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Using a collection of advanced detection techniques, McAfee Network Security Platform (IPS) defends against never before seen attacks, while providing robust investigative workflows that help administrators minimize alert noise and find breaches quicker. Transform your network protection. Unlike traditional IPS solutions, it extends beyond signature matching with layered signature less technologies that defend against never before seen threats. Intelligent workflows save time by isolating threat patterns, enabling security administrators to provide fast and accurate responses to network threats and breaches. Unify your security posture. Get a single pane of glass to unify security across physical and virtual networks. Multiple integration options allow sharing of threat data, so connected devices can learn and respond to threats in real-time. Balance protection and performance — additional detection engines, including signatures, reputation, and real-time emulation, reduce the number of files requiring more resource intensive malware sandbox analysis and enhance analysis speed.

Built around a cutting edge hardware platform that scales to speeds over 320 Gbps, and a Security Connected approach that leverages data from multiple products, McAfee Network Security Platform provides the intrusion protection and visibility demanding organizations need. McAfee Network Security Platform achieves “Recommended” rating for the fifth year. Detect and block advanced targeted attacks. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense detects today’s stealthy attacks, converting information into action and, ultimately, protection. How Secure is Your Private Cloud? Join an on demand webcast with ISACA and discover how to secure your data center as it evolves from traditional physical environments to the cloud. Patch known vulnerabilities and stop unknown threats. Use multiple signature less technologies to stop never before seen attacks for which no signatures exist. Use industry leading IPS signatures to patch software vulnerabilities of new and unknown servers sprawling across your private and hybrid clouds.


McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform

Built as a virtual instance of McAfee’s award-winning next generation intrusion prevention system (IPS), McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform is designed to uniquely discover and block sophisticated threats across virtual networks, securing data and increasing visibility in your private and hybrid clouds. Embrace the power of network virtualization. Support for network virtualization in VMware NSX and OpenStack allows security to keep pace with the dynamic nature of private and hybrid clouds. Simplify SDDC administration by easily delivering visibility and security to virtual workloads as they are created and moved. Scale across all clouds with one license. Built with a shared licensing and throughput model, one purchase allows administrators to easily install and share inspection throughput across all private and hybrid clouds at once. Advanced malware analysis and detection — the combination of in-depth static code and dynamic analysis provides increased zero day threat protection against advanced attacks, especially those that use sandbox evasion techniques.

McAfee Network Security Solutions

McAfee network security solutions include network intrusion prevention and advanced sandboxing detection, all designed from the ground up to work together and protect your network from the next generation of network based attacks. Built around the concept of Security Connected, McAfee’s framework provides maximum availability, flexibility, and manageability with minimum overhead and risk. With a proven record in network security protection, McAfee is the partner of choice for the most security conscious companies and governments worldwide. Detect advanced targeted attacks and get actionable threat information. Unlike traditional sandboxes, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense broadens detection and exposes evasive threats. Tight integration between McAfee solutions — from network to endpoint — enables instant sharing of information across the environment, enhancing protection and investigation to correct and recover post attack.

McAfee Next Generation Firewall

Deeper inspection. Better threat protection. Malware is becoming more complicated, covert, and clever. Your advanced, zero day threat protection solution needs to be as cunning as advanced targeted threats. McAfee Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and McAfee Firewall Enterprise are now part of Forcepoint. Reduce investigation time from days to minutes. Numerous features support investigation, including extensive unpacking, interactive mode, sample submission to multiple virtual environments, and unparalleled indicators of compromise (IoC) data that produces summary reports for action prioritization and analyst grade data on malware. Security components operate as one. Tight integration reduces time from encounter to containment and protection from advanced threats, enables efficient alert management, and maintains throughput and policy enforcement.

McAfee Network Security

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