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Data Center Mobile Infrastructure Solutions
Data Center Mobile Infrastructure
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An experienced partner, IAM Networks provides both unbiased guidance and unprecedented knowledge on networking across industries. Data Center Mobile Infrastructure services utilizes a life cycle approach which includes; strategy, assessment, planning, design, implementation, and management to transform your networks with innovative software-defined technologies, analytics and automation for your hybrid cloud environments. Keeping people productive — wherever they work — is critical to succeeding in today’s business environment. That’s why we’re here to help you design, implement, and manage every part of your mobility infrastructure. IAM Networks Data Center Mobile Infrastructure services architects can help you plan your mobility strategy, deploy new devices and enabling technologies, modernize workflows, establish best practices, and optimize the entire mobility life cycle. Our services save time by providing all your needs from one place. Organizations choose plans from major carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

In a world where data is a competitive advantage, IT resiliency and data security is more vital than ever. Unfortunately, a perfect storm of mobile devices, social media, e-commerce, hybrid clouds, and the “always-on” business environment has made this challenge complex. With Data Center Mobile Infrastructure services discover how small and midsize businesses can minimize disruption from IT security threats — and confidently keep businesses up and running. Data center infrastructure must be thoughtfully designed to optimize resources, streamline operations and support continued growth. It must then be implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to production systems. Because IAM Systems specializes in infrastructure design and installation, we bring an unmatched depth of experience to every data center project. Whereas cloud was once adopted to seize opportunities that lay outside of the traditional IT environment, it’s now becoming a mainstream way to deliver a whole range of applications and business processes.


Data Center Mobile Infrastructure — Mobile Devices And Technology

There’s an exceptional range of notebooks and tablets in a variety of sizes and styles with features to fit every budget and performance expectation. Whether you’re updating notebooks across the organization, customizing mobile workstations for user groups, or selecting systems for a choose your own device (CYOD) program use Data Center Mobile Infrastructure services. IAM Networks offers an exceptional range of devices in a variety of sizes and styles with features to fit every budget and performance expectation. Shop the top-selling names in the industry including Dell, HP Enterprise, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, and Apple. Streamline deployment and the integration of new mobile devices into your IT organization by leveraging our solutions and professional services. From adding more memory and imaging software to activating broadband services and special bundling, We ensure your devices arrive just as you want them — ready to be mobile. IAM Networks can also help you set up an e-procurement program that offers Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, or both platforms.

WiFi Implementation Services

High performance wireless is the foundation for transforming business with mobility — providing employees with the tools to communicate and collaborate anywhere, any time. IAM Networks brings wireless networking to high traffic public areas such as airport terminals, convention centers, hotels, shared offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, auditoriums and classrooms. With Data Center Mobile Infrastructure services our enhanced authentication and security provides access to authorized users, while preventing snoops, interlopers and freeloaders with access. Additionally, our comprehensive security can confidently deploy wireless technology for use in sensitive corporate applications. End users get convenient, high-speed access, while you maintain management control and total peace of mind. IAM Networks wireless systems connect to your PCs without the hassle of cables. With a well established history in wireless communications and converged voice and data networking, IAM delivers wireless LAN solutions suited to every environment from the simplest applications to offices.


IAM Networks Endpoint-as-a-Service (EaaS) is an approach to deliver an end-user experience exceeding that of traditional fixed desktops, yet accessible from any connected device, anywhere, and at a cost per month that will underpin any business case, IAM Networks EaaS is a fully functional, fully managed hosted desktop, laptop or tablet. You can scale up, or scale down your subscription month to month, delivering true desktop on demand services. By moving your endpoint services to the cloud, you can focus on what’s important to your business and leave the heavy lifting to EaaS. Companies are wrestling with the challenge of efficiently, and securely delivering applications and desktop services, to what is becoming an ever more mobile workforce. Traditionally, applications have been installed locally on fixed desktop devices, tying users, along with their services and data to the confines of their office environment, and more specifically that one machine.
Data Center Mobile Infrastructure
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