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Trend Micro OfficeScan Endpoint Protection with XGen endpoint security infuses high fidelity machine learning into a blend of threat protection techniques to eliminate security gaps across any user activity and any endpoint. It constantly learns, adapts, and automatically shares threat intelligence across your environment. This blend of threat protection is delivered via an architecture that uses endpoint resources more effectively and ultimately out-performs the competition on CPU and network utilization. Secure file servers, PCs, Macs, laptops, Point of Sale, ATMs, and virtualized desktops. Protect against data loss and theft. Get real-time updates with local sandbox integration. Maximum XGen security. Infuses high-fidelity machine learning with other detection techniques for the broadest protection against ransomware and advanced attacks. Progressively filters out threats using the most efficient technique for maximum detection without false positives.

Trend Micro is the first to infuse ‘high fidelity’ machine learning into its approach — uniquely analyzing files not only before execution but also during runtime for more accurate detection, with noise cancellation like census and whitelist checking at each layer to reduce false positives. Instantly shares information on suspicious network activity and files with other security layers to stop subsequent attacks. Advanced ransomware protection, monitors for suspicious file encryption activities at the endpoint, terminates malicious activities and even recovers lost files if necessary. Reduce user impact and management costs. Lightweight and optimized security uses the right detection technique at the right time to ensure minimal impact on devices and networks. Comprehensive central view of endpoint status lets you quickly get visibility to security risks. Automatic sharing of threat intelligence across security layers enables organization wide protection of emerging threats.

Trend Micro Vulnerability Protection

Stops zero day threats immediately with a network level Host Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) that enables virtual patching. Eliminates risk exposure by shielding vulnerabilities with virtual patching. Reduces down-time for recovery and emergency patching. Allows patching on your own terms and timelines. Identifies security vulnerabilities with reporting based on CVE, MS-ID, severity. This centralized security management console ensures consistent security management and complete visibility and reporting across multiple layers of interconnected security. It also extends visibility and control across on premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment models. Centralized management combines with user based visibility to improve protection, reduce complexity, and eliminate redundant and repetitive tasks in security administration. Deploy Trend Micro Mobile Security to extend protection to smart phones and tablets.  Integrates OfficeScan and Trend Micro Mobile Security through Trend Micro Control Manager, enabling unified management and policy deployment across all endpoint security.

Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption

Trend Micro OfficeScan Endpoint Protection ensures data privacy by encrypting data stored on your endpoints — including PCs, Apple Macs, DVDs, and USB drives, which can easily be lost or stolen. Protects data at rest with full disk encryption software. Automates data management with self encrypting hard drives. Encrypts data in specific files, shared folders, removable media. Sets granular policies for device control and data management. Manages Microsoft Bitlocker and Apple FileVault. Provides context aware endpoint investigation and forensic capabilities, recording and reporting detailed system level activities to allow threat analysts to rapidly assess the nature and extent of an attack. Enhances your defenses against malware and targeted attacks by preventing unwanted and unknown applications from executing on your corporate endpoints. Dynamic policies reduce management impact and allow flexibility for active user environments. Locks down systems to only the applications your organizations wants used approves.
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Trend Micro Deep Discovery — proven protection against targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats. The Trend Micro Deep Discovery threat protection platform enables you to detect, analyze, and respond to today’s stealthy, targeted attacks in real-time. Deployed as individual components or as a complete cyber security platform, The Trend Micro Deep Discovery provides advanced threat protection where it matters most to your organization. Trend Micro Deep Security — advanced protection for physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

Trend Micro Deep Security provides advanced server security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers. It protects enterprise applications and data from breeches and business disruptions without requiring emergency patching. This comprehensive, centrally managed platform helps you simplify security operations while enabling regulatory compliance and accelerating the ROI of virtualization and cloud projects.

Deep Security

Comprehensive security capabilities. Including anti malware with web reputation, host based firewall, intrusion detection-prevention, integrity monitoring, log inspection, and globally trusted SSL certificates. Deployment flexibility with the choice of software or as a service offerings, including full multi tenant capabilities for easy service operation. Protects your servers from ransomware, including attackers targeting known software vulnerabilities to inject malicious software, or file servers from being attacked over the network via a compromised endpoint. Advanced server security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

Available as software or as a service, Trend Micro Deep Security protects enterprise applications and data from breeches and business disruptions, including newer attacks using ransomware, without requiring emergency patching. Trend Micro SSL. Globally trusted SSL to protect all of your websites. Trend Micro SSL enables Always on SSL with globally trusted SSL certificates issued by Trend Micro.

InterScan Web Security

Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance stops threats at the gateway before they ever get to your endpoints. It delivers comprehensive real-time protection against the full scope of web threats, using anti-malware, the strongest advanced threat protection, URL filtering, and web reputation. Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance leverages the real-time protection of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, ensuring you are protected against new and emerging threats, like ransomware.

Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance features granular application control for over 1,000 applications and protocols lets you easily enforce acceptable web use policies. It also provides real-time central management and monitoring so you can see web use as it happens, enabling remediation. Interactive and customizable dashboards and reports give you complete visibility of the web usage and data that is most useful to you for assessing your security posture, human resources, and compliance purposes.


High availability — TippingPoint TPS has multiple fault tolerant features making it ideal for in line deployment, including hot swappable power supplies, built-in inspection bypass, and zero power high availability (ZPHA). Machine learning to stop exploit kits in real time — statistical models developed with machine learning techniques deliver the ability to detect and mitigate exploit kits in real-time on the TPS. On box SSL — provides enterprises with the ability to reduce the security blind spots created by encrypted traffic.

The TippingPoint TPS uses a combination of technologies, like deep packet inspection, threat reputation, and advanced malware analysis on a flow by flow basis — to detect and prevent attacks on the network. The TippingPoint TPS enables enterprises to take a proactive approach to security to provide comprehensive contextual awareness and deeper analysis of network traffic. This complete contextual awareness, combined with the threat intelligence from Digital Vaccine Labs (DVLabs) provides the visibility and agility necessary to keep pace with today’s dynamic, evolving enterprise networks.