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Remote Managed Services  — offload all or part of your day-to-day network management tasks to our technical experts. Juniper Networks Security Managed Services relieve your staff from monitoring, problem resolution, moves/adds/changes, and provides advanced network performance and planning reports. Juniper Networks Security Managed Services provides reactive and proactive alarm notifications to your operations team, and remote assistance to facilitate problem resolution. Juniper Networks Security Managed Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Device Co-Management — Juniper Networks Security Managed Services gives you the ability to co-manage your devices from a dedicated customer portal. This unique feature allows your staff to view, monitor, and make network changes and adjustments in real-time, eliminating the chore of having to submit change requests to the remote NOC.

The last 30 configuration changes made are automatically saved, minimizing the impact of human error and decreasing the mean time to recovery if rollback to a previous configuration is required. Juniper Networks technical experts work jointly with your IT staff to manage changes on the network, providing a comprehensive audit trail for all network modifications. Juniper Networks Security Managed Services and Remote Monitoring Services cover any SMTP compliant, non  Juniper devices on your network. We have engineers certified by HP Enterprise, Cisco, and other vendors to manage entire portions of your network domain. When an issue is discovered in your network, Juniper’s NOC team will quickly notify both your IT staff and Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC). The NOC staff knows exactly what information JTAC engineers need to resolve a problem quickly and can provide that information in a streamlined manner. If there is an ISP issue, the NOC staff will deal directly with the ISP without your IT staff having to act as a go-between.

Juniper Networks Security Advanced Services

Juniper Networks Security Advanced Services help you dial in network maintenance and optimization. In addition to Juniper Networks product maintenance support (Juniper Networks Care) and Professional Services, we also offer a set of subscription-based Advanced Services designed to support the Operate phase of the network life cycle. These service options are enhancements to the industry-leading services that are included in Juniper Care maintenance agreements. To use our Advanced Services offerings, you will need an active Juniper Care support contract for all products covered. Juniper Networks Security Advanced Services fall into two categories: Juniper Networks Onsite and Remote services. You can select the appropriate service for your business based on network size, complexity, and specific needs.

Onsite Technical Services

Juniper Networks Onsite Services act as an extension of all Juniper resources, delivered directly to your site via a Field Service Engineer, Resident Engineer, or Resident Consultant. These engineers have varying levels of technical expertise, certifications, and focus. They consult and leverage Juniper Networks resources, skill sets, and knowledge to enable faster solutions and best practices. Each engineer takes part in internal technology forums, has undergone internal Juniper Networks training conducted by the technical leaders who developed the solutions, and has access to “Best Practices” solutions templates. Juniper Networks Onsite Services coverage delivers much more than a well-trained on site resource, giving your company a direct connection to Juniper knowledge and Juniper Networks internal experts.

Remote Operational Services

Juniper Networks offers a range of remotely delivered services, each designed for different needs. New Customer Onboarding assists new customers who need help getting  Juniper Networks equipment up and running. Juniper Networks Care Plus builds closer operational ties between the end-user and Juniper experts. It includes a named service manager, Expert—to—Expert Access, and training and service credits. Juniper Networks Optimum Care gives you a rich set of ongoing, proactive technical services that target operational excellence for your network. Customer-Focused Technical Support provides access to a designated senior support engineering team that has knowledge of your network architecture, topology, devices, and the applications that your network uses. This team responds to your highest-priority incidents, accelerating the time to resolution and enabling higher availability.
Juniper Networks Security


Juniper Networks Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) uses real-time information from the cloud to arm your business with anti-malware protection. It defends against sophisticated cybercrime such as advanced persistent threats and ransomware. Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape is forcing security systems to adapt at the same pace. Hackers are highly skilled, with extensive resources at their disposal. They use a wide array of malware to evade an organization’s defenses. To thwart them, cybersecurity needs to be effective, intelligent, and fast.

Juniper Networks Sky ATP uses state-of-the-art machine learning to constantly analyze web and email files, finding evasive malware before it can affect your business. It employs a pipeline of technologies in the cloud to identify varying levels of risk, providing a higher degree of accuracy in threat prevention. It integrates with Juniper Networks SRX Series next-gen firewalls to deliver deep inspection, inline blocking, and actionable alerts.

Deep Inspection And Analysis

Extracts compromised files and sends them to the cloud for deep inspection and analysis. It then takes appropriate actions, ranging from rapid identification of known threats to deep-level file analysis that looks for particularly evasive malware. Instant identification to block attacks. Instantly identifies and communicates detected malware to SRX Series firewalls to block attacks.

Integrates with Juniper Networks Spotlight Secure Threat Intelligence service to cascade threat information to SRX Series firewalls for immediate action. Analytics capability lets administrators and security staff analyze and correlate data. The feature identifies compromised systems and feeds the information to Juniper Networks SRX Series firewalls to quarantine those systems.


Command And Control (C&C) Data provides C&C data to the Juniper Networks SRX series firewalls to prevent compromised internal systems from communicating with these devices. Sandbox analysis and mitigation isolates sophisticated malware in a sandbox to evaluate behavior and trigger activation to identify and defeat the threat. Deep inspection and analysis — extracts compromised files and sends them to the cloud for deep inspection and analysis. It then takes appropriate actions, ranging from rapid identification of known threats to deep level file analysis that looks for particularly evasive malware.

Email analysis and remediation — isolates and quarantines malicious malware, preventing email from being used as an attack vector. Machine learning algorithms analyze email traffic, detect malicious attachments, and block files at the firewall. Quarantine of systems and hosts — analytics capability lets administrators and security staff analyze and correlate data. The feature identifies compromised systems and feeds the information to Juniper Networks SRX series firewalls to quarantine those systems.

SDN Security

As the scale and sophistication of cybercrime continues to increase, enterprise businesses need to rethink their defense strategies. Next-gen security must be built around automated and actionable intelligence that can be shared to quickly recognize and mitigate threats.

Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) delivers these capabilities. You get end-to-end network visibility that secures the entire network, physical and virtual. The solution uses cloud economics to find and stop threats faster. The unified Juniper Networks SDSN platform combines the following functions with a comprehensive product portfolio that centralizes and automates security.

SRX Firewall

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention leverages Juniper’s Next-Gen SRX Series firewall platforms and a cloud-based service component for all management, configuration, and reporting. Sky Advanced Threat Prevention’s progressive pipeline analysis engine starts with a cache lookup against a database of known threats. This is accomplished in near real time and facilitates inline blocking of malicious content. Suspicious files are subjected to a series of deeper inspection steps that attempt to positively identify malware. Static analysis combined with processing through multiple antivirus engines attempts to identify the threat; if a file is identified as malware through analysis, its signature is added to the cache to ensure immediate identification of recurring threats in the future.

Finally, dynamic analysis is applied in a sandbox environment, where the threat is “detonated” and observed. Unique deception techniques are employed to elicit malware response and self-identification. Threats that slip by during the more extensive analysis stage are identified, logged, reported, and can be easily mitigated by security operations staff. Infected hosts are automatically isolated and blocked from outbound network access by delivering an “infected host” feed to the SRX Series device