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Veeam Management Pack System Center
Veeam Management Pack System Center
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Unleash the power of System Center for VMware and Hyper-V. Get app-to-metal visibility for better IT decision-making. Microsoft System Center administrators require real-time monitoring and visibility of their Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere environments to power their Always-On Enterprise. Veeam Management Pack System Center provides complete app-to-metal visibility for both your virtual and physical environments, creating the “big-picture” view of your entire virtualized infrastructure — and all from within the native System Center Management console. Veeam Management Pack System Center — IT administrators get access and insights to their mission-critical applications, including insights into their Veeam Backup & Replication services. And Veeam Management Pack System Center extends monitoring from on premises to the cloud, with out-of-the-box, Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) integration — delivering on the promise of Availability for the Always-On Enterprise.

Veeam Management Pack System Center provides a clear picture of the relationships between physical and virtual infrastructure to simplify and accelerate the problem-solving process. With Veeam, you get integrated VMware and Hyper-V monitoring, alert management, reporting, topology views, dashboards and heatmaps, which put critical data at your fingertips. Plus, you can drill down through data to spot what’s really going on, see historical trend reports and accurately predict future needs with capacity-planning tools. Benefits include arm IT admin with the data they need to make better decisions. Find problems before they disrupt your Always-On Business. Maximize System Center ROI by adding visibility into virtual and backup environments. Ensure the Availability of your critical VMs through real-time monitoring within System Center. Predict and prepare for growth of your virtual environment on-premises and for hybrid cloud.


Veeam Management Pack System Center — Advanced Hyper-V And vSphere Management

Veeam Management Pack System Center extends System Center monitoring capabilities with detailed insights into Hyper-V and vSphere VMs and hosts, plus the hardware, storage and network resources they run on, as well as the Veeam Backup & Replication infrastructure. Veeam Management Pack System Center automatically integrates System Center’s native monitoring of critical applications like Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server and provides a drill-down view from the application to the virtualization layer, and further to the hardware data. Veeam Management Pack System Center provides support for all new Microsoft 2016 Data Center technologies, deep monitoring of VMware vSAN, Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 and much more! Veeam MP extends System Center, providing deep visibility and collecting critical information with more monitors, alerts, rules and performance collection.

Solve Problems Faster With Topology Views

Enhanced topology views of your storage network and compute environments give you deep insights into your Hyper-V and VMware infrastructures. See critical relationships and dependencies between hardware and the virtualization layer, including VMs, operating systems and applications. Storage topology views show you exactly which VMs are running on specific storage resources so you can see all the services that could be affected if something goes wrong. You can drill down at any point for real-time data. If you run an Always-On Business, you can’t allow performance or Availability issues to affect production. Veeam’s alert management and visualizations cut through the clutter to help identify root causes and proactively avoid issues. Once you’ve pinpointed a problem, you can link to a comprehensive Knowledge Base of articles to identify, troubleshoot and fix problems with recommendations and step-by-step instructions.

Achieve Higher Efficiencies And Maximize ROI

Veeam plugs directly into the native System Center management consoles for in-depth analysis reports, right-sizing recommendations, pinpointing hotspots and bottlenecks and identifying root-causes. Veeam MP also integrates into System Center Service Manager, enabling CMDB, Incident Management and more. With Veeam, you have the data you need to justify strategic decisions, plans and budgets so you can meet your growing business needs. Capacity-planning reports let you examine trends, forecast resource needs, use “What-if” modeling and track any over-commitment of resources in your VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. You can even project the resources you’ll need to move from on-premises workloads to VMware vCloud Air or Microsoft Azure so you can run a hybrid cloud environment.

Veeam Management Pack System Center
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