strategy, can help you in many ways. We offer cloud infrastructure products, network on-demand platforms, professional services, and software applications. Cisco offers flexible options to match your business criteria, such as; fast time to market, high customization, and lowest upfront investment. Bring cloud services to customers fast. Give your services a boost with our cloud architecture for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. Use your network data In new ways. Create new services, more value, and superior wireless experiences with network analytics. Protect your customers and users. Boost revenue with threat centric solutions and protect yourself with security everywhere. Launch new mobile services faster. Capture untapped revenue with a single solution for macro-cell, small cell, and Wi-Fi. See what You can make and save. Make more, and keep more of what you earn with cloud services in your region.


Cisco Cloud Professional Services — Cloud Automation And Orchestration

Automate, orchestrate, and provision your data center with Cisco technologies for private, public, and hybrid cloud. Set up automation and orchestration solutions for your cloud using Cisco technologies, such as Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud, Cisco UCS Director, OpenStack, Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite, Cisco Virtual Application Container services, Cisco Prime Service Catalog, and Cisco Intelligent Automation for SAP refresh. Professional Services for Cisco Intercloud Fabric include, set up Cisco Intercloud Fabric for hybrid cloud management in your environment and integrate it with your existing management systems. Use application assessment services for cloud migration and workload migration (P2V and V2V) from data center to public, or public to public. Application dependency mapping — get an in-depth understanding of hardware and software targeted for migration to the cloud to minimize risks associated with data center initiatives and reduce TCO.

Cloud Infrastructure Agility And Control

Cisco CloudCenter — private cloud that works like a public one. It’s like a public cloud but with improved agility and complete control with an as-a-service model, on your hardware, or in your data center. Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite — get the hybrid IT advantage. Use this application-centric data center and cloud management solution to improve your data center service delivery or add public cloud app deployment to your service offering. More easily manage and deploy next-gen apps, existing apps, and underlying infrastructure. Get the automation, visibility, and control you need to improve agility. The network is the core of cloud services. It determines how well your cloud services perform. Many applications need a network that dynamically adapts to needs such as latency, bandwidth, and performance consistency. Security is paramount. You need a partner who can help you protect your assets, data, and privacy, and those of your customers.

Cloud Architecture Services

Cloud plan and build — set up your cloud architecture (infrastructure, automation, operations enablement) as a complete cloud solution that is specific to your needs. Cloud optimization service — evolve your Cisco data center environment to support business growth, deliver next-generation services, and maintain a competitive advantage while transforming IT.Cisco quickstart private cloud — deploy validated end-to-end IaaS in your environment and put the ownership of cloud services back in the hands of IT. Plan and build Cisco cloud architecture for Microsoft Cloud platform — deploy customized cloud solutions, including Cisco and Microsoft technologies that provide end-to-end IaaS and PaaS in your environment, and put the ownership of cloud services back in the hands of IT. Cisco application integration service — employ Cisco Integration platform to develop (create, integrate, and customize) key business solutions by combining cloud and non cloud-based applications.
Cisco Cloud Professional Services
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