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Every organization is vulnerable to a cyber attack. Cyber attacks are growing and becoming more frequent, and the hacking community is growing. There is nothing you can do to get 100 percent protection. Every organization has “holes” in their IT protection. There are two elements key to maintaining your operational readiness against a cyber security threat. You need to maintain network visibility allowing you to be able to find, identify and see into all of the endpoints (devices) on your corporate network in real-time. We help you control network risks by assessing the situation and have the staff, skills, and tools to react and respond. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to work with a managed services provider, with a network security focus to mitigate and remediate network security risks and breaches. Security And Compliance Managed Services extends your IT teams capacity to protect applications, computing, and network infrastructure with advanced security solutions that are easy to implement, fully managed and do not require large upfront investments.

Much has been written about threats and tools but the bottom line is to be able to detect something questionable is happening and then quickly remediate the problem. At a minimum, you must have “essential” tools like virus, malware protection, intrusion protection and intrusion detection. Attacks can target; hardware, firmware, wearables, BYOD devices, Internet of Things and through API’s. Attacks can target employee systems, cloud services, or direct to employees including malware, ransomware, and distributed denial of services attacks. Attacks could be just simple human error creating network security vulnerabilities. We tailor our solutions to fit your needs. You may have existing security platforms and systems, and we will work with these. Most companies that get breached aren’t aware it has happened. The sophisticated attacker does not want you to know that they have accessed or are altering your data. The median time to discover a breach is typically measured in months.


Security And Compliance Managed Services

70% of enterprises will be attacked or incur some cyber security issues every year. It is going to happen — so get prepared, we can help. It makes sense to have your managed service provider also provide you network security services on the devices they already manage. As sophisticated as network security breaches have become, some of the most practical solutions are quite simple. However, these solutions require constant attention and monitoring of employees, devices, and IT systems. The problem is companies have IT staff fixing IT infrastructure problems, end-user issues and working on internal projects. Without an “eyes on” approach by skilled network security professionals, you are leaving your company vulnerable to network security breaches. To be protected (nothing offers 100% protection) you need dedicated network security staff, or a Managed Service Provider, which has a dedicated security staff and the needed security protection tools. We provide security management for hundreds of clients.

PCI DSS Security Services

For our customers handling credit card data and must adhere to Payment Card Industry regulations so we perform the daily log review required by the PCI DSS section 10.6. Our Security And Compliance Managed Services can provide an assessment and design a customized solution to fit your unique situation. Most companies do not have a Chief Information Security Officer. We become their virtual CISO. For the CISO, the scarcest resource, even for those organizations with larger budgets, is often skilled security staff. Due to this scarcity, they often make compromises on their security posture and find it hard to take on new security initiatives. They just can’t keep up with all of the quickly evolving threats and changing array of security protection tools. We provide experienced security practitioners so busy CISOs or companies without CISOs, can keep up with new threats and government compliance requirements. Engaging our compliance and governance security services model is very simple and allows a firm to budget a fixed operating expense for outsourced security experts

Security Managed Services

Our experience in managing thousands of devices gives us the knowledge to apply the appropriate security software and devices to give you the protection you need. Companies look to us for ongoing guidance, not to sell them tools. We meet regularly with our clients to assess and discuss how they can be more secure. We provide Security And Compliance Managed Services to mitigate  emerging threats. Most of the investments firms make are in the prevention of intrusions, and almost exclusively focused on the perimeter of their corporate network. No matter how much money you spend on intrusion prevention, there are always vulnerabilities and zero day exploits to get in. Just ask Sony, Verizon, and Target. More than half of the attacks are carried out by insiders, and most of those are malicious and intentional. If you are going to invest in cyber defenses, make certain to incorporate early detection of anomalies, including those which could originate from your staff. We have dealt with several of these situations with our Security And Compliance Managed Services.
Security And Compliance Managed Services
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